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Your Live progress has not been affected by what happens on the PTB.

After many days of SBMMR, match quality has not improved even slightly.

This is a very typical game for me since the SBMMR patch, aside from the fact that this killer player "was very high lol" as they are mostly running full meta builds. Yet he still managed to absolutely slaughter my team. Note the guy with 5k points who died 3 minutes into the game despite having DS and not being tunneled at all.

I did all the gens myself.

I did all the unhooks myself, including healing.

I was chased multiple times each game and never caught until the end where the killer slugged for the 4k.

Why is my match quality still abysmal? Why do I continue to get "that guy" who does absolutely nothing all game (4th player with 5k points), and the other 2 players who "kind of" do something, sometimes, when they feel like it? Because of this stupidly invisible MMR system, I can't even tell if my MMR is raising, especially when match quality IS NOT IMPROVING. I'm still stuck with ultra casual, often times very new, extremely weak players going against killers who are actually sweating to win.

At this point I'm so discouraged I just want to quit until it's addressed or changed. I've also seen streamers complaining about this but absolutely no comment from the devs on why this system isn't working, and why for the love of god is MMR invisible???


  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 5,995

    Full meta? You mean... Pop? Lol... Green tier Pop.

    I have a feeling you have plenty of room to go up in mmr.

  • BingBongManBingBongMan Member Posts: 631

    MMR has been very hit or miss for my killers.

    I feel like the system isn't doing something right. Sometimes I go against potatoes on my MAIN, who also happens to be billy. When I'm generally a good enough killer to where I shouldn't be encountering low skill players.

    And other's I'll go against the 4 man swat team intent on making my experience as miserable as possible.

    I've played enough matches to where my mmr on billy should have settled by now. But it just hasn't.

  • justalilbit123justalilbit123 Member Posts: 165

    I addressed this, if you can't be bothered to read the post I won't be bothered to take you seriously.

    I actually main killer, so I know there are good survivors out there. I play against VERY sweaty teams when I play killer, they are all incredibly strong in chase, zero wasted time whatsoever and no dicking around.

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,341

    @MandyTalk Another one left behind, fallen through the cracks. Feels like quitting the game. There’s more of us. Imagine those who are not the forums. Please tell the devs. No need to respond. I promise not to tag you again for these. I’m just very frustrated as a paying customer, and I’m not sure how much more I can take of all the Ragequitting, inexperienced players I”m getting- to face off against very skilled killers. This is not fun.

    @justalilbit123 do you get games like me where you’re doing everything and if you die first, you have more points than everyone alive? With a gap of like 2-3K more than the closest person? And of course you still have that 5k person but they’re cowering in a corner or urban evading around the map. Very disheartening.

  • GladonosGladonos Member Posts: 346

    There is a solution to all this. I know it is hard to believe. But simply open your mind to the possibilities. Imagine a world where there are no useless Claudette's hiding in a bush all game and self caring in the basement. Imagine a world where Megs don't walk around to save there sprint burst only to use it in the middle of a dead zone and go down instantly. Imagine a world where all 3 people don't go for save and get mowed down by a camping baby Bubba. Imagine a world where everyone who isn't being chased is on a generator and the survivors are all doing exactly what they are supposed to do! 😃

    "Impossible!" You shout. But I assure you it is very possible. You don't have to believe. See for yourself. Fulfil your dead by daylight destiny...

    ...And join a Survive with Friends group... 😈

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