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What was the longest dbd match you played?😱

latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119
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I just finished a 40 minute match as the wraith on the swamp.

Juggled all the survivors using hit and run dropping chases injured another one they would heal with med kits. 2 gens pop regardless by the time I down a Jane. Go to contest gens she hits 2nd stage and another gen pops. Jane gets unhooked and another Jane goes for the bodyblock...haunted grounds gets cleansed ☺ take out the bodyblocker tunnel the first Jane out.

Hook bodyblocker Jane next to my 3 gen...proximity camp 3 gens and ruin is right next to Jane. Other two survivors heal try to go for the rescue hit and run all of them go back to 3 gen. They all proceed to tbag me from the boat and I ignore ringing my bell🤣.

Jan loops me around 3 gen hit her hit the yui trying to cleanse ruin and the jill working on the farthest gen(she clicky clicks wanting me to chase her to the boat😏)

Mindgame Jane around two pallets down her hook her. Yui and jane unhook run to shack while I cloak and return to down jill after she cleans ruin hook her and she dies first hook(I assume the other two were looking for a key).

After another 10 minutes I down the last two and close hatch. After the match salty comments commence...I tell them you want to tbag and clicky click then no mercy.

Nice long match where everybody got their bps and much more fun than 5 minute we are genbots matches😴

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  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 13,421

    Over 12 hours.

  • ouroboros_worldouroboros_world Member Posts: 215

    Over an hour, 5 bloody party streamers was on the line so survivors avoid gen and hide while I searched every corner. I already killed 2 survivors and 4 gens was left.

  • PulsarPulsar Member Posts: 13,421

    Bugged Survivor on old Coldwind.

    They didn't want me to win and I said okay I'll wait

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,234

    45mins back when EGC didn't exist. I had a game where I was the killer and got completely destroyed, I just couldn't get anyone on the hook due to a lot of body blocking and sabo. When the last gen popped I didn't feel interested in getting flashlighted and teabagged so I went down to the basement and stood in a corner facing into it.

    The survivors weren't happy with obvious victory and escape so they just stayed and stayed until around 45mins passed then they finally left.

  • BrokenbonesBrokenbones Member Posts: 3,896

    I'm genuinely surprised BHVR has not added a thing that just auto-ends a match after a certain while

    Also - my longest match was probably this one time I was SoloQing and it was against a Freddy on Suffo Pit. As you can imagine, he had a three gen on one side of the map and nobody was dead so it became a stalemate. It went on for so long I was practically begging for it to just be over but eventually we powered through it and won in the end

    But man was it a drag.

  • TacitusKilgoreTacitusKilgore Member Posts: 1,381
    edited September 2021

    Hatch standoff and gen hostage doc. Got into a hatch standoff with a nurse back in 2017 and we waited 4 entire hours just staring at each other. She eventually dc'ed and commented on my profile "-Rep, hatch standoff until my wifi died"

    Gen hostage doc is self explanatory. Some of the longest matches i've ever had in the history of DBD.

    Edit: Oh and forever freddy. I remember really well playing a match with my ex where it took several hours for us to beat a 3 gen forever freddy, if we even so much as ran 3 feet away from the 3 gen he'd just run back and regress the gens.

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 4,759

    40 minute 3 gen with a pinhead. Longest i have seen is 3 hours on a stream when infinites were a thing after the devs said it took skill to do

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,416

    Probably a 40 minute game on Ormond as Blight.

    I was trying out double speed add-ons with Shadowborn to see how it looked. Worth it. But these two survivors were hiding at 4 gens so I couldn't find them for a good while, but I finally found one of them in a locker in the main building, and I think the last guy found hatch(?).

    My second longest was probably that one hatch standoff as Clown against a Nea in Coldwind, but that was in like 2019. All I know is that I managed to get a survivor dead on second hook in the basement because everyone was affected by The Third Seal and couldn't find where they were hooked. I managed to kill the Nea tho.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    I turned the game on one day before work, figuring I could get in a quick 20 minute match and then shower etc. This was before the days of crossplat, mind you, so lobbies wwre pretty long.

    I was Legion (Playing as my boy Joey) and we spawned in the Game. Back then I ran sloppy butcher/thanataphobia combo with pop goes the weasel, pretty much pure slowdown build. I got genrushed but managed to kill the first two survivors. Afterward, it was only two Dwights left, whom I slugged over and over trying to get the 4k. The match lasted almost an entire hour, and when I finally got them both, one of them sent me juicy salt mail, something along the lines of 'Oh my God the way you play gives me a headache'. Good times.

  • humanbeing1704humanbeing1704 Member Posts: 7,426

    2 hours it was a legion who wouldn't hook people and just kept interrupting gens with deep wound combined with the fact that I was the only one doing something eventually he got bored and downed me and then I killed myself

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Good lord, if I were in a 40 minute match against Wraith I'd have quit halfway through and set myself on fire.

    My longest game was about 25-28 minutes, against the Trickster of all people. He was new, this was within the first few days after the PTB. I don't know if he was farming the whole match or not (this was literally within just a couple weeks of my first playing the game) but by the end, after I was the last survivor or two, I remember that I "looped" him at the shack for a good minute or so and at one point he stopped outside of it and nodded at me through the window. I believe that he could have gotten me based on how many whiffs he made but I was not yet accustomed to the idea that sometimes players (including myself) will go easy for various reasons.

