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Is camping acceptable during the EGC?

meowzilla69meowzilla69 Member Posts: 384
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if a killer plays fairly before all gens pop. Is it fair for the killer to camp the hook during the EGC?? yes or no??

Is camping acceptable during the EGC? 113 votes

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  • TrickstaaaaaTrickstaaaaa Member Posts: 1,252

    Nothing matters at the end game. You can camp, tunnel and slug. Anything goes.

  • Entity_Lich94Entity_Lich94 Member Posts: 309

    There's almost no point for the killer to leave unless a survivor has done a really bad mistake and got themselves in a position they're gonna get caught

  • Sup3rCatTreeSup3rCatTree Member Posts: 588

    Yes, there are times to camp and tunnel and during EGC is one of those times.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    It doesn't really get you anything, but whatever.

  • KirkyladKirkylad Member Posts: 1,927

    For me it's even before then, when there's one gen left all bets are off.

  • gilgamergilgamer Member Posts: 1,924

    ######### else you gonna do with BT in the game its just not worth it

  • Guest1567432Guest1567432 Member Posts: 728

    I mean it's end game and I have nothing better to do....unless it's Ormond or Dead Dawg then I break the 10-15 breakable walls.

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,670

    It's always acceptable at any time.

  • BluerryBluerry Member Posts: 216
    edited July 2021

    in killer aspect game is designed to protect the gens.When there are no gens left the only thing to protect is hooked person.Whoever thinks it isn't that person is a survivor main

  • GamerEzraGamerEzra Member Posts: 861

    Sometimes you just need to, you don't have to play nice every game.

  • D4M4VR1CKD4M4VR1CK Member Posts: 58

    It's fair to do it whenever, if you're losing a game then camping for an extra hook state is perfectly fine. Don't let survivor mains that have never played killer tell you that you can't camp because there is no rule stating that you can't camp. If you absolutely need to camp don't feel bad about it. You're just trying to win the game... like you're supposed to.

  • Seiko300Seiko300 Member Posts: 1,861

    There's quite literally nothing else to do and it's about one of the few scenarios that are actually acceptable and entirely understandable to camp in (not saying it's unacceptable to camp in general, but I am saying if you decide to camp right out the gate you're A. going to lose and B. have every right to be hated by the person who's on hook and is forced to do nothing, the people who are falling asleep doing gens- also doing nothing, and yourself who is indeed doing nothing.) outside of say a 3 gen chain and you've got a person on hook- the survivors did that to themselves at that point.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,794

    Yeah because it's not like you have anything left to patrol.

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,038

    Unless you know for a fact you can confirm an extra down in an even better hook than the current one, there is no reason to leave. PeriodTK.

  • dbdplayerabc123dbdplayerabc123 Member Posts: 10


  • Hex_LlamaHex_Llama Member Posts: 1,438

    Yes, and also I can tell you from experience that, if you're already losing at EGC, camping might not even work. You're literally scrambling for a kill at that point.

  • Viktor1853Viktor1853 Member Posts: 717


  • TunnelVisionTunnelVision Member Posts: 1,333

    Camping is acceptable at any stage of the game regardless what people tell you.

  • Fog_KingFog_King Member Posts: 688

    Yes. At that point, what are you going to do, if no other survivors are around? Just go for a wild goose chase and lose the one hooked?

  • FobboFobbo Member Posts: 446

    I dont see anything wrong about camping anyway

  • CrowmanCrowman Member Posts: 4,506

    There's nothing wrong with camping, whether it's before or after the EGC.

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