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quick question about pinhead

I've heard from friends of mine of play that when you get close to the box as pinhead you can hear electricity sparks or static type noises. I hear them in game but there no where close to the box, so either its a bug or I got juked, can someone help a fellow cenobite out here? :)


  • lauraalauraa Member Posts: 2,286

    sounds in this game are horribly messed up. wouldn't surprise me if you heard a box that wasn't there.

  • MegaGamer_01MegaGamer_01 Member Posts: 172

    I checked in a game just then when I found the box, it does but there are instances where you can hear it where the box isn't. This game is bugged right after the fun looking killer as well :/

  • LordRegalLordRegal Member Posts: 1,429

    Your power sounds include sparking noises sometimes too, so if you’re using your power you can’t trust that kind of noise to tell you the box location for a few seconds. I’m also fairly sure maps like Hawkins, Lery’s, and The Game have electric scenery pieces that spark in identical ways to the box so it’s super unreliable on those maps.

  • Yes, it makes electric noise on the floor. Sometimes though it might be something else, but keep an eye out for it.

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