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why cant they understand this is a casual game?.- MMR doesnt work.



  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683
    edited August 2021

    you can manipulate it. But not as easily as you don’t know what is actually used for the calculation.

    My whole my point is.. people should not have a reason for that kind of manipulation. You were arguing casuals should purposefully derank to avoid going against higher ranked players and you are trying to make a case that that kind of system is better than MMR - which you have not data and little to no experience on.

    and I know the current rank doesn’t relate to skill because I can easily reach red ranks on both roles. And I am bad. Like not that ‚I’m funny in saying I am bad but actually I am pretty good‘. I am actually really bad. I can’t even run shack efficiently. And I am not boosted by teammates either. Contrary, I am playing in a 2 man swf and my partner isn’t good either.

    and yes. Playtime would be terrible. But current rank system IS pretty much playtime, but it has the rank reset to even it a little bit out. That’s why we NEED another system

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184

    Other people will find the calculations for it to which people will manipulate it it's only a matter of time. I did not say casuals should purposely de-rank I said casuals don't care if they're good or bad they just want kills. We'll see how it is once the top-tier players stop playing because of all the try-hards they have to go against, then they'll make their way down the ranks again just to get games. Don't need to be efficient as a survivor, still in an SWF group, you have coms, that's an advantage. They put rank resets in so people have a purpose to come back to the game every month when they've reached rank 1. Yes, any rank system will be based on playtime. The more time you invest into a game, the better you will do and the more you will achieve, that's in every game but there is also a bit of skill to it, it's not just playing time.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,687

    Wrong. Having a SBMM won´t suddenly spawn new killer players that only want to face camp. We had new, unsecure killers since the beginning of the game 5 years ago. Those new, casual killers will eventually learn that they earn way more points and have a more enjoyable match, when they don´t camp all the time.

    The old system could be manipulated to easy. People would depip before free weekends to stomp new players. This will stop once the new MMR goes live.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683

    Yeah. We will see how it is… when those players won’t quit because those type of players actually want harder games.

    you don’t Play competitively and are among the top-tier players and then only be happy if you get matched against noobs.

    and you actually have said casual players should derank to stay in green ranks.

  • SpaghettiYOLOSpaghettiYOLO Member Posts: 161

    So you're mad that you're facing people of equal skill. Sounds like you're a sweaty survivor, which is why you're getting sweaty killers. Like seriously, if the only enjoyment you get out of the game is steamrolling a killer, then you're part of the problem with this game and need to move on. Because no one should be upset that they're getting matched up with equal skill after they play their placement matches.

  • RodrigoLRodrigoL Member Posts: 50

    It work, I liked the games I had last night ... At least for me it worked ... Played as survivor and Killers, 4 games each side, and was balanced ... Keep the MMR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    There will always be seal-clubbers that will want to be faced against noobs, so they will lose on purpose.

    System should motivate players to improve instead. Give rewards or show elo so we can compare killers, or with other players. They want just BP for your rank, which is lazy and most players will not give a ######### about it.

    I am not gonna tryhard and waste lot of time to get 500k and lose all progress for next month. Good thing for survivors is, that killers will give hatch more in hope for lower elo.

  • hikenhiken Member Posts: 891

    anything that increases the time waiting is terrible for a game that doesnt have a good enough pool of players, previous MMR didnt work because of that, games get rarer and rarer and is casual not competitive, sometimes i may want to chill a bit, sometimes i may not want to play agaisnt an sluger nurse or spirit because that will be the only thing i would get, why? because when you get to a higher MMR and not even after winning 20 matches in a row, i remember facing 6k hours after winning like 4...5 matches in a row, saw spirits and blight increased quite dramatically, is this MMR that different? i dont think so especially when they hide information this way, if u hide information then you are insecure or want to manipulate us to believe what you want. (wich is a classic BHVR move btw ignoring community since always but saying that they hear us wich always makes me lol a lot.) the game is not perfectly balanced not even close to that and doesnt need to...

    in order to get on a casual party game a comp system it should be completely balanced or very close to that, also should manage the pool of players way better so MMR now shouldnt be a thing it would lose that casual aspect to turn into a different thing that havent worked before ( death garden ) this game started as a casual thing, people liked it because is casual and you cant chill, and tbh the MMR doesnt work for that, because getting face camped or tunneled is actually what always happened in lower and higher ranks so it has nothing to do with having lower MMR or higher when literally the good real strats were always the same and even terrible killers perform them without even kwnoing how good they are, lower and higher play "similar" with the difference of heavy slugging and being way less efficient by those lower MMR killers (they over do, or not enought or they do it AT WRONG TIMES but the strats are there), thats why the community always suggested other ideas... the game is casual and people will always play as they please, if i want to chill i wont be able to cheill i will be forced to sweat because my MMR was higher unless i want to be a burden to my teammates wich i could do but i dont think thats fair if they are actually trying to mantain their high MMR because now wince there is a more comp side to it i can get it, i understand it (and that penalty report could be used easily if i want to cheat on MMR or be a burden, so is gonna be EVEN WORSE because since theyy never explain anything because they never do i have to imagine the worst because it really seemed to be that bad), but if remains very casual as always no one can really complain me trollling a bit or chilling since is very easy to get to rank 1 and means literally nothing and getting to rank 1 should remain as that, meaning nothing more than an steam achivement, is casual no need to bring that comp sscenario to a game WITH TAHT MUCH RNG involved, survivors can choose where to go and killers all the time for everything RNG can change the actual outcome of the match by 4%, pallet RNG, sometimes maps are empty or fulll, playing with friends or not, etc the game has so many variables actual mmr is fine dont try to force a comp side or more competitive side in a game wich wasnt born that way and got this decently big because of being casual. people wont enjoy it, what i do think you should do tho, is improving MMR in the way that for example is impossible at least for solos because in SWF MM cant do nothing since people invite their friends, but at least for solos dont put a survivor with 100 hs in rank 1 because MM lot of times do that in order to find the fastest game possible, respect the ranks a bit more so a a yellow or green rank doesnt get into a red rank game, i think thats the only thing that needs to be done.-

  • Johnagon_InfinityJohnagon_Infinity Member Posts: 90

    Adding my voice to the cacophony. I dislike SBMM in a party game.

