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No more real fog?

When i started playing DBD there was a looot of fog everywhere. I remember so much fog fogging around every corner... And now its mostly gone? I see dusty air at best.

Fog will come back in later updates or game will be fogless forever from now?


  • SilentPillSilentPill Member Posts: 1,302

    Fogless forever, the consoles from 8 years ago can’t handle it anymore.

  • OrionQc24OrionQc24 Member Posts: 283

    Was it really the reason they used ? I’m on ps5 now but my ps4 never had issues with fog. My favorite add on was the murky reagent and blood moon

  • ZokenayZokenay Member Posts: 573

    Thing is when survivors used like 4 moon offerings to make the map nearly unplayable for killers, it was downright impossible to find those Claudettes

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,334

    I feel like it was probably a nightmare to try to have on newer maps/redesigned maps and made for more work for them. Dunno officially, just spitballing it

  • OrionQc24OrionQc24 Member Posts: 283

    I could understand that…although it was still fun…I mean I get it but it was really fun sometimes. And also certain killers could benefit from that so it wasn’t always good

  • OrionQc24OrionQc24 Member Posts: 283

    Well with the end game collapse it wouldn’t really happen anymore

  • M4dBoOmrM4dBoOmr Member Posts: 245
    edited August 2021

    Yes, I really miss the darker maps :(

    Even as killer, it had much more horror atmosphere like that

  • DerpyPlayzDerpyPlayz Member Posts: 583

    I actually do have this, if you have a PC and happen to have Nvidia, you can edit that way the game looks drastically by using Nvidia's special effects. (Least that is how I make my game look much better)

  • GuyFawxGuyFawx Member Posts: 1,786

    It really made the game a lot creepier back then and set the mood just right its just too bad we lost the fog and the moon offerings.

    "Its a killer with yellow glowing eyes walking towards you very slowly at first you think its confidence but as the little shafts of light illuminate their face you see an eerie smile and realize that the fog is slowly etching forward with this beast and all you can think about is how it reminds you of a Haitian funeral and how happy everyone is at something that's supposed to be sad."

  • Kate_Main_01Kate_Main_01 Member Posts: 504

    Sadly the fog has been gone for awhile now. Even if all four Survivors throw in a purple-grade fog enhancer the fog is still only noticeable in the basements of Haddonfield, really. It's impossible to get the game to look like even the original base fog.

    It's a shame too because stealth Killers are at the biggest disservice. I remember before when Ghostface would sneak up on me and get some really good hits in. I remember it being a lot more difficult to see Wraith when he was invisible. Even Michael could really have some great scare moments. That is gone now, especially on large maps like Autohaven or Yamaoka. I've quite literally seen Wraith's 'glimmer' invisible form weaving cars across the map because he has no fog to mask him.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,098

    The current lack of Fog is something that I REALLY despise. But sadly, I am not in a position to make changes to the game.

    Because if I was...Boy, if I only was...

  • UseTheValveUseTheValve Member Posts: 338

    Same even tho I’m a killer main I miss the old fog, all we get is the mediocre black mist that doesn’t do anything for anyone. I really don’t understand why they would nerf that, it wasn't game breaking and both killer and survivor could use it for their advantage , like you playing GF or hag pr even trapper to hide your trap or all your claudette main or stealth players.

  • Rogue11Rogue11 Member Posts: 637

    Even for killers it hurts when survivors can see you coming from half the map away. It just encourages the hold W snoozefest chases. Also, as survivor, there's no tension to repairing gens when I can see for miles in every direction.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,698

    If these consoles can handle RE Village at 30fps and still very good graphical quality something tells me the hardware isn't the limiting factor.

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