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What is about Crossplay between PC and Consoles? (Crossplatforms PC vs. XBox or PC vs. PS)

Hey Guys,
in "Fortnite" it is possible, "Rocket League" work on it and I think it is the future of gaming: crossplatforms.
Many of my friends play DbD on PC. But I am a XBox One-Player. Unfortunately, we can't play together.
In some games crossplay works. Can you please build crossplay-platforms to play "survive with friends" with your friends on other devices?
DbD has the advantage, that it needs no balancing for crossplatforms, cause some PC-Players use console-controller.
For example: In Fortnite the PC-Players with mouse and keyboard have a big advantage over the console-players with theire joysticks. But in DbD that doesn't matters. There is no advantage for the PC-Players or otherwise.

I know, that Sony never allow it, that you build crossplatforms between XBox and Playstation. Although it would be possible from the technical aspect. But XBOX and PC or PS and PC is possible in other games. So please make it happen for Dead by Daylight.

Let friends survive together ;-)
No matter where they come from,
no matter what they look like,
no matter on which device the play.


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