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Muh Fun

SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121

I'm sick of this nonsensical argument, "X is un-interactive and un-fun, they need a rework".

YOU find my killer unfun, I'M having fun. Your fun doesn't hold more weight than mine, nor does it warrant balance changes. 90% of the time a killer is given this title, it's done out of pure salt. The other 10% are people that mistake their personal enthusiasm level for a legitimate reason to suggest changes.


  • Grandpa_Crack_PipeGrandpa_Crack_Pipe Member Posts: 2,062

    You tell those dumb silly idiot old legion posters.

  • NaigEtaripNaigEtarip Member Posts: 60

    Don't bother, it's always the same.

    Every single player is responsible of being exposed to the game features. From there it's all people wanting to influence others for selfish reasons.

  • bobateobobateo Member Posts: 254

    It does hold an equal amount of fun in a game that we both like and want to have a good time time in. Otherwise? Someone else's fun matters more which makes the whole thing collapse.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,435

    and usually they got destroyed because the stubbornly tried to apply the same tactics to ALL killers.

    Pig? genrush and then complain when popping a gen pragmatically removed three teammates from the match because they have traps on and now have to get them off at the same time.

    Deathslinger? loopy chases and then complain that he cuts chases short.

    Michael? Chases out in the open and then complain that he got to tier 3 during the chase

    Hag? just run through the traps while she's not busy elsewhere, and then complain she managed to hook everyone at the same time with slugging.

    and so forth

  • solidhexsolidhex Member Posts: 691

    ...and if someone says "Keys are fun, you are just salty because we escaped"?

    Or "[insert survivor sided map here] is super fun i just like this map for its looks and i will bring an offering whenever i have one" ? You will say the same?

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    Sure, you can have fun in a map that is sided to one side.

    However, Keys are objectively broken. Unlike killers like Nemesis or Deathslinger that are often ranked below optimal.

    There is such a thing as calling something unfun, and calling something as unbalanced and broken. What OP is trying to call out here are people who thinks it's okay to perceive balance as what you personally think is fun rather than what balance actually is.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    The argument is a bit strange, since you are defending your "fun experience" by telling survivors they should stop complaining that they have an aweful experience...

    Ever thought about this logic?

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    'Fun' is not a balancing factor because of one simple fact: Most people hate to lose.

    Yes, the game OVERALL should be fun, but you can't balance Killers based on 'fun' because the Survivors who say '<x> is unfun, nerf' are really saying 'I lost to <x>, therefore it is not fun'.

    Do you think those same people would ROFLstomp a Killer and go 'Hmm. We won by a landslide the last 10 times we faced Nemesis, but it was so easy it was not fun; perhaps he needs a buff'?

    And before you say 'Yes, they would'; just look at Wraith: He went from trash to mid-tier and Survivors are claiming he's 'unfun'. In fact, ANY killer that gets more than 2 kills on average is called 'unfun, plz nerf'.

    So fun is NOT a metric to balance Killers by, because the ones claiming 'unfun' are usually claiming it because they lost. Not for any true balancing reasons.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972
    edited July 2021

    This is nonsense, no offense. Most survivors have great games even tho they die / loose the game. I for example have more fun loosing against a fun killer then winning against party poopers like Deathslinger or Twins.

  • EntitySpawnEntitySpawn Member Posts: 3,196

    Well those people call most killer unfun and boring. As soon as they show strength they have an issue

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    Shoots you from across the map before you can even hear me

    You know how satisfying that is as a Deathslinger? How much of an "Oh #########!" jumpscare moment it is for Survivor? Because that's part of why I love playing against Deathslinger.

    No, @Power_Guy is right. Most people who complain that someone is unfun usually ends up losing to that specific Killer. Either that or they don't like a mechanic they introduce into the game, or a playstyle they force on you to counter them. None of that is still any good reasons to nerf or buff a killer purely based on what is or isn't fun.

    If they're not fun to you, tough #########. Suck it up and play the game and wait for the next match. Or at least try to change your playstyle.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    You are entiteled to have an opinion, but you are on a very lonely field on that matter. Deathslinger Spirt and Twins are the most hated killers in the game and thats why they are also the most complained.

    That you have fun against those killers is good and i am happy for you, but it does not really matter, since most dont enjoy going against them. The majority speaking has more weight then your opinion.

  • DelsKibaraDelsKibara Member Posts: 3,127

    Oh buddy.

    Lemme let you in on a little secret:

    Your opinion doesn't matter.

    As long as your measure is based on fun rather than actual balance, nothing will change about those killers. So you can either suck it up, or you know, disconnect and get a penalty.

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,972

    Sure, my opinion does not matter, but since its the majority who decides its your opinion who is at the current state of Deathslinger relativly irrelevant. Suck it up, he will get the cut sooner or later, there is no need to defende a killer who is generally hated. Think of other people and stop beeing selfish.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,175

    The game itself should generally be fun in and of it self. A lot of times it feels like it is left up to the killer to facilitate everyone's fun which sort of sucks.

  • SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121

    I explicitly mentioned in the post that our idea of "fun" holds equal weight but go off

  • BwstedBwsted Member Posts: 2,727

    And you also contradicted yourself when you said that someone else's fun doesn't warrant balance changes. Basically your fun overrides others'. Which implies it holds more weight in your eyes.

    But I can see from your attitude that you're not interested in having an honest debate. You do you.

  • SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121

    Because fun alone doesn't warrant balance changes, statistics and exploits warrant balance changes

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    Muh fun is...almost gone, actually.

  • CarthCarth Member Posts: 388

    The best part is when it comes hand in hand with "this killer is NOT OP and might even be on the weaker side...but we should nerf the one thing they have going for them and uhhhhh....give them deep wounds for map pressure as compensation!! We just solved all balance problems in DBD!"

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