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justbecausejustbecause Member Posts: 1,521
edited July 2021 in General Discussions

So we have tons of killers yet all we see is Wraith and Spirit each game I mean bhvr should better do something about this because it's getting pretty boring either buff certain killers or make challenges on those killers because nobody wants to be forced to play one killer whole time and nobody wants to go against same killer for eternity


  • GannTMGannTM Member Posts: 9,614

    I’ve barely gone against either of those killers lately so it sounds like you just have bad luck.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,206

    Both those killers are strong and easy to learn so of course they’ll be played more

  • Ink_EyesInk_Eyes Member Posts: 504
    edited July 2021

    It's nurses, spirits and wraiths for me lately, the irony is that a lot of players say that wraith is not ''that strong'' but people seem to have noticed that he is kinda strong right now at least on solo queue against uncoordinated solo survivors.

  • Morpheus_7_Morpheus_7_ Member Posts: 348

    the only ones I rarely meet are freddy and Deathslinger ... the others I meet often! you are out of luck.

  • PalletsAndHooksPalletsAndHooks Member Posts: 989

    Wraith is classic and utilizes skill based stealthing, it's easy to see why people would play him. Spirit is literally brane-dead, which appeals to purple rank survivors and salty toxic types that can't git gud, which is also easy to see why people would play her.

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