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The Cenobite is Weird

VulgunVulgun Member Posts: 439

The only things I want to say about The Cenobite that need to be considered.

  • The Killer is a zoner archetype through and through; he has range, setup, trap and slowdown potential. So, why is a character with this much power given 4.6m/s movement speed?
  • The Power of The Cenobite is, for all intents and purposes, extremely powerful since it does things that cheat the normal gameplay system of Dead by Daylight. It slows down Survivors so considerably that him being a 4.6m/s Killer is actually quite absurd, and will only lead to him being the top picked Killer in top level play due to his chase potential.
  • If anything, The Cenobite should only have 4.4m/s movement speed so that the Survivor players (in all levels) will at least have some method of fighting back. Given that he is a ranged Killer with extremely good slowdown abilities, Pinhead will likely need this nerf in the future, or else he may end up being a problem.

As for the main ability of the Cenobite, I really don't have much problems with it (bugs aside), but I think that some things may need to be changed before he actually launches:

  • The Lament Configuration needs to have some sort of anti-holding measure for it. Right now, you might as well always just hold it since it's not only bugged (as I've held it once for most of the match and ended up getting rid of the Chain Hunt entirely), but there's no incentive to actually get rid of it outside of the chains.
  • Thus I suggest that the Survivor has the Incapacitated status effect until they use it up, so that way they can't do generators. But after around 10 seconds, The Cenobite can just blatantly warp to them if he wants with a new voice line chastising the Survivor for their inaction.
  • Chain Hunt is alright, same with his main ability, bugs aside of course.
  • I will at least say that maybe keep the whole "Survivor slowly falls down like a feather" thing that we've been seeing. It's actually amusing.

And finally animations. I hate just about all of them because of how unfinished they actually look.

  • The walking animation of his looks very stiff; I get that he probably moves very stiffly in the actual movie, but this is a different level of stiffness altogether; he needs a little more weight in his movement.
  • The idle animations in the menu just look completely unfinished. The one where he configures the Lament Configuration should probably not swiftly transition into his idle animation.
  • The one where he uses his chains needs significantly more polish. He looks like he should be showing a menacing expression (seen from the render video where his animations were), and the chains themselves need to have their little extradimensional portals so that they don't look like they clip in from nowhere Jack Baker style.
  • Then there's the beginning of his Mori. It needs to be fixed up. It looks like some college intern of yours animated it. I'd probably increase the length a bit and have him hold his head away for a bit longer before pointing it to the survivor, and have the camera work redone so that it looks a little less stiff.
  • Then there's the part where he talks. I think you need to animate that mouth moving before release, because he kind of needs it for being a Killer who can talk.
    • Frankly, that should apply to all Killers who have vocalizations; they need to have their mouths moving in normal gameplay. Would be sometimes unnecessary (outside of Pinhead), but still would be nice.


  • BobandyBabyBobandyBaby Member Posts: 8

    isnt the anti holding mech the oblivious sa?

  • dbd900bachdbd900bach Member Posts: 400

    I think it's still too early. His movement speed his fine as watching game play by the time you're back to your original pov the survivor has already broken out of a chain or two. This is also not counting for how easy it is to break chains using the environment. He needs the speed or else he'll never catch up.

    The box definitely needs more punishment. It's super easy to take it out of the game and as you said there isn't much punishment to survivors holding it either. When it does work it works though.

  • VulgunVulgun Member Posts: 439

    That ain't enough.

    Fair enough. But in all honesty, he's just a really, really too solid Killer. Considering he himself can just end up doing even more than just binding Survivors to chains (like using his ability for recon), he might become a little overwhelming.

    But I suppose we'll see whether or not his kit warrants 115% movement speed.

  • SonzaishinaiSonzaishinai Member Posts: 6,741

    You are forgetting that in order to apply his slowdown manually he needs to stand still.

    Using it in any place where walls or other obstacles can break the chains is a waste of time.

    He needs to be a 115 so he can function in those places his power doesn't work.

  • smappdoodasmappdooda Member Posts: 479

    The nice thing is you can move while placing the gateway so you can kind of keep up until you commit. I have learned you need to overshoot the survivor just a bit so they run thru it as you cast it and don't have time to react or see it looking behind them.

  • LeFennecFoxLeFennecFox Member Posts: 582

    His chains are a net loss in time btw. He's literally if gunslinger and clown had a baby and that baby was weaker than both of them

  • AvilgusAvilgus Member Posts: 1,242

    We don't need another ######### m1 110% killer.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,200

    I'm pretty positive he is not going to get nerfed. Even with 4.6 M/S, his ability too often barely gains him any distance.

    The only changes I can see happening to him, aside of course from bug fixes, are some small buffs to his chains, to make them more effective in the average case. Right now it seems too easy to break free from them.

    And perhaps they will do something about holding the box hostage, we'll have to see. But one risk of holding the box hostage is that when he downs you, he gets access to the box, and can activate the chain hunt himself. Not to mention the fact that you are oblivious, and the constant chains attacking you helps him locate and down you as well.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 5,200

    While I do agree he needs a buff to his chains, I think you are underestimating him.

    His box is very good just for the fact that it adds a second objective to survivors gameplay. If the chain hunt never innitiates, that means survivors have been hunting down the box, which means they have been off of gens.

    I also think his perks are pretty good.

  • mrdeadmrdead Member Posts: 51

    Unless one of the DBD team is his voice actor the odds of you getting a new voice line are nearly 0.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    Play him some more. Even release clowns chase slowdown was more effective than pinheads. The only way you ever get pressured by him is if you fall asleep on your keyboard and forget to do the configuration. He’s practically an m1 killer most of the time so you should have no issue looping him.

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