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    I don't want to be lumped together with casual potato's, thank you. This new system has made solo Survivor much more enjoyable for me because I get other competent Survivor's be it solo or SWF's.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683

    You are making way too much assumptions based on the word ‚skill based‘ and based on previous test phases that were just that. Tests were the devs found flaws they have been working on.

    you are dooming it without giving it any kind of chance.

    also, if you have high MMR this system will not guarantee a perfect matchmaking every match. You will still get matched with weaker or stronger players to not make queue times too long.

    aaaand: You can take breaks. Paragraphs, sentences that don’t go over more than 10 lines. It’s really hard to read that kind of mumbling.

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184
    edited August 2021

    "Yes, it does, just stay at green ranks. You want to challenge yourself, move up in rank, don't like it? De-rank. Easy"

    Is what I said and it doesn't seem like you're open for any kind of debate about this, it is clear where your mind is set. You have high hopes for the MMR whereas I do not because of the devs balancing things around casuals. Most of them play for kills, they do not care about ranking, they do not care about being good they do not care about being gen rushed.

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184

    new killers won't face camp because they're new. They're learning the game. As I have said, it's mostly the casuals, the ones that don't care about their ranks or how well they do in a match. They slap on BBQ, get their stacks, and off they go. The old system can be manipulated because all you had to do was rank or de-rank, a 6-year-old could figure it out. The new system will be the same way once someone and someone will have figured out how to do it and made a video to which all the other creators will do the same thing and then we'll be back to square 1 again.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683

    Yeah.. clearly I am the one not open for any kind of debate.

    you are the one being against a system that you don’t Even know how it works and you judge it by testphases that the devs themselves said had problems.

    the balancing of the game is another issue. And it won’t get fixed by the matchmaking system. But they already said they are working on new mechanics (early game collapse, key and Moro in base game reworks).

    the thing is, current matchmaking is really really bad. That’s a common community complaint. And actually from any type of player. I don’t get how anyone can justify this system. And most of the arguments are just assumptions and doom saying. Nothing more.

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184
    edited August 2021

    ok, you'll see for yourself but I can already see how it's working from people talking about the MMR right here on the forums, so. Current matchmaking is also dependent on your rank. Solo queue is bad, maybe MMR will make it better but it didn't for me it actually made it worse.

  • MooksMooks Member Posts: 10,683

    That’s the thing. You are focusing on the ones hating on the system. I can see that there are many different opinions on the current MMR Testphase. And it is still that: a Testphase! It’s not the final implementation and even that can further be fine tuned.

    and… the system isn’t even on for a week, you are just looking at small samples. You are missing big data, statistics and analysis.

    i am not saying the current test is working perfectly. I am giving it a chance.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,687

    Thats not how BBQ works though. Face camping killers won´t get any benefit from BBQ.

  • SkeletalEliteSkeletalElite Member Posts: 2,210
    edited August 2021

    Many games use mmr systems in their casual modes AND their ranked modes, just using a separate rating.

    DBD being a casual game is not a reason that MMR won't work.

  • hikenhiken Member Posts: 891
    edited August 2021

    separating things in a game without a huge player base would potentially incrase massively the waiting times beacuse no one would want to play ranked mode, or very few people... tehgame is not balanced and relys on bad players to have fun, some needs to say it and you know is like this.

    MMR is a sweat fest all the time if u were in rank 1 at least for me, this needs to go. playing killer is unfun, ranks never meant anything to begin with. it should just separate people who are very new and people who been playing the game more and thats it.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 3,139
    edited August 2021

    You joke, but I well remember the survey I took for BHVR earlier this year (or late last year, I forget specifics on time) where several questions asked about how I felt toward esports, if I followed esports, if I watched esports, if I purchased esports related merchandise, et cetera. I remember answering that section and thinking: Well, it seems BHVR is hoping to make DbD an esport. I smell failure.

    I'm not shocked that the company wants to try to get a piece of the esports money, but Dead by Daylight is not a game designed for it.

  • FogfactorFogfactor Member Posts: 45

    I think mmr will work because dbd is a casual game. That way tryhards get to be tryhards with other tryhards.

  • hikenhiken Member Posts: 891
  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184

    No, but new players/casuals usually swarm the hook so they'll get their stacks.

  • Rogue11Rogue11 Member Posts: 772

    I'd much rather deal with occasional potato teammates in solo queue than have good teammates and face nothing but Blight and Nurse with 4 slowdown perks and best add ons.

    The bit of RNG in matchmaking due to the clustering in red ranks fits with the rest of the game being unbalanced and RNG. The devs know the game is unbalanced in high skill matches and don't care. They would have made changes years ago if that were the case.

  • SeraphorSeraphor Member Posts: 4,281

    The last week gave me some of the better killer games I've had in a long time.

    Now it's back to red rank sweat squads 360ing, crouch dodging and bodyblocking me constantly. Killer is unplayable again, until the next MMR test...

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