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Please, buff or rework the Trapper. He really needs it.

GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 307
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I know this has been said a lot of times, but i still feel the need of writing this.

He's seriously so weak against competent survivors. There are a lot of problems that afflicts him right now.

By the time you set his traps, 90% of the time at least 2 generators have been done.

He is too addon-reliant, and even then he isn't so scary to face. Holding 2 traps should be in his base-kit. And corrupt intervention is a must if you want to win.

Because of poor mobility and rng on trapped survivors, he suffers a lot in big maps. If a survivor gets trapped far away, by the time you get there he probably already got away. I think there should be a set number of times the survivor has to wiggle in order to free himself, or maybe another survivor MUST free a trapped one.

I don't like so much the fact that dead hard completely negates his power.

The ability to reopen a trap without picking it up and disabling saboing the traps was a step in a good direction, but he still needs some tweaks. He is the game's mascot, I don't understand why he gets ignored...

These are just some ideas. Feel free to write what do you think Trapper needs in order to make him a viable killer.

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  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 307
    edited September 2021

    Where is this moved to?

  • LylakLavenderLylakLavender Member Posts: 143

    This⬆⬆⬆ Trapper is way to easy to play against. Let's at least give him 5 traps to carry without his add on to carry an extra. If Huntress can have 5 starter axes and the Trickster have tons of knives then at least give some love to trapper. Every game I play against one I feel bad. Trappers need love too.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381

    When hillbillies fly.

  • LylakLavenderLylakLavender Member Posts: 143

    THIS⬆⬆. It is too easy to go up against trapper. Give the guy more than one starter trap. Huntress can have 5 axes so why not trapper have extra traps. Yes I know there is an add on but still. I feel bad every time I go against trapper. Trapper needs love too.

  • panakupanaku Member Posts: 15

    legion need more a buff then trapper ... damm 4 sec cooldown m1 killer.. comon behaviour

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 2,124

    I don't get why giving him at least that brown bag addon is so big NO for them. Like look at the Wraith for example. It helped him a lot.

  • justalilbit123justalilbit123 Member Posts: 165

    At this point, it's been so many years I highly doubt they will ever so anything significant for Trapper. Maybe, just maybe one day in the next few years he'll get the long asked for +1 trap capacity baseline, but I sincerely doubt they will ever do much more than that. After all, they """reworked""" Billy and all that did was completely gut all of his addons and nerf his power.

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