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New heads

Jb94Jb94 Member Posts: 209
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So a weird side effect of this change is that a lot of the cosmetic heads haven't been fine tuned to fit the new face at all.

There are a few that have really benefitted from the change (Jake's cowboy hat is S tier now), but MANY of the heads I've splashed shards, cells and even real money on look horrific now. Of the ones I was actually using before the update we have:

- Dwight's blue steel spectacles (his mustache and beard don't fit his jaw and now frame his new silver teeth)

- Claud's curls and glow (her frown lines are incredibly prominent without glasses and the makeup eventuates this issue)

- Jake's hipster beanie (his hairline doesn't fit the hat and again the beard doesn't fit his jaw- letting this one slide for the cowboy hat though)

- Nea's night out Nea (went from one of her her best to looking like Cassandra from Dr. Who- the eye makeup doesn't fit her new eye shape, same for the lipstick I think).

- Every single meg head due to her forehead and plucked eyebrow look. Honestly not sure how this made it into the game.

Its not the end of the world, but it's very frustrating after putting a lot of time and effort into getting looks for the survivors I really like. I really hope further updates will be made to cosmetics to make them match the new faces, but I somehow doubt it.

(I'm also on PS4 so maybe the changes aren't as bad elsewhere 🤷‍♂️)


  • Jb94Jb94 Member Posts: 209

    I don't really understand why this is feedback when posts on the trickster and spirit changes aren't and a similar post of David's heads aren't, but go off I guess.

  • philomelaphilomela Member Posts: 25
    edited July 2021

    Would love a second pass over the cosmetics. Some of them are a lot better, but some of the characters got done really dirty by this update. It's really inconsistent.

    For example Nea's neon hair (Tic Tac Teal Punk Cut) from the Street Rebel set now looks like a wig when it used to look like an expensive dye job, because it has lost all the variation in the strands and the strands are really blocky.

    Also more importantly, I bought that because her glasses matched the hair, they're meant to be blue like the hair, and it looked great (it also matched her 'Doctor' vest). Now she incorrectly has pink glasses, the contrast is garish and it looks cheap.

    On the other hand her green hair from Dark and Light looks amazing, along with the purple Pixie-Bob and the punk Undercut.. that hair looks awesome, much improved.

    Her face/model is much better overall so it's a shame that she's being let down by the things people spent money on...

    edit: adding comparison: left: before, right: after update. Very ugly glasses, different colour hair. I don't mind the teal but please make them match!

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  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,941

    I don’t understand how this is not feedback? the mods are still only humans and can’t move over every thread instantly, especially now that pretty much everyone posts in the wrong section..

  • ThytuzThytuz Member Posts: 47

    Every survivor they "updated" just looks worse, that's all.

  • Jb94Jb94 Member Posts: 209

    Feedback applies to 80% of general. Just kind of sucks to be randomly picked as the person who's post is gonna get shoved into a part of the forum no one is going to see.

    If I had any faith that feedback would get me anywhere I'd post here. As it is I most just want to complain and have others agree with how much things suck- which is kind of the point of general.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,941

    I mean.. at least you are honest about it.

    but the David head thread for example was explicitly stated to be an opinion and not really feedback that asks to change something. Your post reads like you are trying to make the community and the devs aware of the issues and that you want it to get fixed. And there have been a ton of threads that got moved, not only yours.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    I've always loved David's Debt Collector outfit and after a while of window shopping it, I finally bought it as a birthday gift to myself. It's one of the sets you have to buy with auric cells. I was playing primarily with it, but the new head makes his hair a much lighter red, almost like a strawberry blonde. I can probably get used to it, but I wish they would've made the color more faithful considering it was something I had to pay for and it's one of my favorite cosmetics in the game.

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