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What's a power a killer can have to satisfy the killer and survivors?

I've watched and read a lot of discussion about how certain killers have one thing going for them and it's that they can easily win chases that makes the gens go fast so they can still lose but at the same time it's not fun to be chased by them.

So..... What is something a new killer can have as a power that isn't just I shutdown a chase and I have overall control of the map and game as a whole?

.maybe a power based corrupt intervention or the ability to put in stasis certain areas making vaults and pallets unavailable.

Maybe a killer that sees sound instead of normal site but has enhanced senses able to hear a generator being worked dozens of meters away but can't tell exactly how the map is formed

Or my other idea a killer that implements and improves the ai assisted killer idea with many ai on one map and being in the killers control where they spawn and act.

What I'm trying to imagine is a killer with built in slowdown and power so the games last long but the chases can be fun and still give survivors there moment in the sun

What do you think? Please be civil 🤣 BYE!!!


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