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Vampires and Werewolves When?

Seriously, these two creatures are kind of at the top of the list when it comes to the horror genre, and yet its been years with neither in sight. Closest we got was a cutscene with good ol' Tapesh.

I want a Vampire Killer who maybe has some sort of mobility power with bats, or a draining system with survivors.

I want a Werewolf Killer who can stalk and mark in third person while human, and can track the marked and hunt survivors in first person.

Drop the stupid liscences already and show us what you can do with these classic creatures!



  • MysterynovusMysterynovus Member Posts: 318

    This fandom is horny enough as is, and you want vampires and werewolves added? :P

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Ah yes, malformed dogs and fanged corpses, the very definition of sexual attraction.

    Some of us aren't that desperate, and just wanna see our favorite monsters appear in the game.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Sure. Vampires and werewolves are absolutely at the top of the horror villain list - for gothic horror and dark fantasy. But this is a slasher game, so they're not that important. Which isn't to say they shouldn't be added, it's just that it's one of those things that's probably never going to be a priority for the developers.

    Especially since they already have a vampire. Literally. Oni feeds on blood.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Interesting you should say that when we have a literal Oni, who is a medieval japanese demon, a cowboy, a meatflower that eats people (demo) and a pair of conjoined twins that can magically seperate.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,236

    Us fanged corpse lovers are a very easy sector to fleece outta cash. They're literally leaving untold blood dollars on the table.

  • IronKnight55IronKnight55 Member Posts: 2,610

    I would love a vampire killer!

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Hey, don't blame me, blame the Devs. They have to make everything conform to the slasher genre as much as possible because that's the pitch of DbD, which means that gothic horror villains aren't a huge priority. They're the antithesis of slasher - all the ones you listed fall into the slahser trope of mindless, brute-force, emotionally unattached and amoral Bad Guys.

    Whereas gothic horror is more about the psychological and emotional aspects of horror, epitomised by Vampires (almost universally depicted as highly intelligent and sophisticated that love psychological torture) and Werewolves (almost universally depicted as a tragic villain cursed beyond their control, often with an emotional connection to the protagonists). The Twins are the ones that first kinda introduced that to DbD.

    So, yeah. Different kinds of horror beg for different kinds of villain, which is why the vampire we have in DbD isn't even considered a vampire. He's so slasher that he doesn't look gothic.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Not all vampires are gothic. Some are portrayed as cryptids in tribal lore. Aside from that you're gonna tell me Pinhead isn't gothic?

  • AshInTheTallGrassAshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,318

    I want both of those and a mummy (and it has to have an ancient Egypt map).

    Regarding the werewolf, the streamer Puppers said he talked about that with the devs years ago (he's been wanting a werewolf for years) and they told him coding a human transforming into a werewolf was too difficult. Now, why they won't just have an already fully transformed werewolf, I don't know. Maybe they will debut one, but only once they have the ability to make it transform over time as opposed to just being a fully transformed werewolf. Or maybe they just don't want to have one. 🤷‍♀️

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    You are just going out of your way to avoid Oni's blood-sucking, huh?

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Oni absorbs blood yes, through his hand. Does that make him a vampire? No. They needed a unique way to charge his power, and thats why the cartoony floating orbs.

    But that aside, you brought up the fact that something as GOTHIC as a vampire wouldn't fit in the game when, in fact, Pinhead draws his designs from catholic-gothic style. Im not ignoring anything.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837
    edited September 2021

    And yet npc zombies and a killer that can actively seperate into two entites and switch between the two at will is too difficult? Sounds to me like they're making excuses.

    Edit: A mummy killer would totally be cool too. Though Im not crazy about the prospect of an indoor map it's be neat to run around in a Pyramid.

  • GreyBigfootGreyBigfoot Member Posts: 726

    Robot killer first please.

    Just imagine a victorian-era automaton, would be super creepy. Or, maybe The Terminator or something.

  • SatelitSatelit Member Posts: 1,188

    I mean Lady Dimitrescu is a character many are super horny over,she's not a ,,vampire" vampire but still.

    Point is people are *really* horny for vampires.

  • AshInTheTallGrassAshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,318

    Granted, they did tell him that years ago so it's possible they could do it now. But I truly don't get why it hasn't happened yet. I'd be okay with a fully formed werewolf as a Killer. If transforming truly is too difficult, then fine. I'd rather have one than none at all.

    Agreed, a pyramid would be so cool to explore. Perhaps that could function as a main building, with the rest of the map being outdoors.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Oni feeds on blood, which literally makes him a vampire, as would a killer that drained the "life essence" of survivors in any way, whether that is blood or the soul or whatever else people place spiritual significance on.

    Which clearly means that you are looking specifically for gothic vampires rooted in Slavic and Germanic folklore such as a strigoi (Dracula-style vampire, also didn't necessarily feed on blood) whether you understand that or not. I assume you also apply this similar view of hammer-horror stereotypes to lycanthropy. Either way, I've already explained why you the difference between gothic horror and slasher horror and why it's likely never been much of a priority, although the game is very slowly moving away from traditional, original slasher characters so hopefully they will branch out into further aspects of horror, such as vampires and werewolves.

