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After a solid 1,500 hours in this game, I can confidently say that I am incredibly disappointed.

naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61
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If you don't agree with this post, then okay. If you somehow think BHVR is a perfect company then... okay. This is my opinion and I'm just here to share it. Agree with me or not, I don't care. I doubt anyone is actually gonna read this, but I just really need to get this off my chest.

This post will be somewhat survivor biased. I don't have enough experience with killer where I can confidently point out flaws. And no, that doesn't mean I think everything that's wrong with the game is only on the survivor side, I just simply don't have the experience or knowledge to point out the flaws of killer. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.


The sheer amount of incompetence coming off of BHVR is insane. They don't listen to the community (for the most part), they add whatever they want to this game because they think they know best, and they straight up lie about fixing problems or adding new features.

Yeah I get it, every game has bugs. But at this point it feels like bugs are a feature in this game. I have discovered more bugs in this game than the amount of observable stars in our galaxy.

And yeah, I'm a little pissed off. Let me tell you why.

For the past two months, I've had crossplay enabled, just because I didn't feel the need to turn it off. I was annoyed about getting rank 2 claudettes and rank 1 steves sitting in the corner while im dying on hook. So, what do I do as a logical person? I turn off crossplay. Problem solved, right? Well, yeah, but actually no. By turning crossplay off I just get rank 1 spirits and rank 1 nurses, thereby forcing me to run meta perks. What? The killer bitches to me post game about my perks? Okay, maybe I'll try running meme perks to ATTEMPT to have fun in this game. Well then, I just die on my first hook from getting tunneled or destroyed by a spirit once again. So, I am forced to turn crossplay back on just so I can have fun as a survivor.

And no, I'm not just gonna permanently run one survivor build all the time that's full of meta perks because that's incredibly unfun to play. The point of a game is to have fun, not sweat your balls off constantly. (Unless you like that, in that case, tf is wrong with you)

And yeah, I play killer too. It is incredibly annoying to go against SWFs, or people that only run meta perks. But to be fair, killers combat this by playing spirit and nurse, or face camping, or tunneling. And what do survivors do to combat this playstyle? Use meta perks that are seen as overpowered by killers. Its a constant game of cat and mouse and the devs aren't doing anything about it, and that's really sad.

Alright, so that's why this post will be so aggressive. Anyway, let's move on.

Prepare for a large amount of sarcasm in the following paragraphs.


  • Hey, remember server hit validation? Good thing it did basically nothing besides close the gap of BS hits by 2 nanometers. Also, it was "fixed" like 3 times I guess? Didn't notice a thing.
  • Love how when I'm playing killer and get a grab animation that cancels :)
  • Let's put our resources into "fixing" a bug that everyone enjoyed and gave 0 advantages to either side (cosmetic glitch)
  • Let's ignore iridescent head for 3 years
  • Let's change the flashlight angle 3 times just to change it back to how it originally was


  • Let's make a new map where all the pallet loops are 2 centimeters long
  • Let's make a new map that's almost as big as the biggest map in the game and make it two stories
  • Let's make a new map that doesn't work for 3 weeks after launch even though its been on the PTB working perfectly fine
  • Let's swap the accept and deny buttons on the party invite because THAT WAS A VERY NECESSARY CHANGE
  • Let's add a new breakable object that ruins loops and wastes killer's time
  • Let's add these breakable walls to old maps that were recently graphically updated. (You'd think they would at least put them in logical positions right?) NOPE
  • Let's add a killer named The Doctor that disables the survivor's ability to do literally anything. (Seriously. Why can I not do anything when in madness? I literally lost countless games because I couldn't pick up a downed survivor or finish a heal)
  • Let's make 90% of all survivor perks require a random ass condition to activate or give it an absurd cooldown. Better yet, make it so it reveals your aura when you finish healing.
  • Let's add a new cosmetic feature called a "set" that forces players to pay more and not be able to swap it with other clothing pieces
  • Oh by the way, it's your fault that you got tunneled or face camped as a survivor, you deserve to lose your pip.
  • It's also your fault that your game crashed so say bye to 2 pips.
  • Got gen rushed? Too bad. You should've just played better. Say bye to your pip too.

just an addition real quick, what the hell is up with prove thyself? I finished a gen in like 15 seconds with one other person working on it with me. That's absurd.


