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How to make the Halloween Event actually scary!

yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 2,172

Bring back old Ruin! Just during the event though. Better yet, combine old Ruin’s skill checks with new Ruin’s passive regression. Oh the horror!!! 😱

Ok ok, I’m joking! Kinda….

Would this be ridiculously OP? Hex: Yeah Man!

But it would also be hilarious! Anyone who joined after the Ruin change would have their mind - and gen - blown!

I get it. In action this would probably Ruin - ahem - the event. So this thread is really more of a “what if” type thing.

Afterall, Halloween is supposed to be scary for normal people (ie survivors), but the monsters (killers) are stronger than ever! Right?

And no. Before the accusations start flying, I’m not some killer main begging for freebies. I’m one of those annoying 50-50 players who isn’t happy until I’ve told you I’m a 50-50 player, so yeah! As you can likely tell by my rambling, I’m really just sharing some game-related musings.

Well THAT got awkward fast!


Ummmm, ok, bye



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