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Nemesis addon

I play a lot of nemesis and i try a lot of combinaison and all of the very rare and ultra rare addon are not worth the cost. The only very rare addon that help you is the broken recovery coin 1 less supply case is helpful for your power but that all. What with the licker tongue that addon do nothing what is the hindered do i never saw a difference in the survivor gameplay when i use that.

On a positive not i believe the other addon are good and helpful specially if they can fix the zombie colision because them they get stuck a lot.

I just hope that the dev will check his addon in the next mid chapter patch i really think the killer is a solide mid tier killer with a good build.


  • NithianNithian Member Posts: 5

    Its been like that for a while now with ultra rare addons being too weak or too situational to be viable. You would think the devs would understand what makes an addon strong, and what deserves to be a green at best

  • BiggsBiggs Member Posts: 286

    yep... sadly devs have/ have and still will have no idea about proper balance issues.. just check their great clown rework. If that rework would be done by a guy who have never played a game it would be understandable, but these guys they are on different level as always...

    From nemesis addons all of them are pretty much trash and useless except increase of level when you hit survivor - that one is a must sadly

    and increase of radius of his buggy AI.

    Speed for his zombies is pointless becasue as we know zombies on most of the maps which are outdoor are useless.

    So theres no reason to ever use anything except these 2.

  • Doctor_GrizzDoctor_Grizz Member Posts: 85

    I really like Depleted Ink Ribbon though, it makes the Zombies move faster and respawn quicker. And as a bonus, dead Zombies respawn at the Exit gates if Gens are done.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,382

    Its very limited and gimmicky though, the zombies are already quite unreliable and even at maximum speed are not faster than a walking survivor. Zombies respawn in 15 seconds, i believe the ink ribbon only decreased that down to 10. Not very much. I Highly reccomend the broken STARS badge, its good.

  • bibibib8bibibib8 Member Posts: 844

    For the zombie to spawn in the exit gate you need to have at least 1 zombie destroy and it take 10 sec for a zombie to respawn and it take 20 sec for the survivor to open the gate so you need to kill a zombie in the last 10 sec of the opening animation whitout them 99ing the gate.

    If you want faster respawn time take the green addon that let the zombie respawn faster and boost your infection this addon paired with the addon that make you undectable for 15 sec are a good combo and both are green

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 137
    edited August 2021

    Also. Even if they are Injured and infected and the zombie downs them inside the exit gate, by the time you get there they will most likely have crawled out.

    Best nemesis add-ons in my opinion are the ones that give you more mutation hitting the zombies.

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