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What is a Surefire Way to Get Your Attention?

RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 669
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

I've been running into a problem lately. I've been playing with some friends, and while I'm not god at DBD, I find a lot of times I am significantly better at looping and being chased than they are. Barring me being a complete dumbass I find I can keep a chase going 20-30 seconds longer than them, sometimes more if on a good map.

Naturally that means I should be getting chased more as it's the most advantageous thing for the group. Additionally we have one friend who is quite the weak link when it comes to chases, often going down very fast and many killers are able to pick her out instantly as such to the point there's a running joke 'She hit death hook first again.' It's become a personal challenge in our crew to get her out the damn exit gate even if everyone else dies to get there.

With that said, I've tried so often to get the killers attention and a lot of times a killer will absolutely ignore me. They just decide I'm not worth their time, I'm obvious bait, I'm too hard to hit, whatever. Even trying to be toxic with flashlight clicky's and teabags isn't enough to pull their gaze onto me and off everyone else. They will just walk right by me sometimes even when I'm injured.

Mind you this isn't every single game that I get ignored, but it's often enough that it's not uncommon to have two games back to back where it's just like, 'Aaaand they walked right by me. They don't care about me at all I guess? I'll work on a genny then.'

So if you were the killer what would get you to take the bait? To decide it's time for me to meet Mr. Hook and experience death. I want to get killers on chases with me they're fun, I'm actually okay at them, and it's the most beneficial role for me to play in the group a lot of the time.


  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    I usually go for the most dangerous targets, meaning people who do useful things for their team , mainly sitting on gens.

    If someone is running around trying to get in my way protecting teammates, that means they're not on gens so they're no threat, ignored.

  • VioletCrimesVioletCrimes Member Posts: 879

    ”Hiding” is a good tactic. Also, if you can, try fixing a generator in the killer’s line of sight. They may decide to go for you to stop you.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,510

    No mither works pretty wel to become a target.

    On a serious note bodyblocking. Force the killer to deal with you by blocking them before they can down your less experienced teammates.

    Hell if you haven't been hooked yet you can even bodyblock while injured.

    Once you are closer to dead hook you are a much more enticing target

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 3,256

    Run Dejavu and work on one of the three generators it highlights. Those are high killer patrol areas, later in the match. If you don't get the killer on you doing that then he's either being looped by a really great runner or has very poor map sense, in which case its low ranks and you don't need a dedicated runner.

  • SherrySherry Member Posts: 227

    Maybe name yourself "potato".

  • shadowman0105shadowman0105 Member Posts: 261

    Another tip to make you a target is to choose a running location.

    I seen to many times where the guy wants to take chase for his teammates and they go to the safest part of the map (example the main building in crotus penn) . What happens is the killer will see the area,realize how bad it is for him and leaves him for a easier chase.

    tldr: when you do get chased don’t run to easy loop take the killer to either a 50/50 or even a killer favoring loop.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,898

    Only thing that grabs my attention sometimes is somebody trying to bodyblock with BT while i try to chase the unhooker.

    Other than that,i normally ignore people that try to get me chasing them.

  • Tricksters_WifeTricksters_Wife Member Posts: 545

    What other people say is true. The toxic ones that teabag, click their flashlights, or spam notifications won't get my attention because I don't want to become overly frustrated and throwing the game trying to give them exactly what they want. I guess for me personally just throwing yourself in front of me would get me to chase you or unhooking/doing a gen right in front of me. Maybe ask your fellow crewmates to sandbag you but not so obvious to where the killer would feel bad and still chase them (i.e have them take the killer to the same area as the gen you're working on, hiding, etc).

  • DuneTDuneT Member Posts: 88

    For starters, the killer might occasionally just not have seen you. Happens frequently if you play as killer on a PS e.g. and someone gets too close into one of these technical "blind spots". Could also have been related to current obsession status in the trial.

    And moreover, you should ask yourself one very fundamental question first - how are you entitled to dictate to a killer, how he or she has to play? You can try to influence it, but in the end it's not your call to make how he/she plays the game. Period.

    That being said, if you deliberately tried to piss me off as a killer (which I play very infrequently), that would be the best way to get largely ignored. Because ignoring you is the ultimate middle finger in a game, where you thereby are denied your fun/excitement/whatever. And just wasted your playtime.

    Too bad there aren't more fixed emotes in game to make intentions clear. Chances are, without these you might just be mistaken for a random trolling player, no matter what you do. Even if you had good intentions.

  • EQWashuEQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 2,340

    As killer, I'll often go for those that inject themselves into the active chase (ie if I'm chasing the weakest looper/evader, and another survivor comes between me and them, I will break off and chase the new survivor instead, if they wanna dance I'm happy to dance then lol), but I can agree that things like running towards me and clicking flashlights are the quickest way for me to ignore you and look for your teammates on generators.

