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Fellow Killers, please tell me this was a one off...

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So I played a game with Nemesis. Playing a game of Scooby Doo as they just run around in circles around rocks as Nemesis slowly finally gets close enough to give them a love tap with his fist.

Swing the fist as they get to the pallet, hear the "AHHHHHHH!" as I hit the survivor, the survivor drops the pallet, and....the survivor is untouched.

Like...I get that having the old setup where getting hit through a pallet sucked but I'm ready to snap the disc in half (figuratively of course since it's a downloaded game) as time after time after time after F'ing time I would hit the survivor, HEAR them scream like they were hit, they'd drop the pallet, and be perfectly fine.

I only played the one game because I'm already pissed off somethin fierce after that BS but I'd love to know if this was a bad one off for me (maybe lag or some garbage?) or if this is what I should expect as a killer and should therefore just hang up my blade now before I break something expensive? Any of my fellow killers play some games with the patch and can report?

EDIT: I guess it's not just me as that big ol thread this morning popped up. It must have dropped off the first page or I just plain missed it when creating this thread. Super duper, it's not just me... 😐

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