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Some Piggy wish for all Saw fans

Hello, i have a very very good wish, since Michael has a chase song (you know because he is awesome), I just want that as him the pig have a chase song or when you put the trap in a survivor they change the regular song for this it will, al least create a little bit of suspense for the survivors.
I know is a license killer but please just try it



    meh :|

  • MineAntoiyaMineAntoiya Member Posts: 847

    That would truly be awesome as that theme is one of the best horror movie themes ever.

    Maybe they could have two versions for both a chase and terror radius? (As everyone spots it's pig straight away due to boxes)

    Although I feel like they would've asked for this but were turned down by the original owners, and you know, what they say goes :(

  • METAMETA Member Posts: 3

    Yes pls. Imagine if the chase music wasn't loud/annoying.

  • Yes! Good idea, make the game a bit more immersive using actual lore music.

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