  • Getting hit through pallets
  • Getting vacuumed while downed
  • Killer grab animations getting cancelled
  • Killers literally seeing blood effects on their screen just for the server to actually deny them of that hit
  • Survivors with bad latency teleporting
  • Console players still unable to play the game
  • Survivor hitboxes
  • Not being able to heal a survivor off the hook for a couple seconds
  • Random invisible walls on the crane and dead dawg (there's probably more)
  • Being able to fly onto loops as billy or blight on a hill
  • Nurse not having animations when she blinks
  • I'm gonna be honest, there's so many that I literally just can't think of one to put here because I've experienced so much. If you have one that's not on this list, put it in the comments.

I don't play killer that much, so there's probably countless more bugs on that end of the game.

I could go on for literal DAYS but I don't want to force you to read through all that.

I'm not even going to dive into how unbalanced this game is. I'll leave that to another post.

Not to mention, there's no incentive for BHVR to fix anything in this game because there's no competition.

I really, REALLY want to have fun in this game, but I just can't anymore.

The point of this post is to just beg the devs to just listen to the community. If not that, at least listen to content creators. I can't put up with this anymore. There are so many problems that could be fixed if they just LISTENED.

Treat this as my resignation because I can't have fun in this game anymore. If I can't have fun, then personally, there's no point into me playing it.

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  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    My comments about doctor are pretty biased, becuase I play a lot of survivor, but I will agree with you about killer perks. I forgot to mention that killers, for the most part, are forced to run meta perks because of their powers not being comparable to nurse or spirit. The point of *pointing out* survivor perks was to show that there's no way to run a fun build without getting destroyed. And the same goes for killer.

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    yeah they mainly don't listen to the community.

    showing them fixing one perk doesn't disprove my argument.

    In fact, they fixed multiple things that were complained, moris, iridescent head, etc. It's just that they took 2 years to do it.

  • MrPsychMrPsych Member Posts: 121

    If you got 1500 hours from this game, I'd say it's not too disappointing of an experience in general? I seriously don't get this mentality from some people. It's okay to say you've outgrown the game and got tired of it, it happens to every game at some point.

    Reading your complaints, I'm surprised to see there's barely any words regarding killer gameplay too. Surely you would have found some issues in their gameplay too?

  • RoboMojoRoboMojo Member Posts: 1,290

    To be honest, I'm in a somewhat similar position. I've just completely lost faith in Behaviour as a company when they blatantly lied sometime ago. When the Halloween event of 2020 ended up being a massive disappointment for many people, the Developers promised that "Going forward, we will be contributing more effort towards our Anniversary & Halloween related events" (Source: Advent Calendar 2020 - Dead by Daylight). Obviously they didn't deliver on this promise as the 5th Anniversary is essentially identical to the 4th Anniversary. Although tbf, I guess they never explicitly said how much extra effort was being put in. More than likely, they just said that as a desperate PR stunt. Oh well, my faith in Behaviour as a company is gone nonetheless.

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    I've said before I'm a survivor main. I'm not saying much about killer because I don't play killer, I've stated that there are plenty of problems on that side that I just am not aware of. And I addressed as many problems on the killer's side as I could.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    Genuine question, OP: is your name a CWC reference?

  • agonizingagonizing Member Posts: 128

    I think most people are missing the point in how frustrating this game is and most bugs seem to appear as fast as 1 can be fixed.

