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Trapper Help

I'm out of reasons to play Dead by Daylight, so I've decided to get all my characters to p3 50. Currently I have Chris, Pig, Myers, Ghostie, Deathslinger all at p3. Moving on to Trapper.

2 Questions:

What's the best build/tactic for Trapper mains? I want to have fun while I play, mind you. Include addons if you like.

Who should I p3 next? Any suggestions? Survivors/killers included, and Im going in no particular order.


  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138

    To answer your first question, two of the best perks on Trapper are BBQ and STBFL. Along with those two perks, many people prefer to run a slowdown perk or two like Ruin, Corrupt, or Pop. Bag addons can make life easier when you play Trapper as well as addons that improve setting speed. As for the best tactics for his traps, placing traps within common routes that survivors take when they loop is very effective because most survivors don't think to check an entire loop for traps. Place traps in tall grass and not out in the open to avoid them from getting spotted so easily.

    For your second question, try prestiging Hillbilly next. Many players have abandoned Hillbilly due to his changes which is a huge shame. I still feel like Hillbilly is still an enjoyable killer to play as if you have the patience.

  • SoulpawSoulpaw Member Posts: 290

    id run Corrupted intervention, Endearing, ruin/pop, and whispers.

    for addons, Best bags you got and something to either place traps faster or darken them if youd like.

    Start of the game, set up. While corrupt is active, you want to set up traps in bushes near by loops. (if indoor, block doorways or loops.)

    if whispers is on, get ready to chase, have some traps on you and start hunting.

    When you do find them, try to corral them towards your trapped areas so you can trap them.

    If you know they are gonna drop pallet, respect the loop and place a trap right in front of it to shut down the loop and force them to run. Later on, you can cancel the set up and catch them in the open if they know your shutting the loop down, if they just dont drop it, run through the loop and catch them off guard. Your bound to end chases if you mix these up.

    After hooking, grab some traps and force them off gens or make a trap zone again.

    Rinse and repeat. If wispears is active, generally not safe to trap as someone may be watching and waiting to disarm your progress.

  • HeartboundHeartbound Member Posts: 2,809

    What made me really, really good with Trapper was playing survivor and watching other survivors. I took note of how they run, where they hide and so forth (using Bond). There are only so many ways a survivor can go on the map and if you can figure out the most commonly used path you cannot be stopped.

    I always carry a bag of some variety + an add on that determines how tryhard I'm going to be that match. Run a bag though, really. It's a quality of life thing.

    Perks I use when going hard are Discordance / Ruin / Corrupt / Nurses Calling, and I just walk paths that I would as survivor and plop down traps as I hunt. You can make any perk setup work with the Trapper if you know survivor routing well, but something I like to do is if I'm in a chase and a survivor drops a pallet, I'll drop my trap on the other side of it and continue the chase (as opposed to breaking the pallet) same thing if a survivor seems to like vaulting a certain window. I guarantee they'll run into a deadzone or a sub-optimal position. It's very reliable, and if they double back or another survivor is caught unawares they're gonna slide right into your trap.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Yeah I agree, Billy is still fun and good. Thanks for the build too Ill try it.

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