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Teasers on Instagram

MooksMooks Member Posts: 8,033
edited September 2021 in General Discussions

havent seen this mentioned on the forums..

So the DbD Instagram account has posted some images, teasing something coming in October

Could be related to the new survivor/midchapter update or the Halloween event.

best guesses right now is the survivor being a witchy character, since they probably will also introduce the Boon totems. Haddie Kaur from the tome storys is a possible candidate.

edit: new image

… He was about to surrender to his fate when he felt something squirm past his hand. He looked down and thats‘ when he saw the … tiny, awful things… squirming out of the bloated belly of a corpse… falling on his hand.

Desperate, Lucian did the unthinkable. With a miserable sigh, he plunged his hand into the rotting belly, felt around the stinking, oozing innards and ??? pulled out a dangling ???

edit: teaser clip

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