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Licensed killers you guys would like to see?

R1ch4rd_N1x0nR1ch4rd_N1x0n Member Posts: 1,214
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This isn't in suggestions as it's not meant to be direct recommendations to what licensed killers should be added, but rather a discussion about them.

Some of mine would be these.

The Keeper, from The Evil Within.

Bendy from Bendy And The Ink Machine, named "The Ink Demon" in-game.

Springtrap, or Freddy, from Five Nights At Freddy's, named "The Animatronic" in-game.

Darius from Party Hard, named "The Partier" in-game. Most of you likely don't know of this game.

Kayako Saeki from "The Grudge," simply named "The Grudge" in-game due to the lack of a better name.

The Slenderman.

This is gonna be a weird one, but, The Kool-Aid man, named "The Pitcher" in game.

Do you guys have any licensed killers you'd like to see in game? And what do you think about these?

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