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The trickster NEEDS less ammo!!!! 15 or so will do.

I play as killer and only ever killer. i have them all on ps and computer, i recently got the trickster and when i played it, I felt like a survivor with a machine gun!!! If you cut the ammo down to 15 or so, that is all ill need ;) P.S. Thanks for a great game!!!!


  • broman9000broman9000 Member Posts: 2

    i made this account just to post this.

  • Tekno_BadgerTekno_Badger Member Posts: 526

    You must be joking. That's not even 3 health states worth of blades

  • fogdonkeyfogdonkey Member Posts: 1,543

    Lol are you in the noob ranks? Maybe there it is enough....

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    please don't be stupid guys, i know the dbd forums are well renowned for bad takes but this is a very obvious troll lol. New account and everything so they don't get criticized on main.

  • landromatlandromat Member Posts: 2,193

    Make it 5. But make t instantly injure survivors. also reduce his terror radius and make his lullaby bigger to compensate

    Oh wait...

  • killer998killer998 Member Posts: 83

    Oh damn walked under another troll bridge my B

  • ZonkyWizardZonkyWizard Member Posts: 568

    You probably got outplayed by a Trickster that's why you had to come on the forums to post that.

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