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the screen stuck in the loading page when playing as a human

Yuki_GEYuki_GE Member Posts: 4

When I'm matching a game as a human,the screen stuck in the loading page.But when I play as a killer,there's no problem like this.I think this situation just happens after the new update.And I have checked the game file twice,but it didn't work.I matched successfully twice in the past few days,but failed at least 10 times.My English is limited,I'm sorry for this.


  • alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,559

    killer disconnected, also its alright, I can read it just fine

  • Yuki_GEYuki_GE Member Posts: 4

    Thank you bro,I solved the problem by accident.The way is to change the download node,and everything will be fine.Happy Christmas xD.

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