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Please can we get rid of SBMM?

Harrold_JimbobHarrold_Jimbob Member Posts: 27
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I'm sorry, but this is one of the worst things they've added to this game.

I've stuck with this game for years; I've not been around long enough to see how bad the game was at launch, but I started when Freddy came out, and anything bad that came out after, I've been there. SBMM might be the something that takes me away from the game.

I'll pretense this now; I adore Dead by Daylight. Always have, always will. I enjoy playing with friends and just having a laugh with them, and I enjoy playing Killer for fun, just trying meme builds -- something daft. But I don't think I can do that anymore.

Say what you want about the old Rank system. When it worked it worked, when it didn't it didn't, end of. At least then though, you could see if you were on par with the people you were with/and or went against (I know there's the whole "HURR DURR, RANK =/= SKILL!!", but there were genuinely talented survivors at Red Ranks, and you cannot tell me otherwise). And even if you didn't care about being Rank 1, there was something to strive for. You felt like you were progressing in, an albeit inconsistent, ranking system.

SBMM takes anything from that old system and shoots it. Curb stomps it's teeth and leaves it for dead. It infuriates me to no end, and the devs really should've thought this one through before bringing it out permanently.

They've been very cryptic about how MMR is calculated and I still have questions. Like; Why can't I see my MMR? How is MMR calculated? Is it based off of 'wins'? What defines a 'win' for the Killer? Is it based on Hooks? Or is it based on Kills? Does my MMR go down if I only get a 3K? Or does my MMR only go down if I get 2 hooks?

So many questions, and yet we've been told nothing. Even when they put out the first test. Nothing. Not a word.

There's no sense of 'progression' -- for those of us who care, of course. The Grade system is there, yes, but Dave Richard went on saying; "We wanted to keep that system in, because it is a great way of seeing your progress" (https://youtu.be/lHRAMxiGNxg?t=283). Now tell me, when anyone gets to the next Grade, do they feel like they're 'progressing'? I sure as hell don't, especially when in that same interview, he said that they mean nothing.

Even the Grade rewards are lackluster; a max of 500,000 Bloodpoints is nice and all, but that's what; 4 Levels tops on a P3 Level 50 character. Doesn't really get you anywhere.

And when I 'win' as Killer, all I get are longer queue times and frustrating games. When I 'win' as Survivor, all I get are the same Killers with the same builds, game after games. Or maybe a variant of 3 Killers, one after another. Is this 'fun' for anyone? Maybe, whoever is reading this is having a much nicer time than I am, but if you're enjoying SBMM and this mythical number dictating everything in the background while all you can do is guess why you're going against what you are, then good for you. I'm glad there are some people who are having fun.

But I'm not. And I think I'm really not the only one who feels like this.

Does SBMM even fit into a game like Dead by Daylight? Personally, I believe it doesn't. With how RNG dependent map tiles can be, and a plethora of perks that can just [NAUGHTY WORD] over either side, I don't believe anything Skill-based should be in this game. Especially when Killer and Survivors play completely different to one another. So how does MMR take that into consideration?

I'd really like it if the devs would speak on SBMM as a whole. They need to explain what's going on behind the scene.

It's only been live for a week, but some of the most prominent voices in the community are speaking in favor against MMR. I want to see something changed, and hopefully sometime soon.

To whoever read this entire thread; I thank you. I wanted to get my thoughts somewhere, and I'd rather them be here with some people who may be feeling the same way as I am.

You can now bully me for standing up for the old Ranking system; love you all lots.


  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,476

    The old rank system would have been better if they reset everyone to 16 each month and made it harder to pip / safety pip. The change to drop it only a single rank destroyed it and muddied the hell out of red ranks.

  • knight_killerknight_killer Member Posts: 51

    It doesn't seem to be affecting me too much, I think the old MMR system was really bad. On my MAIN killers I would constantly get baby survivors that reached rank 1 in like 100 hours against a 1500 hour Billy it was boring. Now it seems that there is always one cracked player in the lobby and then it's a throw-up if the others are good. All in all just dump MMR for matchmaking let it be a mixing pool of everything. This would help queue times and the disparity of skill wouldn't matter since they can't make a good matchmaking system anyways.

