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After seeing Pinhead in action, it makes me think...

JarolJarol Member Posts: 1,985

I really think now that people should stop thinking that this killer does not fit or that it serves as silly skin for an original killer. No, on the contrary, Pinhead en Lore is a supernatural being much more powerful than Nemesis, Freddy Krueger. The cenobite leader.

I think with Pinhead in DbD, now if it is possible to have Pennywise here. Or Chucky, the mechanics are what changes and give it more originality, they only fear that it will be another killer inspired by someone else.


  • SirGandoSirGando Member Posts: 375

    Yeah i like his design alot. But his gameplay is very bugged and unrefined atm. hope it gets changed when he goes live.

  • SoulpawSoulpaw Member Posts: 290

    Yeah, let's hope behavior learned from past killers and fixed bugs before going live.

  • SupernautSupernaut Member Posts: 1,366

    Not played as killer yet but loving the survivor gameplay and how everything about Pinhead looks. They've really outdone themselves. Bravo.

  • Sunbreaker7Sunbreaker7 Member Posts: 566

    From what I have seen thus far, I am very impressed that BHVR managed to create a new killer after Trickster that is not just a cheap copy-paste of another Killer's power. Also, with the cube, it changes the gameplay mechanic when facing Pinhead, which is Killer design 101 in my opinion. Always try to make a Killer unique from the rest and force Survivors to play differently from the usual when facing them. I think Pinhead has achieved that.

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,552

    Pinhead feels like a really exciting killer to play! Also, and I haven't read the lore yet, but it's fun to to have another killer who potentially could become a risk for this parasite-like Entity, being as he's actually a denizen of Hell! Even his power seems to have Hell breaking into the Entity's realm. Alongside Pyramid Head especially, this may be a sign of the Entity becoming particularily greedy at the detriment of itself!

    Anyway, tinfoil speculation aside, his power is unique and interractive from both sides. I love the Lament Configuration summoning idea, which was always my hope they'd integrate it somehow. He's a much darker character than most of the roster, and the unease Pinhead instills may bring back some horror elements.

    The only drawbacks are the glitches (as with anything!), albeit I admit after watching a Not Otzdarva video, they were ridiculously funny! I'll certain give a lot of credit to BHVR for this and Nemesis for bringing the memes in - "I came!" - not sure how they're gonna compete with that and zombie campers with original ideas, but I'm hoping this will be a success and give BHVR more licence in being more experimental with powers and ideas.

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