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LOD issues and low reder distance on ultra setting

myers_obsessionmyers_obsession Member Posts: 535
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• Platform: PC - Ultra Setting

• Description of the issue: Not sure if thats a bug or intended. Feel free to delete it :)

LODs changing and stuff is popping up more than ever. Bushes, boxes, trees, gras, and even crows are popping up out of nowhere. please increase the draw distance. It's really distracting (I am talking about objects that won't appear until you come closer. Its definitely not my end, bc I have seen it on other players recordings too.) Some Maps are changing the LODs of its trees 5-10 meters in front of my character. Some Walls on Crotus Prenn and MacMillan are doing the same but I would say Crous Prenn, MacMillan and Ormond have the worst LODs and render distances. Gras is bad on every new Map. You can see a perfect clean floor until you come closer and gras grows out of nowhere.

• Steps to reproduce (if possible): Just play the game on any updated map

• How often does this occur: Everytime

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