    Opinions aside, most of what you’ve spoken is facts. The forums will always find ways to criticize you. Twitter users (and Instagram users to an extent) will mostly wholeheartedly support your points.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    I've noticed it tends to be in extremes. Either you get the people that expect you to be "thankful" and never verbalize the things you're unhappy with, or you get the people that pick apart every tiny detail and can't find anything positive about the game. Way too emotional about criticism that I'm sure most people are feeling, like the constant problem of fixing one problem and causing five more like you mentioned lol

  • ChurchofPigChurchofPig Member Posts: 2,338
    edited July 2021

    You said hit validation isn't working (or at least it doesn't seem to be different then before) yet you listed an example of hit validation working (showing that you hit a survivor and then it cancelling) as a bug. That is hit validation working as it's intended. It really SHOULDN'T work like that, but at the same time if it didn't, survivors would always be accused of having no hitbox or something like that.

    Also, the set bug was patched because that goes against legal agreements they have with license holders to have those glitches be happening. If it was agreed that Cybil Bennett was going to be in the game as a set for Cheryl. License holders don't want to see Lisa's head on Cybil's torso with Cheryl's pants. It sucks because by fixing the bug for licenses, it fixed the bug for originals. It wasn't about "Does this give an advantage or disadvantage."

    Also to add to your list:

    There's still invisible walls on Temple of Purgation even though those got fixed.

    Clown's bottles are still broken and he's going to be the spotlight of the next tome seeing the devs promo for Tome 8

    My cursor disappears after every match as of the last update

    Nurse is a massive buggy mess

    Plague is a massive buggy mess

    The developers will start to listen more closely the moment that they have serious competition that will put their game in the ground.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    There are some people who understands the nuances. But they're far and few in between.

    I do think BHVR is an incompetent mess, but not it's developers. Mostly it's management that deals with the decisions behind the game's direction.

    I do think they should work on fixing bugs, and they should delay content chapters because of it.

    But I'm not going to say that DBD has been a complete disappointment to me. Especially 3000 hours in.

  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 688

    I agree with some things and don't agree with some others, but ones that I want to point out are: the new map is problematic for both sides. It's beautiful, but too big, no doubt. Grabbing a survivor and then getting that grab denied is very frustrating. I also hate the clothing sets they make because some of them clearly didn't need to be sets at all.

    But most of all, I play on console, the gameplay is still broken and the devs are not doing anything to fix it now. No, I don't want you to fix it when the mid chapter releases, it should have been a priority to release a fix right away, because it affects a lot of players. I played two matches today, one killer, one survivor and decided to stop playing because it was so bad: lag, freezing and my ping was good, so that wasn't the problem.

  • Katie_metKatie_met Member Posts: 421

    Here's why they don't go out of their way to make the game great and fix every bug and ensure the community is happy- there's no competition. Scott Jund often mentions this. There are no other games like dbd, and any games similar to it will never really gain the popularity because think about how big dbd is now and how many incredible licenses are in the game. There is no rush because there is no threat from other games, people can threaten to stop playing like they did with the 'dead by boycott', but there would be no other game to play because there are no other games like this.

    Additionally, bugs will always exist in this game because of the way the game is coded. Scott Jund also made a video on this. Dbd intended to be a small game, and Trapper was going to be the only killer. The coding that was originally used is cheap and easy coding because they couldn't hire experienced top tier coders because they didn't have the funding for it. Because the game grew and is still growing, they need to keep adding more content, because they keep adding more content to this simple coding, it means when they fix one bug it will just cause another one. The only way this could be resolved is if they recode the game, but because there is so much content, and they keep adding content, it'll take too long to completely recode the game. So it's likely it will always be this way.

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    yeah, it's really unfortunate because at this point nobody can make a game to challenge dbd just because of how many licenses it already has

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    I agree. The development staff seem to care, even if I don't always agree with some of their choices, but the bottom line doesn't always take us into account. Too often we're taken advantage of by advertising and pricing and we don't deserve to be treated like that for supporting the game. But obviously the game itself can't be too bad because we keep coming back and I do genuinely enjoy myself 90% of the time (only 650 hours in so far lol). It'd just be nice if things were done better.

