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finding the box as Pinhead

luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 792

I just had a match as Pinhead where I lucked out and found the box right away and immediately started the chain hunt, which was great! It should be really really easy for Pinhead to find the box and start chain hunts more often! And then Pinhead can make tactical decisions about if he wants to directly chase survivors and patrol gens, or go for the box.


  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    I think that it should be visiable when you are nearby, maybe like 10-15 meters. It can spawn hidden in grass or something, where you have just no chance to find it.

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,334

    All I want is that if Pinhead is close to the box *insert balanced close range* where he'll be notified he's very close to the Lament Configuration. Absolutely keep it a short range, but I do think some kind of notification/aura if close by should be considered. Otherwise I feel it may be too easy to miss.

    Has any one on PTB noticed it in odd places or hard to see spots? I get that it's probably more meant to mostly be a rare occurrence and have Pinhead get the box from downing a Survivor who's holding it. But least consider a very small range.

  • BobandyBabyBobandyBaby Member Posts: 8

    i feel like the sound of the box may be bugged. i hear it loud and clear some matches, and others its silent right in front of me. anyone else experience this?

  • NikkiwhatNikkiwhat Member Posts: 1,334
    edited August 2021

    Is Pinhead supposed to hear the Lament Configuration's lullaby tune? Or is that just a Survivor thing? If not, then I have not heard it once in all the Hellraiser matches I've seen for the Killer.

  • BobandyBabyBobandyBaby Member Posts: 8

    no, the sound is more of an electrical buzzing, like the same range as the hatch, maybe 8 meters?

  • dbd900bachdbd900bach Member Posts: 421

    Not only does he need to be able to find it sooner, it needs to be more difficult to find for survivors. Because they all can see it the moment it spawns it becomes really useless especially because it's part of his core mechanics. They can disable it non stop like clock work and good swf can easily make a fool out of him with simple timing

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 3,313

    The Cenobite should be able to have more attuned hearing for the LC, and survivors need far less of an ability to know its location.

    Survivors shouldn't know its location infinitely faster than the killer can, leeway is fine but its too much in comparison

  • Th3NightmareTh3Nightmare Member Posts: 1,136

    To fix that, I would do the following. When the survivor gets the box, the killer would have a chance to get it, but if the survivor is smarter, he would make it disappear. The thing is, if the survivor does not do it while the killer is busy, if the killer does a successful tp this survivor should drop the box. The survivor should watch or more or less know when to solve the box.

  • RougualRougual Member Posts: 517

    Hoarder, Franklins, Double solve time add ons.

    Never teleport unless their over 64 meters away (you'll know because you won't get a Hoarder notification)

    Drop everything and run to those Hoarder notifications like a moth, let the survivors find it for you and disrupt the long solve time with a chain yeeted as far as you can.

    You should have about 16 seconds at least to hit a survivor standing still with your chain, make them unchannel the action, smack it out of their hands and always have a chain hunt going by activating it yourself.

    If you bring Knockout you can free up all your time and always be able to pursue the box. Let everyone bleed out and make revives difficult with the chain hunts.

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 792

    Hoarder + Franklin is a good idea!

  • mrdeadmrdead Member Posts: 51

    There's an addon.

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 792

    yeah, I played one match with that add-on and iridescent cube (survivors don't see cube aura until chain hunt starts) and WRECKED HOUSE. It even shows the cube while a survivor is carrying it!

  • MozzieMozzie Member Posts: 618

    Which deactivates chain hunts which removes the whole purpose of the box. Pinheads new perk is a much stronger way of having undetectable.

  • LeFennecFoxLeFennecFox Member Posts: 582

    So you're forced to run 1-2 perks always to ever use his strongest power? The survivor should never be able to hold a killers power hostage and it needs constant killer instinct or some serious debuff for holding it too long. They shouldn't be able to crank out a gen at all. The worst part about the box is every survivor can see it no matter the distance while the box is so small grass hides it. There is no way you can waste time looking for it with gens being finished.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,310

    The main point of the box surely is for survivors to find it and disable the chain hunt. It serves as a second objective that way.

  • luvcraftluvcraft Member Posts: 792

    I agree that that's the intended main point of it, but Pinhead's M2 is so weak compared to activating chain hunt that it FEELS like finding the box should be more of a core objective for Pinhead, and FEELS like the game should support that.

    I suspect (hope) that with ALL the complaining here in the PTB feedback about how weak his M2 is that they'll rework it considerably, and make it more effective so that using it to chase survivors is a better strategy than hunting for the box.

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