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You can't argue dbd isnt survivor sided☺ I love it 😂



  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 1,973

    The thing is we said that at least give us the chance to carry 2 traps but indeed we want a rework.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    I want to see videos of this🤣 the worst ones I saw were truetalent with wraiths sbmm level at some dumb level...literally a 5 minute game and he juggled those survivors and it was simply unwinnable

    But dbd is balanced🤣

  • UnknownKillerUnknownKiller Member Posts: 1,973

    Blood favor as normal perk with cooldown would be good I would definetely use it but devs seems need 2 years test to make a change.

  • apathyincapathyinc Member Posts: 373

    That streamer isn't a good example. He does killer/survivor rotations and has viewers choose his builds. No way his MMR is max level because he doesn't devote enough time to any one killer. Someone at the max MMR would also bring all the meta perks and play like an absolute lunatic, throwing in all the dirty strategies they can in order to win. That streamer doesn't play like that, he prioritizes hooks over kills and actually plays rather chill.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    Yeah killer shack or cowshed loops or jungle gym dead hard past your trap you are following behind and snap...a wild trapper has been caught🤣

  • UMCorianUMCorian Member Posts: 521
    edited September 2021

    That doesn't surprise me at low, mid or even mid-high ranks.

  • KharKhar Member Posts: 616
  • dannyfrog87dannyfrog87 Member Posts: 555

    well. if they keep shitting on killers and messing with things making them weaker than they are .... they will see killer que times increase and kill their game. now i know how successful dbd is. but people have limits on what they will tolerate even the most dedicated gamers or hardcore players will just hang it up and the proverbial f you and bye now.

  • latinfla4latinfla4 Member Posts: 2,119

    How they handle the killer addons on the next updates will determine this games future🤑

  • JAZC_CRJAZC_CR Member Posts: 207

    We ALL know this game since the beta is survivor side game, is no new for nobody, but it hurt cause i'm getting loooong ''q'' times, so in game are less and less killer in the game, cause the devs never know how to balance this game

  • YankusYankus Member Posts: 576

    Have to make it easy enough so the new players will buy DLCs and cosmetics. These changes are all about money.

  • Rey_512Rey_512 Member Posts: 1,620

    Trapper was never meant to traverse the whole map and chase survivors. He is a territorial killer, like hag.

  • UnifallUnifall Member Posts: 749

    Trapper got a small buff wont have to look for alot of traps but still not enough to make him stronger imo. Spirit got nerfed. The audio que would have been enough but of course they went overboard with the foot step dust nerf. Now its gonna be the survivors who will take less skill to play against spirit becuase they will know her location at all times. Which is always a bad idea having too much counters imo. I'm sure they're not only doing add ons passes but nerfing most of the killers powers to an extent. We will see.

  • meatisadelicacymeatisadelicacy Member Posts: 1,920

    The game has never been easier for killers. End Game Collapse. Hatch. Toolboxes and add ons, destroyed. DS, destroyed. Object, destroyed. Medkits and add ons, nerfed. Balanced Landing, nerfed. Small Game, nerfed. Losing add ons for no reason to punish survivors? Check!

    I have died way more because of keys than I've ever been saved, but it would hurt a killer's ego to admit they only got a kill because survivors leave or let people die on purpose so they can get hatch. It goes both ways.

    The game is way easier for new killers than survivors, and if you think catering only to new players is something unique to DBD, try playing any other game that exists. There is no such thing as gen rushing. It's the killer's job to stop survivors from winning.

    This update gives killers a Trapper buff and a Spirit nerf, along with add on improvements for NINE KILLERS. And it looks like three total perks for survivors got some improvements. But yup. The devs hate killer. Poor babies.

  • ad19970ad19970 Member Posts: 4,652

    There's no hope. Some of the killer mains in this forum are so beyond biased it's insane. Any change that benefits survivors is blown out of proportion, and any change that benefits a killer or all killers gets downplayed.

  • SluzzySluzzy Member Posts: 2,957

    Conveniently forgets survivors have been hard nerfed for 5 non-stop years while killers have gotten buffed and perks that stop the objective.

    It's very killer sided. As alluded, every mechanic is for killers: endgame collapse.

  • DemonDaddyDemonDaddy Member Posts: 3,486

    Don't forget teammates can buffer disarm traps so you can run over them safely.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928

    I'm really enjoying the crying from the spirit nerf. Now they've actually got to think while they play. Any survivor will say i'm balls but even I wrecked with her. Please air your frustrations more we're loving it.

  • NicholasNicholas Member Posts: 1,797

    Call me when hits are handled server-side or fairer, not just favoring The Killer. And I am not referring to the Hit Validation eligible killers at 500ms+ ping. I mean the constant slew of high latency (but not high enough to get validated) killers that dbd tolerates and allows to play. They are at a significant advantage. SSHV is a great step but still doesn't go far enough IMO. I don't think they favor any side tbh. I believe they try to strike a balance, but it's not perfect.

  • EntinatyEntinaty Member Posts: 145

    An interesting take on it to say the least.

    I don't get how EGC influences one side or the other as at the point either one side or the other is losing at that moment.

