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If the Developers said, "You can change (ONE) Perk!

TwitchyMikeTwitchyMike Member Posts: 748
edited August 2021 in General Discussions

Developer just emailed you and said, "You can pick one perk right now and make it how you want! Which perk and how would you change it? Just choose one!

I personally would change how lightweight works. Not only do scratch marks disappear faster but while walking footsteps are muffled by 50%/75%/100%.

Note* It doesn't have to be a useless perk like Lightweight. It can be an OP perk or any type of perk.



  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,183

    Oooo fun idea!

    Hmmm I guess I will go with Dead Man's Switch since I am learning Slinger right now.

    I would change it so the person who does the uhnooking becomes the obsession, giving the killer a new target to go after!

  • VioletCrimesVioletCrimes Member Posts: 870

    I'll take a useless perk, Hope, and add that they get a secondary health state (like in Borrowed time) for a short amount of time as to not make it OP. They'd still go down in one hit after that, though.

  • DwarvenTavernDwarvenTavern Member Posts: 2,491
    edited August 2021

    Make Furtive Chase shrink to other survivors but grow to the obsessions

    Just in general, not in a chase

  • EvilBarney666EvilBarney666 Member Posts: 137

    I would change dead hard. Remove the dash forward animation. Keep the I frames. To show visually that it was used the survivor leans to the side, showing the dodge.

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,183

    I like it!

    Fired Up really needs a buff. It does not live up to its name -_-

  • RaccoonRaccoon Member Posts: 5,264

    Dope idea!

    This would also buff Pallet Freddy from Meme tier to Mean tier >:3

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 2,713

    Make Noed no longer a hex perk and allow it to activate after 4 generators are completed. Then sit back and watch the fireworks.

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,346

    This is such an easy fix to PWYF and I would be more than happy to see this change.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 2,713

    Okay, to be a little more serious, I'd like to buff Self Care to be twice as fast.

  • ocafghanistanocafghanistan Member Posts: 5,771

    for my survivor perk

    The 100% mute grunts of balanced landing being a passive that always works like old stagger duration

  • xEaxEa Member Posts: 2,973

    NOED: Survivors who were hooked during the trial get exposed after the last generator is repair. Exposed status will be shown immediately (not when hit)

  • EvilJoshyEvilJoshy Member Posts: 4,678

    I would make Furtive chase do the opposite of what it does now. Every time the killer hooks the obsession, his TR shrinks when NOT in a chase.

  • DwarvenTavernDwarvenTavern Member Posts: 2,491
    edited August 2021

    Yeah. I know. I also stated that. But the reason why I said make it grow for the obsession is so it has a bit more diversity with other killers and perks. That way you can find them a bit easier and take them down faster to get more stacks.

    Example being Starstruck and Infectious Freight.

  • NomiNomadNomiNomad Member Posts: 2,640

    I'd make it so autodidact gives a higher chance of healing skillchecks.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 4,423

    Lightborn should blind the survivor instead, see how they like it.

  • FancyMrBFancyMrB Member Posts: 1,183
  • YordsYords Member Posts: 5,473


  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,622

    Killer: Hex Blood Favor (I think) - Remove the hex from it and block ALL pallets on the map for 90 seconds.

    Survivor: Sole Survivor - Increase survivor movement speed by 2% for every survivor that is dead for (max 106% movement speed). Also increase vault speed for each dead survivor.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,699

    Spies From the Shadows:

    Overhaul the perk to - The Crows no longer respond to your presence, the yellow auras of any crows within 24/30/36 meters of you are revealed upon being disturbed. Disturbed crows are 100% louder to you within that range.

    Explanation - This proposal gets rid of the confusing/annoying explosion sound notifications and replaces it by making the crows noisier so you can differentiate between them and a gen popping, you get no false signals since crows no longer respond to you, and they basically become little signal flares to tell you where survivors are. If this change were to happen, Spies would become an overall better tracking tool, and really fit the description of the perk which says: "The Crows found in the world can communicate directly with you." Besides, survivors still have 2 perks that defeat this: Calm Spirit & Urban Evasion, as well as the crouching mechanic, so it's not like this would be an un-counterable or broken change for the perk. If they also put some more crows in dead zones, or more evenly spread them throughout the maps, that would be nice for helping this perk gain a better level of consistency and usefulness.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Make Bond basekit. If that's too strong, make Kindred or Dark Sense basekit. Some basic situational awareness info would help to even out the solo survivor experience a little bit.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 15,619

    I'm very torn between NOED and Tinkerer, but I think I'd choose Tinkerer.

    Tinkerer can only activate on the same generator once per trial.

  • VioletCrimesVioletCrimes Member Posts: 870

    Just to be 100% clear, the go down after one hit was in reference to if NOED was active.

  • MrCalac123MrCalac123 Member Posts: 938

    Make Sloppy Butcher apply on Killer powers

  • TrwthTrwth Member Posts: 915

    Surge should trigger with special attacks as well.

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