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Love how Moris are toxic to the devs (even after their rework) But...

They view keys as a godsend.

[Dont worry imma dig deeper into a bigger topic..]

Like how is getting 2 hooks then a kill feel toxic.

But having 3 generators pop, in 17 seconds (no the devs didnt fix gen times they obviously lied to avoid backlash). And have 2 gens left, 1 sacrificed, 1 on death hook other 2 were easily sluggable and hookable. And 1 survivor happens to bring in a key and 3 escapes happen automatically.

Like what did they do to win? Abuse gen times cause the devs happen to not fix it? Hell not even that, all they had to do was finish 5 gens right? If they were actually good survivors right? Wrong. Guess you can 3 gen yourself and get an automatic 3 escape with 1 item.

Let's list what's wrong here:

•Brought a key for an obvious easy win cause they can abuse the gen times and repair 3-4 gens in 20 seconds.

•Brought a blueprint to show them where the hatch can spawn.

•All survivors had multiple MULTIPLE 2nd chance perks.

•I had no 2nd chance perks.

I had the skill and audacity to play against this team of obvious sweats who like to waste 1min and 30secs to just automatically escape to give this message:

How are the new Moris toxic if you cant fix:

•Game performance

•Crash issues

•Hacking (back in 2018/17 and to this day)

•Game breaking bugs

•Rework Keys like you said in the 4th anniversary that you would.

Like has McCote not learned his lesson as playing hag against good survivors?

Has Almo not learned his lesson of getting dumped on as killer and how easy it is for a survivor to dump on the killer? Cause he says hes a pig main yet doesnt want to buff pig at all because "Shes perfectly balanced" but gets looped on every stream he does and loses most of the matches.

Like I'm litterally sick and tired of this game not getting balanced properly or even fixed. I'm pretty sure we all are Behaviour.

Why do you say Moris are soooooo bad, but you cant fix simple things we ask you to fix?

Like people said "hey maybe the zombies code are loading in every match which is causing game performance issues" if that's the case then why dont the devs you know make the matchmaking tool useful and load the zombies code in when you know the actual killer is being played with that certain code needed?

Like get your stuff together Behaviour. I've been a member of the DbD community since 2018 and I admit some changes you did was needed and yes you fixed SOME bugs and issues.

But I fear this game is on its last string to become the new Deathgarden if you dont shape your team better and get QoL changes that are NEEEDED NOW.

Screw new chapters, screw new cosmetics, hell screw giving us updates on twitter if you have to get more focus on the job. Just give us the QoL changes like the Key rework, and the Game Performance bug fixes, cause yeah you might think "Moris are toxic" but we think the time has come to actually fix your game.

Like I love the game and passionate about it, but even your fog whisperers are scared if they spoke out about they would lose their whisperer status. Cause they aren't "positively promoting the game" but you know what they should be promoting? Change.

And Behaviour, we want you to change your ways and please take time to ACTUALLY fix this game.


  • DwarvenTavernDwarvenTavern Member Posts: 2,494

    Okay I'm gonna tackle these on.

    The hacker issue will always be an issue. No gaming company has been 100% able to remove hackers completely. It's #########. We all know this and it upsets us.

    Keys are getting nerfed, they no longer can open the hatch at 0 charges and even then they're still planning on doing something with them just like moris.

    Speaking of moris, they were... pretty busted. If the person had the key, you could just kill the key holder and move on. While moris were always an over looming presence. (This is coming from someone who primarily plays killer) the only reason why keys are a hot button issue was because they haven't been changed the for longest time and now there are plans for keys and moris. Take that as you will. And when did they say they'll rework keys in the 4th anniversary? I never heard anything like that, the 5th anniversary they did and that was released a month ago.

    Game performances is frustrating, trust me. We know. Though, Bhvr opened up a new office that is primarily dedicated to round o clock testing on game mechanics so they'll be able to fix bugs faster. Again. Take this as you will.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 9,633

    They said mori’s could be toxic and they were right. Keys have already got some smaller changes before the bigger ones anyway

  • The best nerf to keys IMO is that the person using it is the only person that gets to escape after opening the hatch with the key.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,995

    I do not mind the idea, but what about the achievements, like the 4 man escape? I assume they can't change these with ease given that is apparently the reason adept achievements haven't been changed or whatever. A developer stated that Sony was really prissy about those.

  • Lord_TonyLord_Tony Member Posts: 2,109

    I'm worried they will nerf moris further and make them 100% useless instead of 90% useless as they are nopw

  • AfiusAfius Member Posts: 563

    I think they could always change it where depending on the type of key you bring is how many survivors can escape out of the hatch. Pink can be 4, Purple could be 2or3 switch green to be only 1 or leave as is.

  • El_GingeroEl_Gingero Member Posts: 1,147

    It beyond comical. Killing a survivor who’s dead on hook anyway, in a game where you play as a killer and kill survivors, is considered “toxic.” Sums up society pretty well imho.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,140

    Keys were actually buffed because the only counter (franklins) doesn't work against keys anymore. And they said they would rework them after nerfing the moris. Awesome.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,235

    Bad fix.

    The game is still instantly over the second a survivor leaves.

    The problem with keys is that they just suddenly end the game halfway

    The only way to fix the current itteration of keys is to change the hatch spawm mechanic

    Hatch only spawns when one survivor is left or all gens are done

    With the above change (that would be very easy to hotfix in btw) keys can only be used when the match is actually over. Allowing you to bypass opening the gate or reopening the hatch after the killer shut it close

    It still can be a "free" escape but atleast it won't take away the game you were trying to play

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,235

    They are fixing that in the midchapter patch

    Keys won't be able to be used to open the hatch when at zero charges so Franklins will be better at dealing with keys then before

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