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My Thoughts on the Hellraiser DLC


I thought I would share my thoughts on Pinhead (The Cenobite). Pinhead looks very nice in terms of character design and the music for his chase theme and menu is also nice! For his power and perks, I think they are all very well made! The power is very unique, giving players a new, breath of fresh air for a killer power and the perks also have potential as well. I am very interested to see more of the new type of killer perk, Scourge Hooks, as I think the new mechanic will spice up the gameplay a lot for both sides. In terms of what I would change strength-wise for Pinhead, I don't know if I'm the best person to give feedback in that department because while I was on the PTB, I had relatively good success with Pinhead, getting 4ks for the most part and just having a very enjoyable time playing as him. I also believe that many players do not realize that a crucial part of Pinhead is his skill ceiling as I believe it is very high. However, I have heard others have ideas such as making it so the Pinhead cannot break his own chains. There is one bug I noticed in the PTB that should definitely be fixed by the live build and that is the bug where Survivors cannot interact with anything due to a bug with the chains. Other than that, Pinhead is easily one of my new favorite killers, possibly even becoming my new main for killer.

Thanks devs for making such an awesome killer!


  • HybridLPangel26HybridLPangel26 Member Posts: 112

    I have not played the cenobite but viewed others playing the cenobite but imo i am going to say no to the hellraiser chapter i have heard of the movie and character but not a fan or familiar with his storyline.

    I feel his weapons of the chain is just as difficult as using nemesis tentacle and his secondary is a basic punch similar to nemesis. Sorry to say but i am going to make a pass and give this chapter a thumbs-down.

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