    Hatch is now more favorable for survivors due to the addition of hatch offerings and no being able to grab them out of it.

    Toolboxes needed to be hit as their previous strength led to unfair gen times considering it only takes about 80 seconds solo to do one and a litter over half of that with 2 people.

    Old DS was pretty much unfair as it allowed at

    a 60 second invincibility in which the killer couldn't interact with the survivor and would allow them to make plays that without it they would either not make or be punished for it, and can still give invincibility by just jumping into a locker or just run with UB.

    OOO before rework was basically unfair regarding survivors able to communicate where the killer was at all times without drawback and could basically be done from across the map. Scary to think about with open-handed and no cooldown. Also new OOO allows for you to know if the killer is running aura reading perks.

    Can't say I have any information regarding Medkits being hit in anyway but please list examples, if possible.

    Balanced Landing was buffed from letting you move at 150% after activation from 2 to 3 seconds and shortened cooldown at max tier to 40 seconds from the original 60. The only "nerf" was where it was updated to not allow the stagger resistance when exhausted, which makes sense as it would be too powerful otherwise and thus cooldown would be for nothing.

    Explain how Small Game is in anyway a nerf considering it's recent updates to keep track of totems and tracking ability. Along with other related perks like Detective's Hunch or Counterforce.

    Also explain what add-ons are being lost for no reason to punish survivors.

    Last but not least regarding keys they tend to either swing games massively in .favor by shortening the game or get the key bearer tunneled, camped or Franklined.

  • HougeHouge Member Posts: 6

    Look all these survivors players who never played killer. I was a 80% killer player, now I am 80% survivor player.

    You know why most killers need to camp and tunneling? If they don't do it, they are gonna lost 5 gens in 5 mins. So why do people play nurse/spirit/blight? They are the only killers can play happily without tunneling. Keep nerf top tier killers, one day you would stand still all day long while match making.

  • GgamerGGgamerG Member Posts: 29
    edited September 2021

    I love this logic. Doesn't this imply survivors have had numerous tools deemed too strong so nerf after nerf was needed to balance them? Meaning it has been a survivor sided game for a long time.

    Post edited by GgamerG on
  • lav3lav3 Member Posts: 391

    Somehow feel like it is bit exaggerated but I can get and understand most of your points.

    I think Devs should have balanced their map design not adding breakable walls (or less could have been nice) and adjusted some of maps' sizes during map graphic updates.

    I sincerely concern about maps now. Without changing map, I don't think they can keep their promise about not changing generator repair time.

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928

    i wished it was.

    EVERY GAME tunnel the first person you see.

    if it was survivor sided borrowed time would be basekit

  • ThraxThrax Member Posts: 928

    tunneling the first person you see EVERY GAME at 5 gens isn't because the game is survivor sided it's limp dick gaming.

  • ApollosApollos Member Posts: 1,052

    The game has been balanced in all kinds of ways. It's just easier to fall into confirmation bias when you only focus on the changes that personally affect you.

  • TsulanTsulan Member Posts: 12,652

    There was a way to avoid the Tombstone piece by entering a locker. That way he can only grab you and not kill you.

    But I guess looking at his hand was to subtle.

    Billy treatment it is

  • KerJuiceKerJuice Member Posts: 1,463

    It’s not survivor sided-it’s SWF sided. The reason why some things get nerfed on the killer side is because ######### is so busted for solo que. Half the stuff helps to compete on a sweaty SWF level, but absolutely destroys us solo ques. That’s why the game will never have true balance. SWF needs to be private only- as in Kill your friends’ private mode. Look at Wraith speed buff. That helps him against SWF yet players say it’s a good start but he needs more. Us solo ques? We hate that #########. It’s ######### busted as hell! We can’t call out who he’s with or where he went or who’s going for the save and who stays on gens. All the time he’s zooming all over the ######### map knocking us down 1 by 1 in succession. I would have preferred him getting nerfed over spirit, cause at least she required skill and didn’t have some half ass lazy fix.

    Definintely not solo que sided:

    • maps were nerfed smaller than launch (survivors are now constantly unintentionally sandbaggIng each other, yet killers want even smaller maps)
    • barrels were nerfed
    • breakaway walls with the killer’s decision to end loops or let be and keep dead ends
    • fog severely nerfed (how is fog whisperers or “people of the fog” still even a thing now?)
    • Indoor maps have a higher probability in the map algorithm now
    • Blowing up gens when you abruptly leave them- especially if within killer terror radius (such ######### horse #########. It’s not random. It’s intentional. You don’t even see the skill check. DBD official Twitter even joked about it last year. Smh.) This was NOT in the game for the first 2-3 years.
    • less Windows
    • less lockers
    • more dead zones
    • More bad pallets
    • more mind gameable 50/50 pallets
    • swamp and Lery’s have a bad RNG where 4-5 gens can create a 3 gen within a ridiculous small radius. So ridiculous that both killer and survivor can look at all 3 gens at the same time, and would be able to do the same on Lery’s if It weren’t for the walls. Run Dejavu and/or Visionary to witness the fuckeries.
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