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Bring Chucky to Dead By Daylight

Sunbreaker7Sunbreaker7 Member Posts: 580
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I am a big Chucky fan and since seeing Dead By Daylight including amazing Horror icons like Michael Mayers, Freddy, and Leatherface, I have come to think that no Horror IP is out of reach from Behaviour Interactive. As a matter of fact, I believe it is only a matter of time before Chucky becomes the next Killer in the game. Maybe not this year, maybe not the next one either, but one day. Why? Because he is such an iconic Horror character with a vast history and is still relevant today loved by many.

Sure, Chucky is a small character, but so is Victor and he is a playable character able to down survivors, not just a small gimmick. If someone were to raise Chucky's height as a potential issue, I do not see it as such. I think BHVR would find a way to implement him perfectly into the game without having to resize him. Though having said that, how Chucky would carry his victims to hooks would be a fun little discussion of its own :D

Also, let's say that BHVR would not be able to bring Chucky as a Killer. How about Legion Chucky Costume? That would be neat, I think.

Anyway, I am super excited for the new Chucky series and wanted to take this opportunity to bring Chucky into the spotlight for the community :)

BHVR, if you are reading this, I would also love to see Sadako from The Ring or Kayako from The Grudge. Or Dead Space Necromorph as a Killer with Isaac Clarke as a survivor ^^

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  • MdawguMdawgu Member Posts: 373

    Honestly. If they had just worked the Twins into being Chucky, and his human counterpart Charles Lee Ray. That would have been the best way. Hell, perhaps that was the devs original plan.

  • feruisferuis Member Posts: 206

    Chucky is taller than Victor, he has a real power to work with, i think they can make him without the Twins concept, he is iconic, no reason not to have him.

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