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Did devs have fear of "potentialy" loose his playerbase by nerfing SWF and balance the game?

KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119
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We know that SWF is one inevitable thing that unbalance the game and save a lot of perk slots by the free comunication in discord. The devs themselfs negate that they will nerf SWFs and related to this theme so this is because of what? fear to loose playerbase making the game playable by nerfing SWFs? If you guys think im wrong make points.


The solution may be not only nerfing SWF, but instead make new in game tools that help the killer compensate the advantage of coms.



  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119
    edited August 2021

    Pre made lobbys you can know if it is by just programming the game and adding debuffs, i think for that ocasions base slowdown in generators for survivors because with coms make them is pretty easy.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    To be fair what about survive with friends that aren't using communications

  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    Lol pre-made lobbys without coms? just play with randoms instead so. Do you think this case is the more common too?

  • Exxodus21Exxodus21 Member Posts: 984

    The problem is, and always has been, when the game was made the devs didn't have the foresight to think people would want to play together so they made the game for solos only. Survivors were meant to have a huge lack of information and coordination. They were forced to add SWF because survivors would constantly dodge lobbies until they got a lobby with their friends. But for some reason that God only knows, they failed rebalance the game, and they've been extremely resistant to it ever since.

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437

    so, you are punishing randoms, people not on coms etc all because... why exactly? cause if you are talking unfair, let's look at how certain perk combos give certain killers an unfair advantage:

    Lethal pursuer on any killer with great map mobility? how is that fair, for example?

  • Morpheus_7_Morpheus_7_ Member Posts: 348


  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    Dude just see championships calls videos and you will see what is fair. The letal pursuer is ok because his value may be one or two hooks in the early game, now you want to compare to coms throug the hole game? that is even IN the game.

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,505

    SWF is fine

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,505

    Also you think people are gonna keep playing the game if they get a de-buff simply because they want to play with friends

  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    Do you think people gonna keep playing with killer if the matches is just SWF bullying and tbag simulator?

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,437
    edited August 2021

    The better answer would be to introduce dynamic perks (the game in general needs to be made more 'complex' (in lack of a better word))

    Like: don't nerf gen speed etc for swfs, but bar them from using certain perks/items. like only one of you can use DS and no OoO, and only one of you can bring a BNP.

    same should apply to killers? oh, you're bringing devour? you're not bringing that mori (and/or the addon that let's you mori people). Oh, you're playing deathslinger? you're not bringin M&A or stbfl. Blight, Nurse, demo, freddy? sorry, no LP for you.

    there's a difference between genuinely tactical perk combos (e.g. inner strength and small game/counterforce, or blast mine & red herring) and perks that give a character an unfair advantage due to their powers (looking at you insidious basement bubba)

  • HaunterofShadowsHaunterofShadows Member Posts: 3,505

    That ######### happens every match. You being bullied as killer does not mean your going against a swf

  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    That's true, but the point here is not the bully, the bully is only one thing they do because they know they have coms and just have to pre-drop pallets because they all are coordinating to do gens together. I particularly enjoy the clicky ones, but most of pp dont.

  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    Thats the problem, but people will never make the relevance of this issue be enough for bhvr

  • KblokoBRKblokoBR Member Posts: 119

    More people playing, if they enjoy playing increase chances of buying skins, (besides 4 people buying the game)

  • JPLongstreetJPLongstreet Member Posts: 2,915
    edited August 2021

    The theory goes like this:

    By far most of the players are on console, where chat parties are really easy to set up, and since playing killer on console is just super fun most of them play survivor. I don't care about cosmetics myself I go for camouflage, but in every party I'm in it's all about those cosmetics & who's got what. So the larger survivor playerbase is buying more of the cosmetics as well.

    So goes the theory. Too bad we cannot get actual numbers about anything on console due to the various UEA's. Would prolly answer many questions.

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