  • WoodywoolWoodywool Member Posts: 659

    The longest match that I ever had is a game from Nurse release in august of 2016 that took 50 minutes.

    I was playing solo and we had not experienced Nurse (of course, a few people were be decent on her when she was released). 2 guys from my team were very stealthy but sadly killer saw them a couple of times and they didn't loop good. 2 survivors died soon.

    Around 10th minutes of the match... It was me, a random dude in my team, 5 gens to do and the killer stayed in the match.

    Me and my teammate were doing gen for 10-15 seconds and then left it for avoiding to be spotted by the killer. In these days, killers can not break gens so, it was a pretty good strategic for us. After 20 minutes we manage to do 3 of them but killer saw my teammate and was chasing him pretty long. Sadly, the Nurse managed to catch him while I almost did one gen.

    The killer wasn't stupid and probably tired of the match and started to patrol the hooked guy. After unhooking my teammate, she was chasing me. I ran less than my teammates do but he repaired the gen that I was doing.

    My teammate unhooked me, he got downed. I saved him, I got downed. But instead of picking me up, she tried to find him. Luckily for us, my teammate healed me and the killer wasn't spotted us again.

    On the 35-40th minute of the match, we had last gen to do.

    We took separate gens. I was doing 1 and hiding when the Nurse's coming here and he was doing 2nd gen and playing in the same way.

    It took around 5-7 minutes but I repaired the last gen and the killer was starting to chase me. I somehow managed to escape her in abbatoir.

    She lost me while my teammate was opening a gate. He was waiting for me and we both escaped.

    After this match we became friends but sadly we're not longer playing dbd together.

  • Tricksters_WifeTricksters_Wife Member Posts: 545

    My longest game was probably around 45 minutes I think? It was with a Trickster that I was being friendly with and we were on Lampkin Lane. We sat by the fireplace in one of the houses, pretended to "tango" in various places, played peek a boo and farmed. Was a very wholesome match.

  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Probably an hour back when hatch stand off was a thing. Ate dinner, relaxed for a bit and came back that the match is still going on lol

  • wxnickxwwxnickxw Member Posts: 742

    About 40 min on the swamp with the paddleboat In total

    Match was going normally but fairly quick I think by the 5 min mark I Got 2 kills and had the 2 survivors left one on 2 hooks and one I don't think I'd seen that entire match let alone hooked him.

    Was 2 gens left but the 4 on the map were fairly close and I was stalking around as the pig looking for survivors but keeping close. After about 5 to 10 min of searching I went on top the boat and made a quick snack not really paying attention to my game. Just after I finished my sandwich one gen popped. I found that only one survivor was playing but no crows so the other was actively avoiding helping even though they could both have escaped if they did something while I was afk

    . So I spent 10 to 15 min chasing the one survivor away from the gens and downing them and carryjng them until they escsped them so they wouldn't die until eventually they led me to their teammate (on purpose or not I don't know) who was hiding in the shrubs near a dull totem touching it every do often to avoid crows.

    Killed him and gave the other one the hatch cause that guy passed me off as the killer I can't imagine how his team felt

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    What map was it? Sad when whispers needs to be used to stop games like this🤨

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Any idea how long it lasted? Was it during the forever freddy phase?🙂

  • Dwight_FairfieldDwight_Fairfield Member Posts: 5,854

    Around 45 minutes. Hatch standoff back in the day when I was young and stubborn.

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000

    After sbmm? 6 minutes, before sbmm 37 minutes, 2 survivors refused to do stuff just walked around the corners of the map

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    You guys are champs and I am so thankful for egc. 🤯

    I cant imagine waiting that long. I was ready to DC after an hour of two survivors left alive hiding in the game map. I was playing huntress with 2 gens near the steps and 1 above the step.

    This was the old game map where there were more lockers to hide in and I didnt have whispers...ended up watching YouTube until they got bored and dced.🤣

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Still cant believe they wanted to bully after they won...some people🙁

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Nice game you both stuck it out and actually escaped after doing gens😎 did your friend move on to play something else?

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119
  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    They stunned me with pallets and clicky click and tbag me from afar it's on with wraith🤣

    so did the trickster player leave you alone the rest of the match?

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    That's a good question, I kind of don't recall since it was such a long time ago, literally probably one of my first 50 matches. I sort of think he did though. I have the vague memory of writing to thank him, though I value sportsmanship and may have just been saying "that was a fun chase". I do tend to think he let me go though. I've got the video in my archives, you make me want to go back and check.

  • ShroompyShroompy Member Posts: 3,384

    2.5 hours, friend of mine insisted he could win a hatch stand off against a Bubba

    he won alright

  • DustinDustin Member Posts: 1,692

    Longest match I had back in the day was a little over an hour I think and that's purely because of the hatch standoff. Killer was super laggy so I stood there out of spite until they DC'd.

    Ultimately neither of us did anything wrong in that situation it's just how the game was back then.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,678

    About 3 years ago before they added endgame collapse. The game itself lasted almost 30 minutes bc we were really stealthy. (I was newer to the game leave me alone) But after I was the only one left the killer stood on hatch for almost an hour. I ended baiting him away and still escaped by using sprint burst so it was a massive waste of time for everyone.

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