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I watched the SQUAD interview with Dave Richard that barely anyone knows about so you don't have to



  • MylaMyla Member Posts: 1,551

    Should have asked about Irisdescent shards. Shards are the real grind in the game not blood points. You can potentially get 500K BP with a survivor pudding assuming you get 5 perfect games and assuming one match is 10 minutes. So an hour of playing.

    Shards you just can't cheat. You have to put a minimum of 35+ hours to farm 9000 shards to buy a character and that's daunting for a new player.

  • vacamanvacaman Member Posts: 1,140

    No plans on making MMR public, oh great i guess I'll come back in a couple months

  • ApexgnifrumsApexgnifrums Member Posts: 335

    pretty uninteresting questions. I scrolled down and only stopped at 2 Questions to read the answer and still got disappointed with the answer. Devs aint real like 2016 no more.

  • WretchedElkWretchedElk Member Posts: 311

    When you said the Squad I thought you meant he was going to be interviewed by AOC. I’m very disappointed here.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,556

    You can't see it but the actual title was "The SQUAD interview" which makes it marginally clearer.

  • KolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolbyKolby Member Posts: 499

    Gen speeds themselves aren't even the problem. I can't tell you how many times a killer has chased one person from the start of the match for 4 minutes. They will run by my gen, and they won't even attempt to push me off the gen, yet they have ruin. No amount of gen speed reduction would make a difference if people ignore free hits and downs on survivors because they've overcommited to one chase. You shouldn't go into the game expecting to kill everyone at 5 gens either, it's okay, and oftentimes right to say "I'll let the preschool gen/grim pantry gen get done and not chase there because I can get downs easier elsewhere"

  • PigMainBigBrainPigMainBigBrain Member Posts: 1,877

    "A) The perks are, of course, useful- but they don't want to make it something they absolutely have to equip constantly. And if people are feeling forced into generator slowdown perks, then it's not good for the game and something needs to be done."

    Yeah you guys are like....a year and some change late to this one, cause we've already started the mandatory Thano+Dying or Ruin+Tinker or Ruin+Undying. Yall are late. Any killer who doesn't already have built in slow, or some godlike mobility, this is pretty much required at high ranks if you wanna get any more than 2 kills.

  • liquidlightliquidlight Member Posts: 323

    Dying a different way, as you put it, is losing unexpectedly for a survivor (at the very least one) and can feel just as unfair to the survivors as a survivor hatch win feels to killers. Besides, it could be really cool and fun to have some kind of interactive mori challenge - like both sides getting skill checks and whoever misses first is the loser, all the while there's animations happening (like a fight - like in RE 6). That would be bad[***]and fun as long as it didn't take up too much time.

    But having played both killer and survivor a lot, for years now, both those things could use a tweak. People complain about them all of the time because no one likes having a win stolen and that's what BOTH things do for one person (or more in the case of survivors).

  • Dream_WhisperDream_Whisper Member Posts: 281

    I am surprised that they do not acknowledge the Nuclear Option that both sides can use together!

    Mori were very powerful in which gives killers the ability to eliminate Survivor very quickly and gives them insane map pressure with the Survivors are down a person! 4v1 is powerful early game arsenal Survivor can used against one killer.

    Keys are quite the same, as it allows Survivors, with just one Key; can knock down all the gens, or as many gens early if a teammate is killed and get a free escape when they locate the Hatch first! For one key to give every single Survivor a chance to escape instantly, especially in front of the killer is too heartbreaking for killers!

    Personally, I feel like Mori should be less toxic and more part of the base game, something Killers whom do very well can earn the right to kill; while Survivors should react and try to used their skills to avoid being down and possible counter against the Killer's attempt to kill! Maybe a new Skill check system; maybe Survivor would need to fail at something to be punished severally and let the killer kill them easier, kinda like a hex totem! I was disappointed with the whole "you need hook Survivors 2 times, in order to Mori"; when they could have made a simple change in which all Survivors will need to be hook once but..... the killer needs to find and hook every single unique Survivor in that match, in order to trigger the Mori! Imagine a not hooked Survivor would need to play a different playstyle in which they have to avoid the killer at all times, and deny them of a precious Mori which can completely devastated the entire team, if say they are the last Survivorto not be hook, yet!

    Keys Rework would be massive, but can help dynamic change the way you escape faster, to a degree! First, Keys should be Rework to offer the ability to open the Hatch, but needs Several Seconds to open it, the speed and time it takes to open it should depend on the key you are using! (NO Instant Hatch Escape, and the killer can interrupt your progress bar; so be stealthy with the key) Broken Keys should have the ability to open the Hatch; but it has a rare rng of breaking it and notify the killer! Keys are more selfish items and you are abandoning your friends when using the Key; but... there will be a irdensent and ultra rare addon to allow you to bring a friend or two; especially the skeleton key will not only minimize your time to open the Hatch but allow you to open the hatch for you and your friends (for achievement/archive challenges), too! Next, Keys aura reading add-ons should be scraped and be replaced with new addons for help with speed of opening, finding the Hatch, bringing a Survivor, etc.

