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Freddy just feels bad to play right now

PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215
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So I’ve been playing more Freddy recently since clown’s bottles still don’t slow on direct hits and honestly he just feels really bad.

First problem is his snares. I’ve always thought they were worse clown bottles but the slowdown feels really bad. It means the only way to use them now is at a loop and placing them mid chase for later isn’t a good idea. Also the fact that he only has five isn’t going to make me play more “strategic” it’s just going to make me use them less. As survivor I’ve never been at all scared to be asleep anymore since snares are just underwhelming.

Secondly is the alarm clocks. While I don’t hate the idea of the new buff it just makes Freddy feel even more like an m1 killer. So many instances where your entire chase will have you be entirely powerless. Freddy can’t really do much to actually control sleep cycles and it just ends up feeling like RNG

Lastly are his add ons or more so lack of add ons. Literally only 3 are worth running and even then they are still weak. It leaves little room for fun add on combos or unique playstyles when all of them are just terrible (no point talking about pallets since they turn Freddy into a literal m1 killer)

I really hope the devs aren’t done with him but he’s in a sorry state right now

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  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    I never played him myself but played against him once or twice. He was both way more interesting and way more accurate to his portrayal in the film. Was he perfect? No but he had way more potential than this new version does

  • glitchboiglitchboi Member Posts: 5,416

    Honestly all the nerf did was make him even more boring to play as. I don't think slowing Freddy down while placing snares was a necessary change. The only fun thing about him atm is his Dream Projection.

    I'm fine with his slowdown add-ons getting removed but holy his new add-ons are an absolute trainwreck. To compensate for these nerfs, they should give him better add-ons.

    I miss a certain Freddy... before his rework happened.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    I think we all miss old Freddy but knowing the devs he ain’t coming back :(. I agree slowing him down when putting down snares makes no sense since the are worse than clown bottles but he doesn’t get slowed down

  • Buily09Buily09 Member Posts: 3,210

    Freddy is in a weird spot now. For me, I personaly don't play him much because he is just boring and not interesting to play as. Freddy is like nothing special for me.

    I enjoy playing Clown more than him.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    He used to be probably the most unique killer in the game but unfortunately they just decided to make him boring

  • ReverseVelocityReverseVelocity Member Posts: 1,529

    Yeah, Freddy is in a really sad state at the moment. I don't know why the developers thought it would be a good idea to have a lethal power (Nemesis' Tentacle) and Freddy's snares have the same movement speed penalty while they're held. They both go at 4.0m/s.

    Most of Freddy's addons basically do nothing. Even the most interesting rope, Jump Rope, has been made almost completely useless with the recent Stridor change. He has 4 useless status effect addons (like come on, who wants a TIMED haemorrhage addon for a purple?? at least Pyramid Head's purple haemorrhage addon doesn't have a time limit). I don't know why he has a debuff addon either, those addons are such a waste of a slot.

    I don't know why they reduced the snare count as well, pre-placing snares actually made Freddy more strategic, but I guess they didn't want that gameplay? And pallets getting a nerf? what? why?

    Honestly, all I want is a way to play the pre-rework version again. He was much more fun and interesting, and didn't rely as much on perks to get the full value out of his power (when's the last time you saw a Freddy without Pop?). He also had a much better set of addons, with pretty much all of them being effective. Sure, he wasn't perfect, but he didn't need a full rework. I hope that one day, BHVR revisit the original concept and do Freddy justice once again.

    Unfortunately, I don't think we're going to be seeing much from the devs about Freddy for a while. It makes me sad, but I'm still hopeful for the (somewhat) distant future.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    Yeah his snares really feel useless right now to a point where I genuinely do better with clown and it could be up for debate that clown is better

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    I second what everyone else has said in here.

    Freddy tells a very sad tale. He started as the most unique killer in the game, whose power had a borderline perfect design...Only to be undeservedly nerfed after a week.

    Then we get to the Old Freddy that most of us remember, who I dare say was the most underrated killer in Dead by Daylight's history. And eventually he got reworked and became this boring abomination that we all know.

    Not to mention his most recent nerf, which failed to address the main issue.

    What else is needed for the devs to understand that we need Old Freddy back?

    Ah, if only DBD belonged to me...His on-release version would have returned by now.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,459

    While I never got to play with or against old freddy, watching how he was originally designed is what made me purchase the character to begin with. Little did I know that he had already been reworked when I made the purchase and he played completely different. But now that he's been nerfed to have less snares and pallets, and be slowed down while he's putting down snares, along with add-ons that are just utterly useless, makes him a killer that I really have no desire to play with.

    Teleporting to generators is nice and all, but there's nothing about him or the dream world that feels unique anymore.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,937

    My problem with Freddy is that he's such a bland killer right now.

    His skill ceiling doesn't exist,there aren't any cool tricks and techs you can do with him.There's just nothing you can really learn about him while playing.