  • Harrold_JimbobHarrold_Jimbob Member Posts: 27

    Sounds like DBD matchmaking. I do enjoy having to do Gens whilst the Claudette finds one of the corners of the map to Self-care through Sloppy. I mean, I don't know how good my survivor is, but I do know I never had teammates this bad when I was Rank 1. :))

    Honestly, I think if everyone was reset to 16 as an average, that would've been great. People who are genuinely good and know how to rank up would've been back at Red Ranks in a day, maybe two. But, here we are now. The old system's gone and we've got to live with a mythical number; isn't that just fun?

    There wasn't an old MMR system? The old Ranking system put you up against (when it worked, at least) people around your Rank. MMR now has me going against 4 sweaty Survivors, who pop 3 gens within the first minute of the game and proceed to BM me before they leave. I'm glad though if you're enjoying it, because not many people are. If anyone can find solice in this utter trainwreck of a Ranking system, good for them. But I guarantee, they won't ditch the MMR matchmaking. Queue times'll get worse the more good Survivors/Killers get that top MMR and that's the game we're going to have to live with.

  • DatBeardedGuy1DatBeardedGuy1 Member Posts: 5

    I couldn't agree more with everything you said! It's just made the most toxic game, even more toxic. Something I never thought I would see. All the fun is gone. I honestly don't even want to play anymore. I played 5 games in a row last night and didn't even break 10k blood points, and I was at the top of the list. It's just pure sweat and god-tier killers with randoms that can't even loop killer shack for more than 5 secs.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815
    edited September 2021

    No. I don't want to go back to 4-minute trials, endless sweatiness, massive W plays, extreme toxicity and everything that everyone else complains they suddenly experience at high MMR that I was forced to live through for over a year.

    It's time for everyone else to suffer. I did my time, now it's everyone else's turn to die inside while I relax in the heavenly glow of "normal" trials. I can take my time and have some fun, instead of trying to and losing constantly without being able to escape that ######### hellscape outside of brief moments of reprieve as the system reset me down to rank 8 by mistake.

    Fuck pre-mmr AU evenings and ######### every having to deal with that again.

    Edit: And stop pretending that MMR is a measure of skill. It's not, or it wouldn't be hidden.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,631


  • jaredlxxiiijaredlxxiii Member Posts: 613
    edited September 2021

    Why would they get rid of it? It works It better than it's predecessor.

    Of course SBMM has removed stuff that was in the "old system". The old system didn't work. It was massively abused. Players were finding ways to get into matches that didn't match their skill level.

    SBMM does fit into Dead By Daylight. Especially since players were exploiting the old matching system. Anytime players are going to exploit something needs to be done to counter that. If players hadn't been exploiting perhaps it would not have been needed. People are apparently always going to try and exploit and as such it would seem something like SBMM was inevitable.

  • chargernick85chargernick85 Member Posts: 3,171

    It def ain't as good as test 3 was but I think they can manage to fix that within a year. I still would rather have MMR than old MM. Hopefully everyone kinks will be worked out soon.

  • NeonFlowerPowerNeonFlowerPower Member Posts: 135

    In before the, "You're just mad you can't bully survivors." Comment.

    I agree with this though. SBMM has made playing killer insanely miserable for me. Non-stop sweat and every match is filled with the survivors insulting me at the end of the match regardless of the outcome.

    On the survivor side, I play solo and only get killers who stack slowdown every match. I occasionally get better team mates, doesn't mean the matches are any fun though.

    DBD is a party game and constantly having to sweat in a game like this makes me, at the very least, never want to play killer again. Not because I lose often, but because every post game chat is filled with the survivors insulting me. I'm sure the killers/team mates I get as solo survivor also insult me, but if I die before the match is over I am typically not there to see it.

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