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What is the point of SBMM if we can't see our MMR rank, and can't ever compare it to other players?

RydogRydog Member Posts: 3,203
edited September 2021 in General Discussions

So, the new grades are the same as the previous rank bands, with a fresh coat of paint and the same pip-based system. Except now, you can never drop to a lower rank, and everybody earns BP rewards based on where they end up, then everyone gets reset to Ash IV on the 13th of each month.

But now our actual game rank -- our MMR -- is an entirely separate score, it is kept hidden from us at all times, and we do not know what in-game actions influence it. Basically, Behaviour is saying "just trust us," with no transparency into how the system works. So what is even the point of it? It may as well not be there, if we can't see it and don't know what influences it, or whether we have gotten better or worse at the game over time. All we can do is guess.

Why is it like this? How exactly is this an improvement, from the player's perspective? You guys said in your recent SBMM update post that your data is all very positive, and it's working great, and resulting in fairer matches. But on our end, it's completely opaque and we have no numerical rank to help us discern whether we are improving at the game. So why would you not just show this number to us? Why is our only visible number now just purely "how much you've played" instead of "how well you've played"?

(EDIT: Also, just to get out in front of it -- I know the previous system was not perfect. But this new system seems like some real Office Space-caliber engineer logic, just layering another system on top of an already confusing system to make it even more wonky, while also taking away information that we previously had, and not bothering to account for the possibility that it is not very friendly to the player at all.)



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