    Not too strong not too weak,just mediocre.

    Addons are awful aswell for the most part.

    They need to do something again to change him imo

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,937

    BHVR is really a hit or miss when it comes to balance changes right?

    Either amazing (e.g Leatherface and Doctor reworks) or absolutely awful (e.g Freddy and Hillbilly)

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789

    BHVR does as BHVR will, damn everyone else. That has been painfully obvious since the get go.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,937

    The only big thing Freddy has going for him is his teleport,but other than that Freddy is pretty underwhelming right now imo

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    But what makes it worse, is that they got it right on their very first try. Freddy on release didn't require a single change, yet they nerfed him after a week.

    This is impossible to understand.

    Yeah. A sad truth that most of us wish we could change.

  • OniWantsYourMacaroniOniWantsYourMacaroni Member Posts: 5,937

    I hate his addon rework.Freddy was so creative when it comes to the movies,but the DbD version really doesn't do him justice.

    He needs more interesting gameplay + addons that could encourage some more different playstyles

  • VikingWilsonVikingWilson Member Posts: 789
    edited September 2021

    Old Freddy was what got me into DBD. Reworked Freddy was neat, but I do miss those old mechanics. He was widely considered the weakest, then became one of the strongest with a systemic overhaul when they could have tweaked his old mechanics. Now, his addons are trash, his snares are all but useless, his pallets are memes, his teleport is nice for him/annoying for survivors.

    He was once my main, killer was once my main role, but it's been becoming less and less enjoyable. I'm close to the point of only playing killer for challenges anymore and that's a sad thing for me to say; it feels like a betrayal to the killers.

  • ClowningClowning Member Posts: 886

    Waitaminute, did the Clown bug come back? I've been unable to replicate it after the fix, did it start happening again? I must've not noticed it in my games.

  • SweetTerrorSweetTerror Member Posts: 2,459

    Yeah what I find interesting is how Freddy is still listed as a hard killer to play as, but he couldn't be more straightforward. Everything unique about him and the dream world has been completely changed. He couldn't be a more vanilla killer.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    It is because they never bothered to change the difficulty rating after the rework.

    And, fun fact: Old Freddy wasn't even rated as "Hard" in the very beginning. He was, if I recall correctly, Intermediate.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    Honestly looking back on it I’m trying to figure out why they even did rework him. People were saying he was bad but then killers like trapper and legion haven’t got the same treatment.

    Was it because he was too different? But nurse and hag both played less like an m1 killer than Freddy does. I just want to experience old Freddy for myself tbh

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    Well, I don't think anyone knows for sure...Perhaps it was meant to silence complaints about him, but that could've been solved without a full rework.

    But in the end, BHVR is BHVR. We can only hope that they will see their mistake eventually and fix it.

    "I just want to experience old Freddy for myself tbh"

    Wait...You've never played him?

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    Nope I played against him like twice but never got the chance to play him myself

  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264
    edited September 2021

    I don't know old freddy,had a cool ability but he was pretty damn annoying ,being able to constantly tunnel you , and constantly keep track of you.I think you're forgetting about that part.I do miss him being completely invisible and able to put survivor's in the dream state yourself.

    Maybe the could have widened the aura reading to like 62 meters and added all of his new abilities.

  • GeneralVGeneralV Member Posts: 7,877

    Oh... I did not know that.

    I feel sorry for you, my friend. Playing him back in the day was simply amazing.

    That was mostly on you, tbh. If you didn't bother to wake up, that would indeed make you an easy target.

  • GrimoireWeissGrimoireWeiss Member Posts: 1,304

    Tbh Legion did a rework, and Old Freddy was worse than Trapper imo. I was still new to the game when it happened but I remember him being kind of a pushover, the type where you could do gens and unhooks on front of him and don't even get damaged.

    His rework sucks because he doesn't even feel like Freddy. You could give his power to any killer and it would work. But Old Freddy had a lot of improvements to be made.

  • PhasmamainPhasmamain Member Posts: 10,215

    It’s true he was weak but they would have been better off buffing his old self instead of throwing the whole concept away

  • PurgatorianPurgatorian Member Posts: 1,137

    Although I do like to play as Freddy with the gen pressure he can have, all they had to do to old freddy was to make survivors not being able to interact with gens or totems whilst being pulled into the dream world.

    We all remember the days people would destroy the hex during the transition, that was a nightmare lol.

  • TheStabbiNAngeLTheStabbiNAngeL Member Posts: 1,264
    edited September 2021

    But there wasn't a way to wake yourself up properly,you had to find a teammate or fail a skill check,which often just led to a repeat of the same cycle.I miss old freddy to but certain aspects,I don't and he's more powerful now

  • ShapedShaped Member Posts: 5,567

    I do better with Legion and Pig than with Freddy. But maybe I am playing him wrong.

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