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3 Small Lobby-Changes

DarkMagikDarkMagik Member Posts: 822
edited September 2021 in Feedback and Suggestions

1.Survivors in the Lobby can see other Survivor's Perk & Offering by Hovering over them

1.(This could help reduce the difference in strength between SWF & Solo-Q)

2.When you Ready without an Offering,you gain Pop-up saying that you have no Offering(This can be turned off in Settings)

3.The Killer can see Survivors who Group up together

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  • KyxlectKyxlect Member Posts: 230

    1. Overpowered and will be abused.

    2. Sounds like an annoying popup.

    3. Agreed...even though the vast majority of Survivors are SWF's these days..

  • KingFieldShipperKingFieldShipper Member Posts: 159

    I think it would be cool to see perks, but I can see it being lobby dodged

    I'd be fine with a popup as long as I can definitely turn it off

    And I am against that last point, always have been and forever will be. It's just going to punish people who play with friends, and people just are stuck on the idea every swf is team oracle calling everything out, which is just not the case.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    How would it be abused?

    It doesn't change SWF in any way, because they already do that, but better.

    It would make soloQ little better, because you would know what to expect from your team-mates and you could possibly fill roles.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    Can u explain why should survivor care about others perks? It's mostly Ds, Dh, + 2 random perks which won't help me any way.

    Only thing i personally care is when I'm going to be saved, they have BT.

    From killer side it looks interesting but it pushes u to tunnel a guy without Ds, Dh. And we both know survivors will cry an ocean if it happens cause game is very survivor friendly.

  • KrosseKrabbePizzaKrosseKrabbePizza Member Posts: 155

    1. Would improve Solo Q a bit since you can kind of prepare but i see a lot of people dodging lobbies since you can determine if there are newbies (having only bad perks etc.)

    2. I nearly never use offerings - i would turn that notification off.

    3. No please no - it would make so many killers dodge the lobbies. My SWF groups are not that strong, we play for fun - and we would get dodged so often just because we are a SWF-Group (not even a good one)

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    Here's a problem. Being swf is fun, but playing against isn't. Swf needs to be nerfed.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294
    edited September 2021

    They can't really.

    You don't want to change something only to SWF, because not SWF all are same and it is not good to discourage players to bring friends to dbd.

    and you don't want nerf all survivors, because soloQ is bad enough already.

    They would either need to buff soloQ first -> best way is probably give them information that is easily shared for SWF. Then it might be possible nerf survivors in some way.

    Other way would be just buff killers -> probably not in basic mechanic way, because some killers don't need it (Blight / Nurse / Spirit etc.), but buff killers individually, so there is more killers capable to deal with good survivors, if that player is good enough.

  • KrosseKrabbePizzaKrosseKrabbePizza Member Posts: 155
    edited September 2021

    I didn't have much fun in my most recent matches in SWF since the MMR - As i said we are the Squad which don't take the game that seriously (sweating) and we keep getting sweaty Killer. If the killer can see a SWF he will most likely dodge the lobny or sweat the hell out of the game.

    Once again :

    Killer is mostly hard/not fun in the high ranks

    Survivor is mostly hard/not fun in the lower ranks OR in solo Q.

    I agree, that playing killer against high tier SWF groups can be a pain in the ass but its also crap for survivors who are not top tier to play against sweaty killer with the same killer / builds every round.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    I still believe there's something needs to be done. Either buff every weak killer which is good idea, but i don't see devs are interested in, or give some overall bonuses to killers who agreed to play against swf.

  • Dino7281Dino7281 Member Posts: 3,294

    Problem is that for giving bonus to play against SWF, they would first need to show who is SWF and they will not do that, because some killers would just keep dodging and it would make queue times even longer.

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184

    SWF already has this advantage, if you're solo just try and focus on yourself and be as helpful as possible. The chances of you being helpful to an SWF group as a solo is slim to none since you're not on comms with them. They will try to help you but if it comes down to it they will leave your a** there to die

    We don't need to know who brought the offering and we don't need to know who didn't bring an offering, most of the time it's just blood points, leave it as it is it's perfectly fine and you can see at the end of the match who brought what.

    Easy lobby dodge, I would say it's a good idea but most of the survivors are SWF so you'll be spending most of the time dodging lobbies instead of playing the game or it'll promote bad gameplay towards the SWF group.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    SWF already promoted bad plays. I just didn't knew how to tell it, and thanks to u i finally realized it. 😘

    It's not so hard to find it out cause SWF are very coordinated, and if u see others instantly reacting on u, then probably they are swf. As killer i start to think that i need to slug, camp and tunnel in case they are swf and force friends to come save their teammates which i don't do if i don't get feeling im against swf.

  • RescultirRescultir Member Posts: 184
    edited September 2021

    Yes, this is what I also have to do as a killer. While I personally do not find it an enjoyable play style, it is the thing a killer must do to get kills. Giving the survivors other objectives other than gens is the way to go however survivors can still push gens. The killer has to rely on a big mistake from the survivors to get an advantage. I am hoping with the MMR being out, the devs will start to make good and better changes.

    Also, what I meant by bad gameplay towards SWF group is if you see the 3 people highlighted in the lobby as SWF you will either try to get one of them out immediately or go after the solo guy so really it promotes bad gameplay for solo and swf.

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