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Pig Addon Jigsaw's Sketch

So, just throwing in an extra box for the hell of it on an addon with a higher rarity with no detriment to the survivors? Merry Christmas, survivors, and thanks, BHVR. Good grief.


  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,491

    The detriment is a potentially longer search time

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,433

    The first one increases the timer by 20 seconds (not decreases) from 150 seconds to 170 seconds

  • BootlegmothBootlegmoth Member Posts: 290

    More boxes means each one has a lower chance of being the right one, so it could take longer to get the traps off. That’s detrimental to the survivor

  • WexlerWendigoWexlerWendigo Member Posts: 1,867

    ? lol the purple one combined with another add on can make it impossible for survivors to search all boxes, it’s stupid

  • danielmaster87danielmaster87 Member Posts: 8,238

    I still don't like the design. It's the same add-on basically, but because one is a lower rarity, it needs a downside? That's like there (theoretically) being 2 chainsaw add-ons for Hillbilly, a green one that reduces charge time but generates more heat, and a purple one that reduces charge time without any downside.

  • Chilli_man2400Chilli_man2400 Member Posts: 2,409

    Run the sketch with tampered timer on an indoor map it’s the most evil build of all time

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789
    edited July 2021

    Does it reduce the chance of getting the trap off? Or is it just another box?

  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    Theres only 1 key for each trap, so rather than having 4 boxes to look through...you have 5. Makes it more of a pain in the ass to find that 1 key.

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789

    Got it, thank you, I don't play Pig and this finally clicked

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,353

    I had vs Pig in Haddon with double low timer add-on. The timer is only enough to search 3 boxes (you have to do straight path to able to search 4th, which mean easier to get spotted and down again). 2 Survivors failed at their 3rd box.

  • ChiSoxFan11ChiSoxFan11 Member Posts: 1,093

    When I'm playing survivor against the Pig: The key is in the 4th box, every single time. (All joking aside, the last 4 RBT's that I've ended up wearing were all in the last box -- it's become a running joke in my survivor rounds against Pigs). That said, I've yet to die to an RBT in over a year playing the game. Unless the Pig is running Tampered Timer/Crate of Gears, there's easily enough time to search the boxes, unless you're incredibly unlucky to have the killer chasing someone in the vicinity of a box you need to search.

    When I play the Pig (which is often): the RBT's come off on the 1st box like clockwork. They're off so fast, I almost think that I forgot to trap someone before hooking them, lol. I get the very rare occasion where I get a trap to go off without using anything to affect the timer, but that's usually when the survivor trapped has done something risky, like working on a gen with an active trap (yes, I've watched that happen). Even on the occasions I run TT/COG, head pops are still not a guarantee.

    I tried the TT/Jigsaw's Sketch for comparison to the TT/COG combo -- I've yet to get a head pop with it, though your experience may vary. If I want a RBT to trigger, the TT/COG seems to work better for me.

  • ouroboros_worldouroboros_world Member Posts: 215

    Yeah you can tell behavior have no idea how to make addons useful, why do they both have the same effect but green just have a downside? Spirit addons don’t have downsides and they’re basically the same,

    they should just make the green addon effect to not escape rbt trap on first box. Or rbt automatically activates after 1 min

  • DBD78DBD78 Member Posts: 2,952

    I don't understand at all? The green one is worse, that is how it should be?

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,595

    I've actually played against a pig using both of these and a dude died from a rbt because the key was in the 6th one

  • Starr43Starr43 Member Posts: 866

    IMO the green one is there when you run out of purple.. BUT.. if you want similar results to whatever you were mixing the purple with you have to come up with a scheme. Alter your perks, choose a specific map, combo with another addon to counter the downside, hold on to a couple reverse bear traps to try and hat a slug or two before the final gens pop then open the gate yourself and patrol boxes. Tinkerer/Infectious/blood warden as a quick example.

    Honestly though I’m not a huge fan of playing with addons unless it really hinders the way I enjoy playing a certain killer.

    For Piglette I just tend to combo the yellow and brown addons that increase the chances of a skill check. Can seem very pointless but you’d be surprised how often people either miss a skillcheck from being distracted looking around or easy grabs/hits if they tunnel vision the checks. It’s rare but I’ve had people die to the traps literally because they missed a few checks and ran out of time.

    🐷👈 boop☺️

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789

    Alright, so, the extra box also then reduces the chance of getting the trap off. Good to know and thanks!

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,433
    edited July 2021

    It was designed almost 4 years ago

    times change

    addon designs change

    in 1.1.2 trapper had both honing stone and iridescent stone doing the same thing, the only difference is that honing stone had a 50% change and iridescent stone had a 100% chance

    much has changed around the addon its a thing of its time

    but also there were addons with the same principal which were nurses additional blink addons

    brown reduced blink range 10% and chain blink window 8% for +1 blink

    yellow reduced blink range 10% for +1 blink

    and green just straight up gave +1 blink

    also a purple with 10% reduced blink range and +2 blinks, same downside for double the bonus

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