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Stranger Things is (partially) leaving DbD

GentlemanFridgeGentlemanFridge Member Posts: 2,038
edited August 2021 in General Discussions

See the post below in case the link is borked for you as well.



  • apathyincapathyinc Member Posts: 368

    We've lost our lease! Every Demogo must go!

  • AnniehereAnniehere Member Posts: 1,115

    The link does not work for me either.

    How sad, i didn't see it coming... Just yesterday i was thinking of buying Nancy.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,408
    edited August 2021

    I mean, I'm happy that Hawkins is gone (but at the same time I might miss it), but... why...?

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,189

    Same! Maps are my absolute fav thing in this game and I love the lab!!!

    I usually don't freak out over games but #########??????

    Was their an issue with the license?

  • MrBuffaloMrBuffalo Member Posts: 291

    I honestly have no words for this, like I am really surprised this has actually happened,

  • _kostas_pap_207_kostas_pap_207 Member Posts: 208

    1. Why the chapter is leaving


  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,189

    I need coffee... I woke up expecting more teases... now one of my fav maps is going forever? I feel like I'm in a bad dream ;_;

  • MeltingPenguinsMeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,435

    it might be that the licenseholders didn't agree to renew the license for whatever reason.

  • Nathan13Nathan13 Member Posts: 5,601

    Wow... I mean i’m happy the Hawkins map will be gone but that’s sad they couldn’t renew the license.

  • PepsidotPepsidot Member Posts: 1,278

    Well, this is really, really, really stupid.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 18,576

    1) Licencing expired and one of the two parties didn't want to, or couldn't, renew it.

    2) Because it's Stranger Things content and the only content that will remain in-game is that already owned by players. As no player owns the map it will go.

  • bm33bm33 Member Posts: 5,963

    They like JUST added the Jonathan Byers legendary. Wonder what exactly made the license holder pull out/not renew.

  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 3,043

    im really bummed, not only will new players not be able to purchase demo , steve , nancy, and johnathan. but they get rid of the map. i see no reason they cant leave the map in

  • ElenaElena Member Posts: 2,188

    Anyone who bought the demogorgon, it's perks and outfits get to keep them.

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,133

    It will be a licensing issue for both I bet. Maybe bhvr wanted to re-license but the price went up or maybe they just planned to only license temporarily and this was inevitable.

    I don't like the fact we are losing a map, especially since they don't release them for all new chapters now but there's nothing we can do about it.

  • IlliterateGenocideIlliterateGenocide Member Posts: 3,043

    buy steve nancy and demo while u can

    you can keep them after they leave!!!!

  • _kostas_pap_207_kostas_pap_207 Member Posts: 208

    Sooo less demo in the future....

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