    Those are very good points. It reminds me a lot of how EA is with The Sims, unfortunately.

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61

    I have fun about 40% of the time, and that's when I play with my squad running meme perks on dead dawg. lol. And yeah, I do genuinely enjoy the game sometimes and I keep coming back to it because it's the only game in it's genre.

  • BardBard Member Posts: 657

    If your best example of BHVR listening is when they took four years to make a perk not gamebreaking, that's a ######### example.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    Yeah. I mean they have to be doing something right to keep us here, but they're likely to be in some deep dark trouble if something better comes along.

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 456

    Just some points I wanted to make in response to your comments:

    • Doctor is a balanced killer. You might find him annoying, but that's kinda the whole point of his power and madness. It's supposed to throw you off. I'm sick of survivor mains complaining about him because they can't loop against a Doctor. You have to pre-drop unsafe pallets, or if he is continually shocking you, just keep holding W around the loop. Take that advice from someone who plays a ######### ton of Doctor.
    • The RCPD map is bad for both sides. Not just survivors. You have to remember it's still an indoor map, so the issues that survivors have of navigating it also applies to killers (except Nurse). The last 2 times I played on RCPD as survivor was against a Billy and Huntress, so obviously they didn't do too well.
    • Getting hit through pallets is usually, not all the time, the survivors fault for throwing the pallet down. When you throw pallets down, your hitbox moves to the middle of pallet (even though you are on the other side of it). So if the killer is close enough, they WILL hit you through it. If you keep running and they swing, they will miss. This is something I get away with all the time as killer because most people don't know the hitbox moves to the middle of the pallet when you throw it down.
    • Getting tunnelled and facecamped sucks, yeah, but this isn't something BHVR can do anything about. People have to learn to either: gen rush when someone's being facecamped and let the killer depip or go for a trade with Borrowed Time, OR take hits or downs for someone who is being tunnelled. Hard to get that in solo queue survivor, I know, but it is how you counter those things. BHVR cannot force killers to somehow not tunnel or facecamp.
    • Getting actually gen-rushed is quite rare and people tend to throw this term around when simply they just didn't play well enough. A true gen-rush is when a 4 man SWF bring BNPs and Prove Thyself. There are so many games people say "omg gen rush" when no survivor has a toolbox or Prove Thyself. That's not being gen-rushed, that is using your time ineffectively as killer.
    • You say you're a survivor main but can't have fun because you are forced to bring meta perks every game? I just don't believe this at all. Survivors ARE the ones who can get away with non-meta perks and fun builds. I completely agree bringing the same meta build (Adrenaline/Borrowed Time/Dead Hard/Unbreakable/Decisive Strike/etc) is not fun, but if you can't escape without bringing those perks, then that's more an issue with your playstyle and/or skill than game balance. I know that a lot of perks need buffs to be "viable", but that doesn't mean you can't do well with them.
  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,631

    I spent nearly 9 months away from DBD I came back after the blight changes... I'm still unhappy that a few major changes haven't happened even though they IMO (and others) would help the game quite a bit.... so I haven't bought multiple chapters and I haven't bought cosmetics either.. I won't be buying anything until I see a change in schedule that puts the health of the game first compared to 3-4 chapters a year...


  • MadmegMainMadmegMain Member Posts: 105

    Doctor will never be a balanced killer. It takes no skill to play him. Thats coming from someone who consistently 4ks with him at red ranks. At least he’s fun to play because the other side stands no chance!

  • calemcalem Member Posts: 456

    Lmao I'm not gonna take you seriously, I can also consistently 4k with Doc at red ranks, doesn't mean he is overpowered. His rework put him in a good spot.

  • BluebirdBluebird Member Posts: 273

    I find Doctor to be pretty well balanced, even when shocked if you enter the pallet throw / vault / window vault animation before you get hit, the game still lets you vault. On top of that, since the Doctor will be shocking you to disallow the usage of windows and pallets, you can just hold W around the loop or bait out the shock. I have more fun going against Doctor than some other Killers that exist.