  • AshInTheTallGrassAshInTheTallGrass Member Posts: 1,318
    edited September 2021

    "Not all vampires are gothic . . ." you say?

    Uh, uh-hm, uh, really? Well then, how do you explain, Edward, huh? Riddle me that! Look at him! The man radiates gothic so much he practically spark--

    Never mind.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917
    edited September 2021

    They have literally shown a vampire killer(Implied to be Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula from their appearance) in the archives cut scenes.

    Its really weird that they'd show us a canon vampire killer then never give us one to play as.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    Not at all actually. I was just trying to explain to you that Gothic non-traditional slasher themes do fit. Besides, though I could see the gothic type vampire fitting in anyway, my first thought was something more along the lines of this:

    Not necessarily the basic Dracula type. If that was the aesthetic I was bobbing for, I'd just use that one pinhead cosmetic with the super high collar.

  • Dito175Dito175 Member Posts: 1,321

    Depending on how they go with it, I've always found werewolves and vampires kinda cartoonish monsters, i would prefer if they choose a similar creature but from another culture instead of being the tradional ones (dracula).

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815

    Oni is literally a vampire. He feeds on blood. We have had a vampiric killer in the game since 2019, which actually highlights the problem: people need something that's both a stereotype and that fits into DbD.

    Seriously, it's not an easy ask. If you just cut-and-paste a Dracula character, it's not going to have the suspension of disbelief that lisenced characters have. That's why Blight is so different from Jekyll and Hyde.

    So... Why would they bother making an appropriate mix of slasher and gothic horror when they could just make other semi-generic slasher killers instead? That's the question that has to be answered, because as I pointed out numerous times, we literally have a vampire that everyone forgets is a vampire because he's too original.

    Would I love for a stereotypical vampire to be added? Hell yes. But it's not that likely to happen.

  • UncleStabbyUncleStabby Member Posts: 837

    I simply don't agree that Oni is a vampire. He's an Oni, a demon, who's gameplay merely required a horror-themed pickup. Lore wise, he doesn't even DRINK the blood. The blood of his enemies just stokes his unnatural rage. Thats why he grabs it in his hand.

    The way I see it, he traps it there in his palm, clutching it before he expends it to activate his fury mode, kinda like a magical trinket for a witch or a twisted version of the talismans that Japanese soothsayers used.

    Wheras vampires typically gain nourishment from blood by physically consuming it. Yum.

  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 6,975

    You are implying that I am a necrophiliac because I want a vampire to bite me sensually? Why I never!

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    Damn, if they make Graf Drakula with his 3 wifes as Nemi zombies and bunch of werewolves in addition it would be awesome.

  • Warcrafter4Warcrafter4 Member Posts: 2,917

    Just as an fyi blood magic/drinking isn't special in eastern myth. Even TREE Yokai such as the Jubokko can do it its that common.

    Also gothic vampires have a lot of magic at their disposal then is often shown and even more varied types then one would suspect for hunting.

    So a possible magic focused gothic vampire isn't out of the cards given how much room there is to work with without going near the Oni's niche.

  • MadLordJackMadLordJack Member Posts: 8,815
    edited September 2021

    I never said it was off the table, only that the Devs would have to put in a lot of effort so don't hold your breath. They have to walk the line between what's familiar on both sides - it's a slasher game and we're talking about an original creation, so they don't have the creative freedom to throw in a killer that doesn't quite fit into the purists preconceptions, because it's not a lisenced character. But they have to make sure it's a recognisable stereotype that does justice to the original medium, similar to Deathslinger and westerns or Blight and a certian Victorian alchemist.*

    Also, vampirism is literally any creature that feeds on some form of spiritual essence, not just blood, and all are very common throughout every culture I can think of. There's plenty of vampires in various mythologies that feed in some generic life force, or even emotions. It's just that most cultures associate blood with spiritual life force and so blood feeders get the lion's share of representation.

    Edit:* And that is bloody hard, given the prevalence of vampires and werewolves in the media. So it's not likely they'll take the difficult road and add a gothic horror staple to a slasher game.

  • PikachaouuuPikachaouuu Member Posts: 87
    edited September 2021

    I was thinking on this the other day and there are some issues i kind of think when making a vampire killer and that is what power would you give him, it would make sense that he/she could transform into a bat and just fly around but it would make them do a lot of extra work in preparing maps for not exploting your skill to ignore most of the obstacles.

    If that is not the case wich power could you give him without felling like a copy/paste killer and that makes sense for a vampire.

    Don't get me wrong, i would love to play as f****ng Dracula but there is also lots of things to tweek for it to sort of work.

  • WretchedElkWretchedElk Member Posts: 311

    I’d pay money for Nosferatu. If not him then I would like Ed Wood’s Dr. Acula, because that idea was genius.

    I don’t really care for warewolves, unless they wanted to do a Ginger Snaps tie in.

  • Huge_BushHuge_Bush Member Posts: 3,679

    They can go the route of Blood: The Last Vampire and give us Saya as a survivor and a monsterous vampire portrayed in the film, though, I’d prefer a Dracula Tyler with a flowing cape and has the ability to float rather than walk and turn into smoke.

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