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Killers complaining about SBMM being too difficult

adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 316
edited September 21 in General Discussions

Why don't you just lose? They say they have to sweat just to 2k. No, they don't. By doing this, they are maintaining their current mmr, which will keep putting them against strong survivors. If you don't want to sweat to win, then don't. Play casually, lose games, and your mmr will eventually fall to the point where you face survivors that you can play casually against.


  • ThiccBudhhaThiccBudhha Member Posts: 3,673

    I kind of want to maintain the high mmr for when I feel like playing against strong survivors. So I have to try my best to not derank.

    On my other killers? Way ahead of you.

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 2,538

    If you aren't always playing to win, you're doing it wrong.

    if you can't handle the worst the game can throw at you, then you're in the wrong game - doesn't matter which side you play.

    There is no shame in putting down a game you aren't having fun in.

  • thrawn3054thrawn3054 Member Posts: 4,631

    I think what the OP means is play the game without worrying about the result. You got a 4k? Nice. You got a 1k? Hey it happens.

  • DwigthtDwigtht Member Posts: 466
    edited September 21

    It does not take too long to increase your MMR. Even in lower MMR you see the best from survivors: hold W, press E, camp pallet, rush gens.

    Long long time ago this game was about solid chases, mind gaming, strategy.

    Now it is Corrupt, Ruindying, Tinkerer, hook camp and tunnel one as soon as possible. Take care of the rest.

    Well, I did not feel well today after I returned home from work. I tunneled survivors 10 matches in a row, got some sweat DCs and feel much better, more energized now!

    I am maining Doctor now, because I think this is the most annoying killer in the game and leveling up Spirit.

  • adsads123123123123adsads123123123123 Member Posts: 316
    edited September 21

    If you don't want to sweat to win, then don't expect to win. The game wouldn't be balanced if killers could win without trying.

    If you are really playing against sweaty survivors, they would "gen rush you" and the game would be over in 5 minutes, as the people on this forum claim. The only scenario in which you describe where they stall the gen is you are playing against a toxic 4 man swf because if a solo player is involved, they would just finish the gen. 4 man swf are extremely rare. Only 3-6% of games have a 4 man swf (https://devtrackers.gg/deadbydaylight/p/7b8835f4-community-community-data-requests).

    I don't really think it will take that long to lower your mmr since it seems that all killers are locked within 200 mmr of each other based on Scott Jun's video about mmr. Anyway, it's something you will have to weigh: whether you want to sweat forever or eventually fall to a mmr that you enjoy playing at.

    I would have to disagree. Sweating is more like trying your hardest to win or tie. If you play casually and lose mmr, you would only be lower mmr because you weren't playing to your full potential. The only scenario in which you would sweat from playing lower mmr games is if your true skill also decreased in the process.

    By playing casually, I mean not sweating to win. I mainly see people complaining that they have to sweat, camp or tunnel to win. If they dislike doing this, then they should just stop because it's keeping them at a mmr where they are forced to do it.

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  • pseudechispseudechis Member Posts: 1,368

    I currently sweat for two hits, not kills two hits and nothing has changed so the "why don't you just lose" point doesn't seem to mean [BAD WORD] at the moment.

    I want to know if the SBMM does down at all. Last game as trapper I caught one person in a trap, they immediately escaped, I hit two others and then just stood in a corner dropping traps for the 100 points because after 2 hits and one failed trap grab there was only one gen left. There was just no point even bothering after that.

    This resulted in Brutal Killer. The only thing brutal about that was how invincible the survivors were.

    Its game after game of this and still no change. I'm not being matched where I should be and consistently losing at 0 kills and often 0 hooks doesn't seem to change that at all.

    They should change "killer" title to "chaser" and game title to "survive by daylight." Nobody's dieing by my hand anytime soon.

    We had texas chainsaw massacre now its just scooby doo.

  • DarthRevan21DarthRevan21 Member Posts: 55

    Yeah if we could say the same to survivors.. hey man just loose some games. no need to run crutch perks 24/7

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 14,017

    Bestie I have been losing vs tournament squads and I'm still not facing other people except for at weekends like what do you want me to do???

  • ZozzyZozzy Member Posts: 3,433

    This. Survivors stop doing gens if you are not trying to win and draw the game out for ages.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 14,017

    The real mind game is to pretend like you are trying to win by going into games and playing like you were except you ""accidentally"" mess up constantly so they do all the gens in 3 minutes and escape

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I don't care about "winning" in this game. I don't need to be number one. I don't want to be number one. I play to have fun and enjoy myself. Sometimes as survivor I focus on gens. Other times I focus on saves. Other times I focus on totems. Most times I try to do a mix of all of it. As killer sometimes I kill, sometimes I give escapes. I don't see the game as a "grind" nor do I feel that there's any purpose to rush to a certain skill level or maintain it once I get there. If I "win" I win. If I "lose" I lose. Either way I accept that the new SBMM is allegedly trying to ensure that I'm matched up with players that will keep most of my games enjoyably back and forth, and that's all I want.

  • DontNerfDontNerf Member Posts: 970

    Its not about it being difficult its about the matches being boring AF

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    I don't feel that they are. If they were I guess I'd go play something else for a week to slow my characters' advancement.

  • DontNerfDontNerf Member Posts: 970

    Im talking about everything match being a sweatfest. Super strong addons and super strong perks mixed with super strong items. I just want to use my billy meme build but instead i get gen rushed or tunnelled.

  • miketheratguymiketheratguy Member Posts: 2,719

    Yes, that's understandable. Most of us don't like SWF sweat squads, myself included.

  • katoptriskatoptris Member Posts: 1,826

    He is the most annoying to deal with. I'm running Rancor,Stbfl,Pwyf and ruin for late mori on my killers.

  • Squirrel_ThiccSquirrel_Thicc Member Posts: 2,680

    Or they could just [BAD WORD] remove sbmm and killers won't have to lose every game.

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