  • DwarvenTavernDwarvenTavern Member Posts: 2,493

    Iridescent Head should be a bouncy Hatchet in my opinion or soul tearing Hatchet that goes through multiple people.

  • naitsirhCnaitsirhC Member Posts: 61
    1. I didn't say he was unbalanced. I'm pointing out a few kind of ridiculous mechanics (in my opinion) that come with him. Blocking windows and pallets by getting shocked is fine, play around it, easy. I just don't like that I can't heal my teammates or pull off a clutch play without going into a 30 second cooldown to get out of madness
    2. For your second point, I've stated multiple times that I don't play killer and acknowledge that this post will be survivor biased because that is my strongest side of the game. And yeah, it is an overall bad map. I just don't know what makes it bad from the killer's point of view.
    3. What you're talking about doesn't happen in red ranks. (Assuming the people in red ranks actually deserve red ranks, the rank system in this game is pretty bad) But once you become an experienced survivor, you can tell when its the games fault that you get hit through pallets. And sometimes I make a mistake where I throw it too late and get hit, that I don't complain about.
    4. BHVR absolutely can do something about face camping and tunneling. They can introduce incentives to not face camp or have punishments to try and prevent it. This of course won't solve the problem, but it will help. Tunneling on the other hand, no, BHVR can't really do much. And that's my point, I can't have a fun game without bringing decisive and borrowed time AT LEAST to avoid getting tunneled or face camped just because the killer is upset that I ran him for a couple minutes.
    5. I mentioned gen-rushing once in my post as a sarcastic term to point out how bad the ranking system is in this game. That is, if something possibly out of your control happens (like getting actually gen rushed) then you lose your rank, even if you couldn't do anything.
    6. You're right, because of my skill I only get high ranked killers and therefor have to bring meta perks to win, bringing meme builds to have fun simply doesn't work.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    Just by the by.

    I'm constantly in Rank 1.

    Solo Queue.

    And I never feel obligated to bring Meta Perks. Purely because Survivors are more versatile in what they could bring that contributes to the game. Keyword being contribute here.

    I've run a Red Herring-Blast Mine build alongside Quick & Quiet and Head-On. Do I get plays every game? No. But when I stun a Killer with Blast Mine, and then stun then with a Head On stun. I am wasting a lot of the Killer's time and having fun.

    Or how about purely altruistic builds? You can build your build around Mettle of Man and getting stacks that way. Yes. You can still use Mettle of Man despite it being nerfed out of the meta. It's not overpowered, but it's fun when you get it. Because no one expects you to be running it.

    If you want to be chaser but also stay quiet, you can also use the trusty Iron Will + Fixated combo. Add on a couple of other perks that makes you both versitile in chase and in stealth and the Killer might be wondering and looking around on where the ######### you went.

    I think when you say "meme builds" you're purely thinking about perks that don't really go well together, so you assume you have to go with the meta. But for Survivors there are a fuckton of options to pick from that still contributes to the completion of the game. ######### Fast Track with BNP is technically a meme build but it's super effective.

    Flashbangs and plays based aruond it can be countered, but people run it anyways because it's fun to blind the Killer mid-chase or when they're picking them up.

    You have no one to blame except yourself if you genuinely don't find ways to make fun builds as a Survivor. Unless you're playing Sabo Builds. Those tend to be the least fun since you're almost never in range to get good sabo plays.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    They don't even have to do all of that to combat camping, tunneling, and slugging. They'd just have to say that it's not tolerated and/or add base kit defenses against it. But they're all considered viable strategies and they've tailored perks to combat them (not very well tbh, but they exist).

    Basically as long as Behavior's cool with it, there's nothing anyone can do except talk about it. I'm on the receiving end of that BS all the time, so trust me I hate it too, but it's just how it is unfortunately.

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