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Borrowed time shouldn't exist as a perk. It should be a built-in mechanic. Hear me out.

Okay, here is the thing. BT exists in the game for one sole reason - to prevent off-hook tunneling. It's existence changes the playstyle of killers so much, even if it's not in the game, many killers assume it is and focus the unhooker, instead of the hooked. Well, at least I do when playing killer.

However, there are those killers that specifically take their chances and focus the hooked person to get them down again immediately after being unhooked. And with the nightmare that SoloQ is, and the frequency of hook farming going on, that happens way too often.

And here's the problem with that. While you are being unhooked, you are in the most vulnerable situation you could possibly be in the game. You are one hit away from going down again, you are locked in animation and cannot possibly do anything to prevent it and most importantly, you have no saying or choice as to WHEN you get unhooked when playing SoloQ, if your teammate decides to hook farm you without BT, and the killer decides to tunnel you straight off hook, there is virtually nothing you can possibly do to prevent that.

And it is frustrating. It is frustrating, because you spend a minute or so doing nothing, the game design itself is such that as a hooked survivor, you are literally forced to wait for awhile and not play the game while on hook. And going down immediately after that is just unfair. There are literally matches where you do not get to play at all, after waiting 10 minutes in the lobby to start a game.

Here's why BT should be a built in mechanic. It makes no sense for people being forced to waste a perk slot to prevent a toxic mechanic that shouldn't exist in the game at first place.

I know some people will say that's a huge buff for survivors and will make it hard for killers, but honestly, as a mostly killer main when playing solo, I practically never focus the freshly unhooked person, so I don't see that problem at all. There is only one thing tho.

IF, BT was to be added as a built-in mechanic, a change should be put in place, otherwise it would be a huge buff to survivors if played optimally.

Built-in BT should IMMEDIATELY deactivate and be negated if the unhooked survivor with it, forces a protection hit. The one and only purpose of built-in BT should be to prevent off-hook tunneling, but the killer should still be able to go for the unhooker and it shouldn't be possible to prevent that. Otherwise it would indeed, be a huge, huge buff for survivors, especially good ones.

The other thing that could be done is to not necessarily remove BT from the game and make it a built-in mechanic, but at least add a few seconds immunity to the unhooked survivor, 3 secconds at least, so they cannot go down immediately after being unhooked, because they're locked in animation and have nothing to prevent it. Within those seconds at least they could use their exhaustion perks, try to reposition, get a bodyblock from the unhooker etc.

But to be punished for the killer's toxic gameplay and your teammates farming? Please, no more.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.


  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    I kind of feel like I'm on the fence with this one.

    So punishing Survivor's that body block and take a protection hit with BT makes sense. I agree with that. But implementing it into the core game when Survivor's have Decisive Strike and Dead Hard so you can have an additional perk? Nope. Survivor in general is easy in my opinion. So I feel like any arguments that Survivor's need a buff should be shelved until the game is actually balanced.

    Also, as a solo Survivor I haven't experienced this issue of potato Survivor's since SBMM has been enabled.

  • InsatiableMopInsatiableMop Member Posts: 325

    I dont think you can punish a forced protection hit because even if they try to run they can still get hit and count as a protection hit and then it wouldn't work. What if they just made it a perk you put for yourself. Instead of unhooking people giving it to them, when you get unhooked you give it to yourself. I feel killers would like it because then one bt can't cuck them in a game.

  • lolifasadlolifasad Member Posts: 68

    Survivor is defo not easy when playing SoloQ. I'm saying this as a mostly killer main that plays solo survivor from time to time and each time I'm reminded why I'm not playing it as often. See, that's the problem. As a killer, the entire match is entirely up to you. If you screw up, you're to blame. If you succeed, you are to congratulate. With solo survivor, you are punished or rewarded for stuff outside of your control.

    What do you mean since SBMM has been enabled, things are fine? SBMM is a complete nightmare, I get the most potato teammates as possible. Every other game I have people either DC'ing or killing themselves on hook. Second stage is nearly guaranteed in most games since SBMM was enabled. Also teammates that literally crouch and hide in the corners of the map the entire game. I like how they made it impossible to see other player's ranks, so it's not obvious how much of a disaster their experiment is, I'm almost certain that I'm getting brown rank teammates almost every game. It's a complete mess. The other dude's comment makes sense. It would be good if you could put BT on yourself, instead of having it as a perk for others. That way you no longer rely on potato teammates to have it when hook farming you.

  • Power_GuyPower_Guy Member Posts: 1,572

    I can't agree. I mean, imagine the new meta if BT was basekit, so Survivors could run something else alongside the 3 other meta perks.

    I know balance is not always 'You did <x> to one side, so how does the other side get compensated?' but in this case, it would have to happen. Killers would get nothing but screwed if this and only this happened. Imagine the bodyblocking nonstop in every match, followed by 'YoU tUnNElEd!' when they get downed after it runs out. 😋

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,339
    edited August 2021


    killers should always have the option to tunnel, and survivors should have the option to use perk slots to make it harder not impossible, its too easy to abuse mechanics like basekit borrowed time

  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    Well, I'm saying Survivor is easy despite being a solo because I always have been a solo. I've unlocked every teachable Survivor perk, DLC included and did so starting from Level 1 for each Survivor. I'm questioning if you're new yourself to Dead by Daylight or if you've got that backwards or if you're just a troll.

    You make it sound as if Killer is easier than Survivor which may be true if you're new because it is, up until you get to the Green Ranks I believe, then you start playing against Red Rank Survivor's. Which in my case was a horribly stressful experience that made me switch to Survivor and while I may be a Rank 1 Killer now my opinion remains the same. It's usually a horribly stressful experience. I don't really think SBMM helped in that regard.

    As a Red Rank Survivor though, I've mostly had competent teammates because as the SBMM implies, it pairs me with Survivor's with similar skill to mine. For your experience it makes sense, you admitted yourself that you barely play Survivor so the system puts you with other low skilled Survivors. Now, if you meant that you only play *solo* Survivor every now and then but primarily play as an SWF and you're complaining about rando's not being as coordinated then no offense but I wouldn't want you on my team either. Before SBMM I had lots of potato Red Ranks which are likely boosted Survivor's. Be it from farming or from them being an SWF.

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