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More daily ‘rituals’.

BeanieEnthusiastBeanieEnthusiast Member Posts: 213
edited December 2018 in General Discussions
Would it be at all possible to have some more variety when it comes to daily rituals? I’m sick of seeing sacrifice 2 survivors with X killer. Or escape one time using X survivor.

With all the mechanics in the game, I’d like there to be more variety when it comes to daily rituals. Also, I wouldn’t be opposed to having something like weekly rituals too that take ages to do but give much more of a reward. It would make the grind much less boring.

I also miss the different tiers of daily rituals. Now we’re just stuck with tier 1 rituals that give near to nothing. 


  • redsopine01redsopine01 Member Posts: 1,269
    Here's a week one escape as a no mither with each character with no items and through the gate without being downed once for the entire week with video proof if you do I will give you a code on psn for music cells you can use
  • BeanieEnthusiastBeanieEnthusiast Member Posts: 213
    I’ll just confirm that I’m talking about rituals. 
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