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Squad Outfit Issues

Now I just stumbled upon this when I was playing with my friends, but I observed that whatever clothing they equip on their characters, I would actually be seeing the outfit that I have equipped on my characters, on theirs.

For eg: If I had route 66 leather pants on my kate, I would be seeing all other Kates in my lobby wearing the same route 66 leather pants. On their screen, if their kate is wearing the new blue outfit, then they would see all other kates in their lobby wearing the same blue outfit with not even the slightest difference among them.

This is not a game breaking issue, but hey, an issue is an issue. :)


  • EQWashuEQWashu Member, Mod Posts: 2,013
    edited September 2021

    Hey aknitus,

    I believe this issue has been reported already over in Bug Reports (please feel free to upvote the report on it). When you come across a bug or issue, head on over to Bug Reports! https://forum.deadbydaylight.com/en/categories/bugs Please check and see if it has been reported already and upvote it, otherwise you can open a new report following the guidelines.

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