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Dead By Daylight New Chapter Idea + FanMade Updates

TunaDBDTunaDBD Member Posts: 47


  • New Chapter: Burning Sensation
  • Added A New Killer: The Pyromaniac
  • Added A New Survivor: Anele Keitumetse
  • Survivor Icons - The players can now go to the settings and remove the survivor icons.


  • Visual Updates To Maps In Haddonfield and Backwater Swamp
  • Visual Update To The Broken Key
  • Visual Updates To The Twins


  • Added A New Animation To Toolboxes And Medkits
  • When Healing Another Survivor, Healing Is More Realistic
  • Changed Injured Running Animation
  • Changed Hook Scream Facial Animations
  • Changed Idle Animation In-Game


  • When Controlling Victor, Charlotte Has A Roaming AI
  • The Twins Now Have 3 New Addons, And 3 Iridescent Addons
  • Charlotte's Face Looks More Like A Female, Made Her Cheeks Look Skinnier.


  • Fixed An Issue Where All The Other Survivors Are Wearing The Same Cosmetics As You When Playing Certain Characters.
  • Fixed Claire Redfield's Face
  • Reduced Some Lag

Changes From Live Release (5.2.0):

  • The Cenobite's Voice Lines Have Been Added Back
  • Added One New Voice Line For The Cenobite
  • The Chatterer's Voice Has Been Changed To Sound More Like Teeth Chattering


  • New Outfit For The Twins
  • Added Head Piece To The Cenobite's Very Rare Cosmetic
  • New Outfit For Elodie Rakato
  • New Outfit For Yun-Jin Lee
  • New Outfit For Cheryl Mason
  • New Outfit For Nemesis


  • As we said before, we've added a new chapter, along with a new survivor and new killer. Allow Us To Explain Their Power And Perks.
  • Added A New Status Effect: Aching

The Pyromaniac's Power:

Hell's Fever:

  • Press The Active Ability Button To Hold Fire.
  • Release The Button To Throw A Fireball

If A Survivor Is Caught With This Fireball, They Will Enter The Aching Status Effect.

  • The Survivor Will Be Forced To Find A Bucket Of Water
  • The Bucket Of Waters Will Be Revealed In A Orange Aura
  • If The Survivor Doesn't Find A Bucket Of Water In 25 Seconds, They Will Be Put Into The Dying State.
  • The Survivor Will Also Slow Down


  • You Will Have A Meter Below Your Portrait Highlighted In Orange
  • Unlike Deep Wounds, This Will Go Up, Instead Of Down
  • If It Goes Up And Fills All The Way, You Will Fall To The Ground
  • Unlike Deep Wounds Though, You Are Going To Die Tremendously Quicker In The Dying State. Leading to only 55 Seconds On The Ground

Hell's Fever Addons:

Brown/Common Addons:

Worn-Out Match: Slightly Increases Aching Meter

Burnt Stick: Slightly Decreases Movement Speed While In Aching Status Effect

Rusty Metal Pipe: Slightly Increases Movement Speed When Holding Fire

Yellow/Uncommon Addons:

Burnt Family Photo: Moderately Increases Aching Meter

Burning Match: Moderately Decreases Movement Speed While In Aching Status Effect

Burning Stick: Moderately Increases Movement Speed When Holding Fire

Old Birth Certificate: Moderately Increases Time For The Survivor To Pour Water On Themselves

Green/Rare Addons:

Apartment Key #203: Survivors Carrying The Water Bucket Suffer From The Exhausted Status Effect

Suspension Letter: Considerably Increases Movement Speed While Holding Fire

Match On Fire: Survivors Inflicted With The Aching Status Effect, Will Also Gain The Oblivious Status Effect

Ripped Love Letter: Considerably Increases Aching Meter

Purple/Very Rare Addons:

Criminal Record: Makes It Were, Survivors Cannot See The Aura Of The Buckets When Over a 32 Meter Range

Wanted Street Sign: When A Survivor Pours Water On Themselves, You Gain The Undetectable Status Effect For 20 Seconds

Iridescent/Ultra Rare Addons:

Iridescent Lighter: Survivors CANNOT see the auras of the buckets.

Teddy Bear: When You Hit Survivors With A Fireball, They Become Injured Instead Of Aching.

Iridescent Bomb: When Survivors Are Inflicted With The Aching Status Effect And They Run Out Of Time, They Die Instead Of Falling To The Ground.


Burning Sensation:

When A Generator Is Completed All The Other Generators That Are Not Being Repaired, Will Begin To Regress. When A Survivor Begins Working On These Regressing Generators, They Will Receive Difficult Skill Checks For The Remainder Of Working On That Generator.