    Oh, and to sweeten the deal with such a harsh nerf to keys; one nice buff to give to Keys, is to make opening exit gates alot faster then 16 seconds (plus extra with Killer's perks that effect the doors! So, you can used the key to escape through the hatch; but in theory get the doors open alot faster too! Make Keys a precious Endgame Collapse item, that makes it easier to escape with any exits faster! Oh, and one more final thing to note; Hatch should not spawn immediately as soon Survivors Die and there are Gens left; the Hatch should only spawn, as soon as all the Gens are done, or if there is only one last Survivor left the match! Survivors need to earn their victory alternative escape; but completely the Objective first, or be solo Survivor!

  • When you got mori'd you would otherwise die on the hook anyways, there's a very little chance you survive. With keys killers could otherwise have more generators to defend or the exit gates to stop.

  • baseballfan4877baseballfan4877 Member Posts: 364

    "still in early development" as in you won't see it within 5 years. so hope you are still playing!

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,556

    Remember when they said the Object of Obsession changes were still in early development then they released the rework in the next patch?

  • baseballfan4877baseballfan4877 Member Posts: 364

    remember that bug that happened when survivors got downed and they made no sound on the ground? they fixed that... oh nevermind.. been in the game for years.

  • GoodBoyKaruGoodBoyKaru Member Posts: 20,556

    Idk how big fixing is linked to the prototype stage of reworking since that'll be the case when it's been implemented and not implementing it in the first place but

  • baseballfan4877baseballfan4877 Member Posts: 364

    And if people are feeling forced into generator slowdown perks, then it's not good for the game and something needs to be done. now is the time. it is near impossible to do anything without AT LEAST pop ruin undying. ESPECIALLY with lower tier killers. Something needs to be done. Wake up please

  • OldHunterLightOldHunterLight Member Posts: 3,000
    edited September 2021

    The grind part interest me, but we will get a change in 2027 to the grind.

    The same way console got the optimization that was promised in 2019.

    Also the same way we got the early game start up.

    Thanks for the thread GoodBoyKaru, these threads that you make help me quite a lot since I rarely watch devs interviews.

    Edit: sbmm is fair? Today I ran a killer for 4 gens, 2 hits all match, I kinda want to see a dev comment on that.

  • R2kR2k Member Posts: 1,069

    This interview is pretty much water (useless information),

    Not a single word about weakest/strongest killer buffs/nerfs/reworks, not a single word about survivors meta perks nerfs/reworks, no a single word about map size changes, not a single words about useless addons and perks, no a single word about how actually MMR works, not a single word about SoloQ or SWF.

    Everything they talked about is irrelevant compared to issues mentioned above.

  • AxxAxx Member Posts: 389

    They mean at average skill level my friend. Nothing else matters. As long as mid tier killers have 50% or above kill rates due to lower skilled survivors inflating them, nothing will change. It sucks to be decent at this game. Especially if you play both sides. You will always have to just ignore all the obvious balance issues just because you don't fit into a certain player demographic.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,967

    As far as I see, even the average killers struggle with gens.

    The only ones that drag the skill level down are new players that don't know what a gen is.

  • Leonardo1itaLeonardo1ita Member Posts: 2,004

    Undying before the nerf was atrocious, ruin could literally respawn 4 freaking times.

    Btw the gens problem has been such since the game launched

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,967

    That's why old Ruin was so popular. Killers struggled heavily with gens, when they nerfed it.

    Old Undying Ruin was annoying. Sure, but you didn't had to cleanse all 5 totems. Because for one, there was no NOED (no space for it). Also Ruins regression only applied to gens that no one worked on. So it could be ignored.

    New Ruin was announced as a endgame perk. Show me a match where Ruin still stands where there is only 1 gen left. Undying solved that. It made it actually possible that Ruin was still standing during the last gen.

  • papabear2009papabear2009 Member Posts: 115

    Summary of the interview:

    We won't address base game issues, all the "new features" are still in early development (like how!?) and we will continue to make maps, killers, and perks.

    My guess is the devs have all different visions for the game and they can't agree on how to move forward. Would explain all of the answers to the questions without answering the questions because he doesn't have them right now.

  • kaorakukaoraku Member Posts: 126

    Grate idea. The killer should bring an infinite DS for the survivors.

  • C3ToothC3Tooth Member Posts: 5,094

    Its killer choice that trying to Mori Survivor on very 1st down.

  • kaorakukaoraku Member Posts: 126

    No matter when he deicide to use it. It will be still a DS for the survivor, where the killer can only hope that he will miss the skillcheck. There would be no point to use it, and risk the kill.

    You could deicide - you left the survivor there, risking unbreak, buffed no mither with buffed vigil and such; Or can pick up, where he can use DS, they can save with FL or sabotage the hook, use brakeout and things like this; Or try to mori, where still can get away.

    And it costs an offering, what basicly just give them another chance to get away. Or an addon, or a perk. Why would killers use it?

    But you know it is ok if every time when a survivor picks up a key or try to use it, the killer gets a skillcheck, and if it is not missed, then the survivor dies.

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