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SBMM significantly worse now after a few days

The last test of SBMM and the first day since it released put me with good survivors and good killers for the most part. However the last few days it's actually more common for me to be playing with bad killers and teammates.

I am still winning most of my games since killers aren't great but it's a big stepdown from what the SBMM was in its last test and its first day of release. Perhaps there's some bug giving players abnormally large MMR or abnormally low MMR?


  • jlgraciajlgracia Member Posts: 45

    I'm getting very good killers with noob teamates lol

  • Marc_go_soloMarc_go_solo Member Posts: 2,596

    My balance seems just right, although some matches I've been put in as killer have had slightly weaker survivors who work well as a team, bit generally not good at evading and looping.

    As survivor, I'm getting very competent team mates who work well together. And the killers are quite deadly! Met my first infinite Tier 3 Tombstone Myers today ... that was the scariest match I've ever had, especially since he seemed to just be watching us sometimes, even at Tier 3. Kudos to that magnificent bastard!

    But yeah, my experience has been brilliant and really feel that they key is to play as you want to play. If someone "sweats" or properly tunnels or just tries to "derank" with intentionally "losing matches", I'm noting from the boards these guys are getting no better experience.

    My tip: play as you want to in every match. You will be put with people in a similar mindset. I'm especially noting much less meta setups now. That's a big thing I've seen, and since I randomize all my builds, I'm wondering if even perk choice may play a small role.

  • LittlefabioLittlefabio Member Posts: 110

    I keep getting survivors with very low hours and I am having to hold back so the match is not a slaughter fest. I feel really bad for these players! BHVR needs to fix this system. I have 4k every match since the release. I have stopped playing killer Because it's not fair to them. I am now playing survivor solo queue and I am getting very hmmm newbie killers. The system is just not good. I guess other people are having great matches I don't know. I just want everyone to have fun and it seems like this is not the case.

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