Fire Obsession:

When the obsession begins to cleanse a totem, you will see their aura for the remainder of them cleansing the totem. If They Are Cleansing A Hex, They Will Be Exposed And Have Their Aura Revealed.

My Special Guest:

When a survivor enters the basement, you will receive a token. You can only get 1 token. If you hook a survivor in the basement and walk away 24 Meters Away, press the active ability button to instantly down survivors that are in the basement trying to save a person.

Anele Keitumetse's Perks:

Nerd Instincts:

When You Are Being Chased By The Killer And You Are Grabbed From A Window Or Pallet, Press The Active Ability Button To Instantly Escape The Killer's Grasp. This Perk Deactivates For The Duration Of The Match Afterwards.


When A Generator Is Complete, You Gain A Token. When A Survivor Is Hooked 75 Meters Or Less From You, All Of Your Tokens Get Consumed. Depending On The Amount Of Tokens You Got, It gives you power. 1 Token: 9% Haste Boost For 7 Seconds. 3 Tokens: Counters ANY status effect for 9 Seconds. 5 Tokens: The Hooked Survivor Gains The Endurance Status Effect For 50 Second When They Are Unhooked. WARNING: When The Amount Of Tokens Are Consumed, NOT ALL of the effects will work, only the amount of tokens you got will effect.

Payed Attention:

When You Are Hooked, You Gain The Endurance Status Effect. You only keep this status effect for 10 Seconds.

Thank you guys for reading

I used the dbd patch notes format to make this more realistic.


  • icemancaticemancat Member Posts: 138


    I came across this while looking through the forums and felt like giving some feedback specifically on the chapter idea.

    Hell's Fever Power:

    This seems like a cool concept, but I feel like it would be way too easy to kill survivors due to how powerful this ability currently is. First, the Aching Status Effect's properties carry the same problem that old Legion had, that being old Legion had no counter. If you hit a survivor with a fireball, then it is basically a death sentence. Since the survivor will most likely still be in a chase with the killer, they won't have time to find a water bucket, meaning the Aching Status Effect guarantees a free down for little effort. On the other hand, if the survivor wanted to find a water bucket, then the killer would just stop them anyways. This leads to a "Die if you do, die if you don't." scenario, which could make facing The Pyromaniac frustrating. The only counter to this that I could think of would be the survivor using the perk, Lucky Break, but even after Lucky Break's duration is up, they're screwed.

    On top of what I already mentioned, having the Aching Status Effect slow the survivors is a little overkill, effectively power creeping The Clown. In other words, there is zero point in playing The Clown when you could just play The Pyromaniac. Also, having the dying state bar only last 55 seconds could lead to very boring gameplay, with the killer only choosing to slug the survivor to kill them in 80 seconds at minimum. This is less than two hook states and would need to be adjusted to be balanced.


    I chose not to review the addons since I usually prefer to play without them. Also, things may sound good on paper, but need adjusting later on. This means that all of the time put forth into making addons could have been used for something else.

    Burning Sensation:

    I like this perk idea a lot! It offers an interesting alternative to existing gen-defense meta perks and spices things up!

    Fire Obsession:

    This perk is essentially Hex: Thrill Of The Hunt, but better. Fire Obsession power crept Hex: Thrill and essentially makes it pointless to run it. One of the bigger problems with killer perks is that the usage of killer perks is very small and the usage needs to be expanded, leading to more unique and interesting games.

    My Special Guest:

    This is an interesting idea, but it encourages camping. Also, this perk is just straight-up overpowered.

    Survivor Perks:

    Nerd Instincts:

    This perk has the same issues as the first version of Decisive Strike, essentially serving as a 'Get out of jail free card'. It would also make grabbing survivors even less reliable than it already is now.


    This is a very interesting idea for a perk, but I feel like the effects for 1 and 3 tokens are too weak. Maybe the effects could last longer?

    Payed Attention:

    This perk is interesting. I'm not sure whether it is balanced, overpowered, or weak. I feel like the only reliable way to get use out of this perk would be for a teammate to divebomb the hooked survivor with this perk equipped. Even after this perk to work, Borrowed Time is just a stronger version of Payed Attention since the timer only starts after unhooking the survivor, not right when you get hooked.

    Overall, you have some pretty neat ideas! I suggest you take a second look at some of the perks and parts of the killer's power and adjust them to make them more balanced. After doing that, I think the changes would be very interesting.

  • TunaDBDTunaDBD Member Posts: 47

    Hi, thank you for commenting, I really appreciate your comment, thanks and I appreciate it.

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