    Playing as survivor, I have had luck with bright/colorful/silly outfits getting killers to chase me instead (usually compared to the default of recolor skins my SWF is wearing), especially if they casually catch me in the open or on a gen. Although at the end of the day I'm not epic at loops/chases either, but if I can buy my friends more in the game, it's worth it!

  • PalletsAndHooksPalletsAndHooks Member Posts: 989

    TL;DR: DS is a surefire way to make me tunnel you.

    Flashlights don't always keep my attention.

  • KingFrostKingFrost Member Posts: 3,014

    The only thing that really gets my attention is if you're doing a gen in my face.

  • Friendly_BlendetteFriendly_Blendette Member Posts: 2,502

    Be ######### at the game :D. If I am trying hard to win(haddonfield offerings or daily's/rifts I just want to get over with like eugh playing spirit I just want that game to end as soon as possible and I will be a ######### to achieve that) I like to find the weakest link then chase them since they will have the shortest chase probably waste half the pallets in the map and then you hook them in a deadzone so when their competent teammates save them they are now stuck in a deadzone.

  • JPAJPA Member Posts: 1,685

    Play a default character with default skins and perhaps they'll assume you will be new to chasing

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 201

    For me as a killer main I ignore all clicks, tbag attempts etc to get my attention. If you really want me to go after you just bodyblock for the unhooker if you have BT.

    I will for sure break off and count to 12 and I will wait for the DS timer as well. BT is designed as an incentive for the killer to go after the unhooker. You use it as a weapon, well your going back on the hook.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,841

    It's risky, but one way to bait a killer is by initially pretending you're not good. Either throw a pallet down for no reason at the start, which may make the killer think you're nervous; if it's safe - do not immediately take corners optimally (basically, don't hug the wall); if the killer sees you from a distance that you notice, immediately crouch walk until they're a bit nearer, as if trying to crouch to a hiding place.

    If you're really confident, allow yourself to get hit initially. These tactics can get a killer annoyed, wondering why the survivor who clearly was terrible when they saw them is somehow harder to get. May make them question their own ability.

  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    Make an obvious quick swap to a key at 6 seconds.

    No better way to get hard tunneled in my games.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928

    I have light colored eyes and by extension a lot of light gets through and I'm a night person. The flashlight blinds me it's slightly painful to the point I glance away for a moment. I will find you and you will provide the entity a feast of anguish. You will become my personal obsession

  • SMitchell8SMitchell8 Member Posts: 2,403

    I'm with you, but I feel that you kinda look cowardly after a while for not going over to attack the windup merchant 😅

  • RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 669
    edited July 2021

    Thank you all so much for the advice. With your help I've managed to get my aforementioned friend out of the gate in several games. A couple of times she never even made it to struggle. The losing streak is over for today at least. Some advice I still haven't tried but I'm eager to.

    Some of the advice is kind of scary though, by putting myself at such a disadvantage I fear not being quite good enough to be able to lead a chase from that. Guess I'll learn or die for my hubris.

  • PalletsAndHooksPalletsAndHooks Member Posts: 989

    Try positioning yourself on the gen so the killer sees you instead of your friend. While it might not be bait, most killers will attack you before checking the gen for hidden survivors. As long as your friend bolted from the safer side of the gen at the same time as your encounter, the killer will likely check/kick the gen and/or resume targeting you since you're injured and the healthy one is already out of reach.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Flashlight clicks and tbagging make me ignore you way more🙄...try running around with a key that should do it

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 4,880

    I pay attention to anyone wants for chase only when 5 Gen are done because I have Noed & Rancor.

    DC rate still amazed me.

  • RiskyKaraRiskyKara Member Posts: 669
    edited July 2021

    I am ready to be tunneled! Bright colors, broken key, and all my IG strats will guide my ass to an early hook.

    Edit - Success!

  • NekoTorvicNekoTorvic Member Posts: 714

    You have to put yourself in a position where you cannot be ignored, like you constantly pressure a gen that will break a 3gen, but make yourself harder for the killer to catch, so it's damned if he does, damned if he doesn't for him.

    If you ever go against me, try getting in my way to tank a hit with BT, thats a surefire way of getting my attention devoted exclusively to you although you better be prepared to run me for the remaining gens because if not you're going and out instantly.

  • RenRenRenRen Member Posts: 1,356

    Usually having a key is a good way to be targeted. Other then that If I'm chasing someone, I'm gonna chase them unless you are literally just gonna die for them not just take a hit.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815
    edited July 2021

    If you deliberately sandbag a teammate, I will hardcore tunnel, camp and BM you. Otherwise I just don't care and won't chase a clearly competent survivor in a strong area.

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