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A question for players who play on console and PC

Or just general observation, if you have it.

What I'm NOT interested in for the most part is people just saying 'controller bad, mouse and keyboard good'.

My wife and I feel sometimes like it's more and more possible that console survivors just move slower overall. I know that part of the 'controller bad' bit above has to do with turn radius and being able to turn sharper on a mouse than with an analog stick, but does anyone else get this feeling?

Like if you had a 'footrace' between a mouse player and controller player on say, PS4, in a straight line (the much-touted 'hold W' strategy), that the PC player would make it further over time in a straight line?

Anyone have any observations on the topic?

I'm tempted to do a little experiment since we have the game on both platforms. We prefer to play on PS4 because couch and our computers are just where we do our jobs for hours a day so we don't exactly want to just sit in the same chair for more hours to enjoy some games...


  • InsaneCoasterInsaneCoaster Member Posts: 289
    edited July 2021

    In terms of straight-line movement, they should both be exactly the same. I've noticed no differences when playing with console players.

    In terms of other movement, yes, as you sort of mentioned, keyboard and mouse players will have more freedom in terms of turning speed and better precision.

    Edit: console players can of course change the speed that they walk/run at smoothly due to it being an analogue stick, whereas keyboard and mouse players cannot without tapping their WASD keys at a different rate. So on the assumption that the controller player is running forward as fast as possible, it will be no different to holding W on PC.

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,949

    I wouldn't think a player would have a disadvantage in speed regarding what they use. All characters, Survivors and Killers, have their movement speeds set in place, it would be very strange for them to be somehow slower due to a controller. If you are somehow slower, then it would be a very unique bug but it just doesn't seem possible for movement speed to be bugged out due to that.

  • The_KrapperThe_Krapper Member Posts: 1,753

    I play on PC and PS4, they move the same overall but for some reason even if you use the same controller it has a way higher sensitivity for PC, basically it's the sensitivity and frames that separate PC from console and everything else is the same from my experiences

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 489

    Thanks, this is good feedback. I wonder if we're just reacting to framerate. Kind of how a large character moving at the same speed as a smaller character (say a gnome in WoW vs a Tauren or something), likewise maybe the slower framerate FEELS slower to us but isn't. We're maybe going to test it just to appease ourselves on it.

  • SloppyVoldemortSloppyVoldemort Member Posts: 452

    I haven't noticed a really big difference between pc and ps4, but I will look better next time I can play on pc and on ps4.

  • FactureFacture Member Posts: 262

    The other thing to note is that analog sticks can ware out in such a way that holding up will actually be slower, when I only played on PS4 I went through 2 controllers and was on a 3rd before making the switch to PC.

    The strange part was with my first controller I didn't notice it in other games for a significant amount of time. Survivor wasn't as noticeable but killer felt like walking through mud. It got to the point where 110 killers couldn't catch up in a chase until Bloodlust 2 kicked in, I would lose ground at 110, I would run about the same speed as survivors at Bloodlust 1.

    Let us know the results if you decide to test.

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 489

    Wow, that's crazy! We actually slowly migrated from PC to playstation for various reasons. I have so many steam games and they just sit there. It's just really hard to spend so much time in this chair.

    I get that feeling you mentioned sometimes playing killer and sporadically as survivor, I will suddenly feel exactly like that. "What is making me so slow???" Maybe my controller is worn out.

    If we're able to test I will post here.

  • MikaKimMikaKim Member Posts: 298

    I think it just comes down to hardcore players who take themselves (too?) seriously. So your average skill level for PC games is generally going to be higher because of such factors. #PCMasterRace

    But that's anecdotal.

  • SypherpathicSypherpathic Member Posts: 489

    Well, as you might have suspected, I played on PC and my wife stayed on the PS4.

    We ran side by side as two Claudettes for a while hither and yon, and yep, the speed is exactly the same. I'm not sure that rules out maybe some odd conditions or broken/inconsistent analog controller input, but I'm satisfied.

    We got lucky and had an AFK killer round as well, so we escaped despite our shenanigans.


  • GrimoireWeissGrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,142

    I think it's just the lower frames that make you feel slower.

  • agonizingagonizing Member Posts: 110

    It’s the sensitivity cap on the mouse that makes the difference. I’m the game options, the highest sensitivity you can have for PC and Console is capped at 100%, however, the mouse part of PC will always have its own unique sensitivity (known as DPI) which is hundreds of times higher than the game is capped at. This is what makes the movement faster, more precise, and more enjoyable.

    IMO this is an advantage for PC as you are able to change the direction of your Hitboxes much, much faster, therefore dodging hits and making vaults more doable.

  • gingeronigingeroni Member Posts: 2

    So to answer shortly: yes.

    I play on both pc and console. I use a controller on both. It is MUCH smoother to use a controller on PC than it is console (I use a mini power a Xbox 360 controller too) and idk if it's due to difference in controller sizes because PS4 has wider controllers overall (I think) and Xbox controllers are usually chubby. I honestly think it's closer to do with SCREEN SIZE. I play on a 52 inch TV downstairs when playing on PS4. Where as... PC screen is drastically smaller. I suppose it just *feels* more sluggish due to all that the screen is capturing and the size of it all. Smaller things typically due appear to be faster. Its also harder for me to play on console as well because I can't alter the graphics settings in the menu to lower so it's easier for me to see. Camera moves much slower too (or so it feels) even on sensitivity 10 on console. Meanwhile I can go on 7 with a controller on oc and still 360 just fine.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 3,978

    I wish someone tests this as well. Running in a straight line thing I mean.

    I only have console buddies.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,921

    This is the correct answer. A perfect controller is exactly the same as keyboard and mouse, when they start to wear out though, you might only get 99% of the full distance registering it. A controller pushed to 99% on DBD does NOT run at full speed!

    To test your controller, plug it into a PC choose Set up USB Game Controllers Properties, if you move the controller all the way up, and then from side to side (i.e. top right al the way to top left) you might see a slight wiggle. Thats the sign that your controller is wearing and you won't get full speed.

    You can test this in game with a race in a custom match, one on keyboard, one on controller although obviously you both have to play as survivors.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 3,978

    Interesting. Well I had really really bad luck with ds4 controllers. I had ps1, ps2, ps3 and never had such problems.

    I won't buy a single ds4 again since they are not that cheap and it is pointless. I already have 3 of them.

    They should at least try to make them somewhat durable. I had problem with drift on day 1 with one of them. Ridiculous. I wonder if ds5 is any better.

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,921

    My DS5 only lasted a few weeks and the spring broke in the trigger. Now when I play survivor I keep accidently teabagging mid-chase leading to me getting tunnelled out of the game.

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 3,978

    I hoped they learned something but obviously not.

    Their products are garbage except the console itself. My headset literally cracked at the top even tho I am gentle with everything I own.

    My ds1 and ds2 controllers never got bad even after years and years of use back in the day. Ds3 was faulty when I first got it but after a service it also lasted me years until I sold the console.

    Ds4 were complete garbo. Every single one of them I owned.

    And hearing from you that ds5 is bad... No words.

  • Barbarossa2020Barbarossa2020 Member Posts: 431

    Console aiming is horrible.

    Have Red dead redemption 2 on ps4 and pc, find Pc craps all over ps4 for aiming.

    Maybe it's just me because im old.

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