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Clown's Useless & Removed Addons

SnowbawlzzzSnowbawlzzz Member Posts: 1,121
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  • Kerosene Can- Who the hell cares about 30 seconds of blindness in a chase? Obvious garbage addon, whoever made it must not even play the game.
  • Spirit Of Heartshorn- Bigger yellow clouds? If I'm throwing a yellow bottle, I'm throwing it at one specific area to give myself advantage at a loop. Making it bigger just gives more room for the survivor to take advantage of it. No reason to ever run this.
  • Party Bottle- No one uses BP addons, just delete it
  • The old ethers- Were these really so powerful that you felt the need to REMOVE them from the game? Was Ether 5vol% just too over the line for you, balance team? I forgot that cheap addons can't be decently useful unless you're Blight
  • VHS Porn- This will work once on a survivor and never again
  • Solvent Jug- What was once an S-tier Clown addon has been reduced to a small buff for the yellow cloud. I'd rather they kept the exhaustion and upped the rarity than do this. They should give this effect to the Heartshorn addon, bring back the exhaustion for Solvent Jug and up its rarity to purple.
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