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What kind of killer do you want for next chapter?



  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,120

    Two things I want potentially in one killer:

    1. A new trap killer to love and adore (I'm primarily a Hag+Trapper main)

    2. A spider themed killer.

    The trap killer would be cool to do an Evil Within license using Stefano and his time slowdown cameras as traps. Or better yet, a Jorōgumo or other spiderlike killer setting up webs to trap and stall survivors.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,887
    edited July 2021

    This one:

    I made this concept with the idea of switching between bodies over 2 years before the devs released the Twins, and unlike the Twins it solves a lot of the complaints about them and has a better flow/feel (on paper anyways, in practice... we'd just have to see). Overall it gives a good excuse and mechanics for how a Doll sized killer would function in DbD, has an exciting 1v4 ambush centered playstyle that this game has been sorely missing, and isn't OP because of the killers mechanics. Sure They're fast, small, and sneaky little devils, but like the Weeping Angels from doctor Who, they can be stopped in place just by looking at them. The only questions are whether or not you can stop them fast enough to keep from getting attacked, and whether or not the one you're looking at is the one that will attack you once you look away?

    I feel that this killer would be a shoo-in candidate for an exciting and fun killer to breath more life into the game, and on top of that, it's an OC so no licensing issues! If you have the time to read it, please do, If not, there's a TL;DR at the bottom that skips the backstory/technical jargon/fluff, and If you'd like to comment on it with any creative criticism, please do so in the original post linked above.

  • Revzi100Revzi100 Member Posts: 527

    alien or predator

  • MikeyBoiMikeyBoi Member Posts: 305

    A grizzly bear

  • ZonkyWizardZonkyWizard Member Posts: 568
    edited July 2021

    An old school horror icon would be interesting. Already over ranged killers, it's gotten boring. I'd like to see something completely different.

  • Northener1907Northener1907 Member Posts: 3,012

    Would you like Forest Spirit killer? She will use ivy traps, she will carry them all on herself like Hag. When survivor trigger trap, ivies will block survivor. Survivor can not move, they have to clean ivy. This mechanic will work like mend. If they do in time, they can escape.

  • RumaRuma Member Posts: 2,072

    I just want a Castlevania chapter.

  • RumaRuma Member Posts: 2,072

    Also i wish we get more non human killers like demoboi.

  • kate_best_girlkate_best_girl Member Posts: 2,184
    edited July 2021

    Something similar to Naiad or soul weaver from Identity V. Naiad's power of entrapping and enclosing survivors is very interactive and engaging while Soul Weavers ability to cut off sections of the map and make loops lethal while boosting her own movement speed is so much fun.



  • FreudentraumaFreudentrauma Member Posts: 1,050

    I'm always all in for a flamethrower killer, but we already had a good bunch of them lately.

    I think another stealth/track/preparation focused killer design would be nice. For preparation I could see somebody, who set up devices that can throw things by command e.g.

    A tracking focused killer would be the hardest to pull off to feel balanced. And with stealth we kind already have a good bunch of options there as well.

    Of course I'm always open for licences. Candyman, the Master from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Big Daddy, I'm all open for such, if done well.

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,393

    Indoraptor from JW2. 6 ft tall so it's not ludicrous. He's alternative creature choice to Demo. Lockwood estate would be a cool map imo.

  • paulvijaylalpaulvijaylal Applicant, Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2021

    I want a Killer with a Flamethrower. Ranged and able to set tiles a flame as long as they remain in his Terrorradius. Oh and burn Corn.


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  • Luciferr_2ndLuciferr_2nd Member Posts: 909

    Theres so many licences i want

    Until Dawn, The Evil Within, Jason obviously ooooooo

    A creature killer with mobility would be awesome as well

  • JHondoJHondo Member Posts: 1,120

    That'd be a pretty cool concept too. Similar to what I was thinking with spider webs :)

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,316
  • InListInList Member Posts: 85

    A 4v1 killer who can split pressure effectively. If I hit someone with my power 5 times I want that to mean something.

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